Slowing Down?? June 2014

The month of June was busy.   I'm really not sure why I seem to think that we will slow down; I mean, it's summer!  Isn't that when were supposed to be doing stuff all day long??  We don't have school so I guess there's just more time to fill up with super fun stuff.  I'm pretty sure that we did lots more than I have pictures of, but here's a mini rundown of June.  The Fed Ex St. Jude Classic Golf Tournament started our summer followed by Madison's mouth surgery and then a week of soccer camp for all three kids.  Another week of soccer camp for the girls and a dental trip to Dr. Floriani.  Then Ingram had his T-ball party and we sent Madison to camp while Ingram had a golf camp and Lindsey had some special Mommy time!  We also had only the biggest day ever at St. Jude before we reunited with Madison for a whole 15 hours before she left for her next camp.  We finished off the month with a fun dinner with the ALSAC team.  Whew, I think that was definitely enough...picture time!!!

The Fun Starts Here!

Fed Ex Names A Plane After An Employees Child Battling Cancer And This Year,
It's Our Ependymoma Twin Allie!

Ingram And Brian Gay!
We Weren't Supposed To Caddy Until Later In The Day, But Some SJ Friends Got Sick And Couldn't Make It And We Filled In Their Spot. We Were Excited To Meet Brian Gay And
Give Him The Florida Gator Chomp!!

Ingram Got To Paint On Window World In Between His Caddy Times!
The Girls Are Trying To Figure Out How They Can Get In On The Painting Fun
From Window World At The FESJC Golf Tournament. 

It's Hard Work Painting A Picture To Be Auctioned To Raise Money For SJ! He Had So Much Fun Painting And Begged To Do More Than One Window Pane, But Mean Ole Mommy Had To Say No!

He Just Keeps Adding More Stuff To His Painting!

Clear The Path!!! Clear The Path!!!  Little Looper Express Coming Your Way!
He's In A Hurry To Get Into The SJ Suite And Have Some Ice Cold Lemonade!
Two Caddie Turns And Painting Have Him All Worn Out!

 Ingram's All Cooled Off And Ready For One Last Caddy With Davis Love III!!!
Ingram Walking The Fairway With Davis Love and Mr. Shadyac
But It Seems Like Something Is Missing?

Now, That's Better!

Strategy Session With Ingram Before The Final Putt With Davis Love III!!
Madison Held The Flag, Lindsey Cleaned The Ball, And Davis Let Ingram Take His Final Putt On The 11th Green!!!  We Cannot Say Enough About How Sweet He Was With The Kids!

Ingram's Finished Product From Little Looper Day At The Tournament!

Ingram And Martin Laird!
After A Long Fun Day At The Tournament, Ingram Finished His Caddy Time With Martin

Walked Into The Kitchen To Find Sweet Hugs Friday Morning
Before Madison Left For Mouth Surgery
She's A Little Sleepy From The Medicine And It's A Little Cold In The Waiting Room.
I Guess It's A Good Thing She Brought Her Blanket So She Can Snooze While We Wait!

Who Can Make A 12 Year Old Girl Smile After Mouth Surgery?? Definitely Not Her Parents Or Siblings!! We Had To Call In Reinforcements And Megan Saved The Day!

And Five Minutes Later, She's Out!

But Even When She Was Sleeping In Her Chair,
Lindsey And Ingram Wouldn't Leave Her Side!

Ice Cold SJ Frogg Togg Is Working Some Serious Magic
On A Very Sore And Swollen Madison! 
Poor Girl Was Not Feeling Good At All So....

24 Hours Later Madison Was Still Feeling Pretty Bad So We Called In Reinforcements Again! 
Sometimes You Just Need Your Friends To Come Over And Hang Out!

Lindsey With Rick Shadyac and Tony Thomas!!
Madison Was A Little Jealous Since She Had To Stay Home And Rest!

Ingram Giving Us The "Thumbs Up" And Ready To Hold The Flag
For The Golfers On The 18th Green For The First Time On Seer Sucker Sunday!

Ingram Getting High 5's, Dukes, And Lots And Lots Of Loot
From The Golfers On The 18th Green!

"Uh A Little Help Please?? I Don't Have Enough Hands!"

Ingram's Back At It With His "Thumbs Up!" Getting The Crowds Fired Up For His Second Round
Of Being A Pin Holder On The 18th Green!

"Hey! I'll Hold That For You!!!"

"Can You Stand On One Foot Like This??"

"I Think I Need Another Head Too!"
A Visor From The First Round And A Hat From The Second Round,
Plus More Golf Balls And Gold Gloves!

Since All The Players Sign Their Balls And Give Them To The Kids, Ingram Decided To Sign His Ball And Give It Away!

Ben Crane, Winner Of The 2014 Fed Ex St. Jude Classic, Tony Thomas, And
Rick Shadyac With The SJ Kids!

Ingram Giving Ben Crane One Of HIS Golf Balls That He Signed!

Ingram With Mr. Shadyac And Ben Crane

Madison Was Feeling Better A Few Days After Surgery, But She Was Still On Her Medicines To Help With Swelling. She Warned Ingram That He Should Quit Trying To Give Her Love Pats,
But He Wouldn't Listen!

And Since She Was Still On Her Medicines (Steroids To Be Exact),
That Kick In The Face Didn't Phase Her A Bit!

Ingram's First Camp...EVER! He's Been Begging To Do A Sports Camps Like The Girls Forever.
He Was All Excited To Go To Lindsey's Soccer Camp Until He Realized He
Wasn't Going To Be With Her Team. Can't You Just See The Excitement...NOT!!

Ingram And His Crew Showing Off Their Mad Dribbling Skills!

Ingram Using Very Precise Movements Not To Get Noticed In A Game Of Capture The Flag.
And By Precise, I Mean He Was The Slowest Thing EVER!!! All The Other Kids Had Gone Down And Back Before Ingram Had Tip Toed To His First Flag!

Pre-Father's Day Ice Cream With Pops!
You Can Still Notice Madison's Swollen Face, But The Ice Cream Sure Did Make It Feel Better!

Doesn't Everyone Taste Test Jellies While They're Waiting On Their Lunch?
Typical Saturday Morning Perkins Breakfasty-Lunch After Soccer Practice!

I'm Pretty Sure The Kids Are Enjoying Daddy's Father's Day Gift More Than He Is!
Ingram Was Thinking If They Get Close Enough, He Would Jump On,
But We Told Him That Wasn't Such A Great Idea!

So This Is Something We Never Thought We Would Encounter...We Were Moving Furniture In The House And Didn't Notice Until We Were Finished That Ingram Wasn't Trying To Sit In The Chair Or Lay On The Couch While We Were Moving Them. And This Is Why. He Was In The Pool Practicing Paddling The Kayak! He Knows He Isn't Supposed To Be In The Pool By Himself, But Apparently That Didn't Apply To Being In The Kayak By Himself. And Yes, He's In His Pajamas And Yes We Laughed And Took A Picture...Before We Explained Why He Shouldn't Be In The Kayak By Himself Either. I Guess That's What Happens When You Don't Think Of Every Possible Scenario And Make A Rule!

Since Daddy Left Bright And Early For A Business Trip To The East Coast, We Left Town Too And Headed To Jackson To Celebrate Father's Day With Pops, Mimi, And Grandmother.
The Kids With Pops After Father's Day Lunch. I'm Unclear If We Were Trespassing Or Not??

We Were Definitely Not Trespassing At Grandmothers, But There Seems To Be Some "Rabbits"
Lurking Around In The Backyard!  This Was About The Best We Could Do At
Grandmother's After A Long Father's Day Weekend!

Ingram Had So Much Fun With His Baseball Buddies At Their Team Swimming Party!
He's Been Looking Forward To His Second Baseball Trophy Since We Signed Him Up In March.

Someone Is Not Happy That Madison Is Going Away To Church Camp For A Whole Week!  I Definitely Think He Will Be Even More Upset To Know That She Will Leave For 2 Weeks Once She Gets Back!

This Was Taken After I Picked Up Ingram From His First Day Of Golf Camp! 
He Is Loving Being Able To Go Do His Own Sports Camps Just Like His Girls!

Ready, Aim, Fire!
Ingram And His Buddies At Golf Camp!

Ingram Had So Much Fun At Golf Camp That We Took Him And
Lindsey To Hit Balls While Madison Was Still At Camp.
Is There Something Wrong With His Tee??

Lindsey Lining Them Up To Do "Speed Golf!"

What Better Way To Work On Sorting Than A Whole Bag Of M&M's!
We're Doing Our Part To Help Get Ingram Ready For Kindergarten...One Piece Of Candy At A Time!

Doing Some More SJ Recommended "Work" For Kindergarten!
Thankfully, Lindsey Was Here To Help Him Get Started!

Starting Out In The Assessment/Triage Area Getting All The Stats And Sticks Done.
Yeah Baby! Still Growing! 

"I Was Being Sneaky And Standing On My Tippy Toes!" Said A Giggly Ingram!

Trying To Be Brave, But He's Just Out Of "Pokey Practice" Which Is A Good Thing!

Two Blown Iv's, Two Nurses, One Child Life Worker, And Daddy's Lap Resulted In Enough Blood For Labs.  The Down Side (Other Than Ingram Hurting And Us Not Being Able To Help) Was That He Had To Be "Gassed" To Sleep For His MRI Since Both Iv's Blew.  They Ended Up Doing One More IV In Each Hand Before It Was All Said And Done.  We're Already Not Looking Forward To Next Time.

But Playdoh, Treasure Box Treats, And Family Make It A Little Easier.

"But I Don't Need A Shirt Because I'm A Boy" He Says All The Time!

He Wanted To Send This To Madison Since She Was Away At Camp On MRI Day.
He Said He's Showing Her His Muscles And His Brave Heart!

Emily, Libby, And Madison Sent Their Hearts From Church Camp To Ingram Before His MRI!

Sedation/Induction Room Tradition...Watching Scooby Doo Snuggled Up In A Warm Blanket!

"Are You Ready To Wake Up Ingram?" Daddy Asked Ingram After He'd Taken A 2 Hour "Nap"

This Was His Answer! And He Stayed Like That For A Few More Minutes Before He
Decided To Wake Up For Apple Juice And Donuts!

Thank You All For Your Prayers And Notes Of Encouragement.  We Feel God's Hand Of Comfort Through Each Of You.   Yep...Thumbs Up! Ingram's Still Super Groggy But We Just Found Out That SCANS ARE CLEAR!!!

Not Sure Lindsey Driving Sleepy Ingram Was The Best Idea??

Another Set Of Thumbs Up From Camp Once Madison Got The News!  Our Sweet Friend Jen Pierce Tracked Her Down At Camp To Give Her The Good News!!  We Were Told She Was On Cloud 9 The Rest Of The Time And Getting High 5's And Hugs From Everyone!  It's So Humbling To See Our Children Being Loved  During Such A Stressful Time When We Can't Be There To Do It Ourselves.

Daddy's Supposed To Be Reading Ingram's Psych Report, But I Think The Stress Of Today's Appointments Got The Best Of Him.  I Guess Maybe He Should Have Taken
A "Nap" With Ingram In MRI?

Now This Was Definitely A Mistake! Ingram Still Somewhat Wobbly Driving Lindsey Who Was Cold And Wanted To Be Cuddled In Ingram's Blanket!  And Daddy Thought He Could Escape The Chaos But That Door Didn't Go Anywhere So He Had To Come Back In! There's No Telling What Kind Of Trouble We're Going To Get Into When All Five Of Us Are At SJ For The Day During Ingram's Next Appointment In October!

Only An Hour After We Were Home From His Full Day Of Appointments At SJ,
Ingram Was Doing What Boys SHOULD Be Doing...Playing In The Rocks!

Ingram Loved Watching His Buddy Tim Howard Play For USA In The World Cup!  We've Known
Tim Even Before Ingram Was A Patient At St. Jude, But We Ran Into Him While He Was Getting A Tour During Radiation Treatment And Snagged A Picture Then.  Ingram Posted It On Tim's Twitter Both Cheering For Him And Taunting Him By Saying "I Bet I Can Beat You At Soccer!"  If You're On Twitter, Follow @ingramdismuke  Because You Never Know What He'll Say Next!

Ingram Waiting Patiently For His Turn At The Dentist.  Ok, So Really He Was Spying Through The Cracks In The Door To See What Was Going On Back There Before His Turn!

Getting His Teeth Counted With The Coolest Even Sunglasses. 
His Only Complaint Was They Weren't Green!

Attempting To Do X-Rays Didn't Last Long; His Gag Reflex Decided It Wasn't Going To Happen Today!

Ingram Helping With Mr. Straw!

Check Them Out!  All Cleaned Up With Two Wigglies!


Getting The Once Over With Dr. Floriani And Trying To Talk The Whole Time!

Madison's Back From Church Camp So Everyone Piled In Her Bed For The Night Because
In A Matter Of Hours, She's Off Again!  Well, Honestly,
They Just Love Sleeping In The Same Bed!

And Now After A Good Night's Sleep And Getting All Of Her Laundry Washed, Dried, And Packed Again, She's Leaving For Two Weeks At Kanakuk With Megan!
Cute Little Photobombers!!

What? Don't You Wash The Windows In Your Pajamas On A Sunny Saturday Afternoon?

We Were So Excited To Go To An ALSAC Dinner, But Hated That Madison Wasn't Able To Make It Since She Had Left For Camp Already.  Lindsey Took Care Of "The Oldest" Responsibilities And I'm Pretty Sure She Loved It!  Lindsey Has Received An "All-Access" Badge For SJ As Well As
The Jerry Nicholson Award.We Should All Be Vvveeerrryyy Scared With Her
(And The Other Two) Having A Badge!

The Awards With The Exception Of Ingram's Security Badge...
He Wouldn't Take Off After Mr. Shadyac Gave It To Him!

Ingram And Mrs. Stacy From Dominos Pizza Headquarters!

We were So Excited To Get To See Mrs. Stacy Again.
Ingram Taught Her How To Play A Few Games On The iPad During The Dinner.

Talk About A Fun Dessert!
It's A White Chocolate Duck Filled With Chocolate Mousse.

Ingram Trying To Figure Out How To Crack The Quack!
It Was A Lot Harder Than It Looked!


  SJ Security Even Gave Ingram A Badge, Shirt, And Hat!
Like I Said Earlier, We Should Be Very Afraid!

We Repainted The WHOLE House And Of Course The Kids (And Their Friends) Wanted To Help!
While The Girls Were At Soccer Camp, Ingram Insisted On Helping
Paint So He Could Show Daddy His Wall!

Then He Decided To Show Me His Roller Brush...

A Little Too Closely!!!!!!!

"Cleaning" The Pool And Thinking They're Being Sneaky!
Seriously, Do They Really Think We Don't Know What They're Up To?


Daddy Throwing Them Into Their Bubbles In Their Pajamas!

Attack Of The Buckets!
Just A Friendly Notice About Soap And Pools...It Turns The Water Green!

With our news that Ingram's scans were clear, it brings about lots of different emotions that are both good and bad.  We're beyond grateful to God that He has kept Ingram free from cancer for this long, but we feel almost guilty too that we have other friends that have found out that their cancer has returned.  Please continue to keep all of us, all of the childhood cancer community, in your prayers as it is a life long battle against cancer and it's treatment side effects.  Here's a hint for next visits with friends, tennis camp, 4th of July, the Lake, and the "big" family vacation!