About Ingram's Family

Ingram and His Sisters, Lindsey and Madison at Taste of Texas in Houston

Ingram has two sisters who affectionately refer to their brother as Ingy.  

His oldest sister, Madison, turns ten on April 24th.  She is in the 4th grade at Dogwood Elementary and is an obsessive reader.  Last year she read the entire Harry Potter collection in one month's time.  I gave her the name Madison the Compassionate because she loves, more than anything else we have seen, to help people.  We would be broke if we gave away everything she wanted to - including countless dollars to the guitar-wielding panhandlers that line Pearl Street in Boulder.  We were getting out of a taxi in New York last year and I told her she could pick out the tip for the driver.  He was from Iran, was a full-time medical student at NYU, and was working full-time so he could get married later that year.  I had a $5 bill, a $20 bill, and a $100 bill in my wallet. You can guess what she picked... and that's the reason she doesn't get to pick out tips anymore.  Madison once offered to take Lindsey's spanking because Lindsey was so upset (What do you do as a parent in that situation?).  She also loves to play soccer and text message her "Best Friend 4 Life."

Madison and Ingram at Kanakuk

Lindsey's Friend and Lindsey Painting More than Canvas

Lindsey is eight years old and is in the 2nd grade at Dogwood Elementary.  Lindsey is learning to love reading, but would rather do artwork any day of the week.  I gave Lindsey the name Lindsey the Artisan because of her insatiable love of art.  She recently won the Dogwood Art Festival with a picture that I think rivals Van Gogh's Starry Night (I am possibly a touch biased).  She is also very nurturing of both Ingram and our dog, Beau.  Lindsey loves sports and has always excelled in everything she has played.  She currently plays soccer on her sister's team with the older girls.  She has always been the fastest girl in her grade until this year when some new competition arrived (we're working on it!).  Lindsey has some super-cool braces with different colored bands each week.         

Ashley and Ingram and the Dendy Wedding

Ingram's mother is Ashley Jones Dismuke.  Ashley is from Bartlett, Tennessee where she graduated from Bartlett High School.  She was a cross-country phenom (she'll be mad I said this) in high school and still beats me whenever we run together.  She thinks she was a basketball star but there is serious doubt about this claim.  She graduated with an undergraduate degree in Social Work from Union University where she was a member of Chi Omega.  Ashley completed her Master's Degree in Social Work at the University of Tennessee and earned an LCSW two years later.  She worked at Methodist Central Hospital in the cardiology unit before having children.  She also taught social work courses at Union University.

Craig and Ingram in Florida

I am Ingram's father, Craig Dismuke.  I was born in Gainesville, Florida.  I have since lived in Baton Rouge; Midland, Michigan; Lake Jackson, Texas; and Tulsa.  Ashley and I also moved to Boulder, Colorado for a bit before returning to Memphis.  I graduated from Jenks High School before attending Union University.  It took me just six years to complete a major in my native language, English.  Some of that delay was probably because I was a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.  After undergrad, I completed a Master's Degree from the University of Memphis in Leadership and Policy Studies.  I have worked in the bond business for thirteen years and am currently the Chief Economic Strategist at Vining Sparks.

Ingram and Aaron at Aaron's Wedding

Ingram also has a quasi-adopted big brother, Aaron Dendy.  Aaron lived with our family the year before Ingram was born while doing a missions internship is Memphis.  He has since become part of our family.  Aaron was a super-star wrestler in high school and has been trying to teach Ingram how to wrestle since birth, to Ashley's chagrin.  At 6'4", Aaron is likely in a different weight category than Ingram but it doesn't stop them.  Aaron is a law student at the University of Alabama and is about to become the first person in his family to have an advanced degree.  He was also the first person to have a college degree.  He will eventually end up in some country without running water or electricity working to protect children from the sex trade. 

Mimi, Pops, and their Five Grandchildren

Ingram has four grandparents and two great-grandmothers. Pam (Mimi) and Glynn (Pops) Jones live in Jackson, Tennessee. Pops is a Chaplain with Corporate Chaplains of America. He worked for Bellsouth for 33 years, initially as a lineman before working on special projects such as the Olympics in Atlanta. Once his daughters were married, he went back to school to pursue a long passion earning a degree from Mid-America Seminary. Mimi is the family organizer, tends to the needs of her mother, and is on-call for emergency childcare for any of her five grandchildren. They love being at their farm in Selmer, Tennessee where Pops has a small armory for the destruction of various wildlife. Mimi and Pops like to give Ingram, and all of the grandchildren, camouflage clothing for Christmas presents. 

G Mommy, G Daddy, and their Three Grandchildren

Lin (G Mommy) and Keith (G Daddy) Dismuke live in Katy, Texas. They are Craig’s parents. G Daddy is Ingram’s namesake. He went to Union University before earning a PhD in Chemistry at the University of Florida. He was the head chemist at Schlumberger before retiring to… go back to work at CESI Chemical (Flotek). G Mommy runs the Children’s Ministry at Riverbend Baptist Church in Fulshear, Texas. Like Madison, she has a huge heart for people, especially the sick and children. G Mommy likes to spoil her grandchildren when they visit by getting them slushies every afternoon because it is supposedly so hot in Houston, which inevitably leads to problems when the kids come home and want slushies every afternoon. “But mommy, it’s so hot and G Mommy gets them for us so we can cool down.” And I thought that was why we had air conditioners? G Daddy is a fanatical golfer and is looking forward to teaching Ingram how to play.

Grandmother and Ingram

Granny and Ingram

Ingram’s great-grandmothers, Pansy Cowsert (Granny) and Marie Dismuke (Grandmother), both live in Jackson, Tennessee. Granny was married to the late Meldon Cowsert and Marie was married to the late Alex Dismuke. Both of Ingram’s great-grandfathers served in World War II.    


  1. i love u ingram.

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  2. What a beautiful family! I hope to meet you at the Heroes' Pasta party. You all (especially Ingram) are in my prayers.

  3. I just watched the video! I am inspired more than ever! I'll be running the full 26.2 on December 1. <3

  4. I love you !!!!!!!! You ROCK INGRAM!!!! I am PROUD of you INGRAM!!!!


    1. HI Ingram,Lindsey and Madison!!!!! its Elizabeth Grinder! I saw ingram on the today show, and i saw you'll too! by the way i play on your soccer team lindsey and i used to play on yours madison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also donated to Ingram!!!!!!!!!! Luv,Elizabeth GRinder p.s also know as Lizzie!!!!!! <3 :)

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