Homerun Derby!!

Anyone and everyone is invited!!!

October 16, 2014...Part 2

Today Is MRI Day and we decided to keep the girls out of school and go to the hospital together as a family.  Getting an unexcused absence is well worth the emotional craziness of the day being apart and having the girls ask to call us all day long to see how their little brother is doing.  It may be a lot more chaotic and loud and stressful when all three of the kids are together, but Ingram would have it no other way!  First up, Assessment/Triage appointment at 7:00am for statistics and his IV...

Holding Steady At 49ish Pounds And That's Without Food For 12 Hours Already!

We Didn't Need This To Know He's Getting Taller!  

Someone Had Her Giggle Box On This Morning And Snuck In The Height Stick!

"You Can Poke Me If You Can Find Me!"

It Only Took One Poke And Barely Any Tears!  It Must Have Been His Girls "In The Building"
Bringing Him Good Luck.  They Definitely Weren't In The Room With Us While We Were Attempting The IV, Because They Just Get Mad And That Does Not Help!

Ingram And "Mr. Dr. White" As Ingram Calls Him!  Mrs. White Works At ECS In Ingram's Classroom And
Mr. White Is Doing Rotations At St. Jude And Found Us In E Clinic.
They're Both Sporting Ingram's Favorite Color!

Doing Crafts With The Ladies Of St. Jude To Pass The Time!

These Boys Are Hard At Work Putting Lightning McQueen Back Together Again!

Daddy Helped Ingram Get Dressed For His MRI And Something Looks A Little Off Here!  Ingram's Gown Is On Backwards, His Pants Are Rolled Up To His Knees, And Daddy's Missing His Socks!
But At Least Ingram Has An Ironman Coloring Book So It's All Okay!

Hugs And Kisses Before Ingram Is Off To Sleep!

"Lindsey, Give Me A Kiss!"

"Scooby's Already On For Me, Mommy!"

All Snuggled Up In A Warm Blanket Watching A Show While His Class Is Doing Work!

He Wanted To Show His Class His IV!

Waking Up After Having 100% Oxygen Just Makes Your Nose Feel Really Funny
That You Just Have To Rub And Rub It!

"Are You Ready To Wake Up Yet Ingram?"

Wait There Goes The Nose Again!

He Was Too Tired For The Wheelchair So He Crammed Back In The Wagon To Sleep It Off!

Then He Remembered His Donut And Apple Juice Was Waiting On Him!  It's 1pm Now And
This Is His First Food Since 9pm Last Night...Starving And Sleepy!

We're Not Quite Sure What Happened Here, But We're Pretty Sure Lindsey Put Him Up To It!
Ingram Can't Walk By Himself Because He's So Groggy, So He Was Just Laying Down In The
Wagon.  Lindsey Decided She Would Pull Him Around The Lobby And This Is How They
Came Back!  We Should Have Learned Our Lesson From This Summer's MRI Day
Where Lindsey Had Ingram Pushing Her In The Wheelchair!

Practicing Fine Motor Skills While "Drowsy" Is Really Fun!

While We Were Waiting For Ingram's Last Appointment Of The Day To Get His MRI Results, This Came Across Facebook On The Tim Tebow Foundation Page!!  They Had Called Us Wednesday Afternoon To See If Ingram Would Like To Spend Some Time With Tim Tebow!!!  Are You Kidding Me?? The Above Quote Is EXACTLY What He Said!

Ingram Was Asked For His Favorite Bible Verse By The Tim Tebow Foundation And This Picture Pretty Much Sums It Up On A Couple Different Levels.  His Verse Is John 3:16 And Ingram Says It Exactly Like This..."For God So Loved The World That He Gave His One And Only Son For The Whole Entire World!" The First Level Is Exactly What The Verse Says...We Have HOPE In Believing That Jesus Christ Died On The Cross For Our Sins, Rose On The Third Day, And Ascended Into Heaven To Prepare A Place For Those Who Believe In Him To Live Eternally!  The Second Level Is That We Have HOPE From Our Wonderful Doctors, Nurses, Specialists, And Researchers At SJCRH That We Are Going To Continue To Have CLEAR SCANS Until That Day Comes Because Of The Knowledge God Has Given Them.  

Celebrating CLEAR SCANS At The Two Year Post Treatment Anniversary! Please Continue To Pray For Those Affected By Childhood Cancer For The Good Days And The Bad Days.  Next MRI...4 Months :( But Today, We Celebrate!

October 1-15th 2014 ...Part 1

October is always a fun month because starts out with Ingram 's birthday! And of course if it's Ingram's birthday, it's also Beau's birthday which makes it even more fun!!! So here are the birthday boys...Ingram is 6 years old and Beau is 3 years old!  Happy Birthday to them!!

Birthday Boys!!

Let The Spoiling Begin At School!

Special Delivery At Lunch!  His Request...Chick Fil A...I Knowing, Shocking Right??

Then Hitting "Golfballs"  With Daddy!

Trying To Take Over The Cart From Daddy!

Yep, We Even Squeezed In Dinner And Presents Before Both Girls Headed To Soccer!

The Fab Four Reunited Friday Night For Ingram's Birthday Dinner At Where Else...Chick Fil A!

Then came the weekend and we ended up with two tickets to the Ole Miss game so this happened! We'll just call this a special birthday trip with Daddy!  They had so much fun at the game and even got to meet a very special celebrity on accident...Katy Perry!  Ingram was walking around in the hallway (wearing his Ole Miss jersey) and Katy said "Go Rebs!!" to him and he said "What???" with the craziest facial expression of all.  So then of course, she comes back to him and squats down and repeats it and so do he.  Then she explains why she said it and asked him who he was cheering for; so he asks Daddy who says Ole Miss and then Ingram says "Oh okay" and proceeds to show Katy Perry how he can hop on one foot because that's way more impressive than being a superstar singer.  And no, there were no pictures taken because Ingram had no clue who she was and was just talking to her like he talks to everyone.  It was no big deal....until his sisters found out!!!

My Main Men!

He Hung In There As Long As He Could!

The other best thing about October is Fall Break!  The girls got a whole week off from school and Ingram had 3 days off; Daddy took the whole week off which was totally fantastic!!!  We were supposed to go to the beach, but ended up staying in town and having all sorts of fun and doing all sorts of work at home.  And a fun week at home is just what we needed, especially leading up to scans!  We stayed up way too late every night and had way too much fun!

Daddy's First Time At ECS Lunch!

Ingram's First Spelling Test...Not Too Shabby When We Forgot To Study!

He Had No Problem With This Word...Or The Fine Motor Skills It Took To Make It!

Madison And Lindsey Taking A Day Of Their Break To Show Some Love To Ingram's Class!

Reading To The Wiggle Worms!

Lindsey Organizing EVERYTHING!

The Whole Crew After PE When The Girls First Arrived For Reading And Craft Time!

And Yes, That Was A Heavy Book He Bopped Her On The Head With!

Ingram's New Fish From School...Green Rocket!
Green Rocket Was Part Of The Little Vets Class Ingram Took After School.

It's Open House Night And We Couldn't Get These Boys Away From The Lego's!

Ingram hasn't had his "regular" check up with his Pediatric Cardiologist since the April 3rd 2012.  Every since Craig's heart diagnosis back in 2007, the kids have all had yearly heart checkups until they were cleared which meant the holes in their hearts were closed.  Both of the girls were cleared several years ago, but Ingram's last appointment was on the same day his original CT was scheduled.  He hadn't been cleared yet, so I figured we'd have his checkup then too since it's in the same building.  Obviously since that day, our lives changed forever and I hadn't even thought about his yearly checks that I had missed.  Well, they called for his checkup the other day and I said we'd come, but I told Craig I would need him to go with me because I didn't think I could go into that building without falling apart.  When it came time to go, Ingram and Craig left by themselves because Ingram picked only Daddy to go with him and I nervously waited at home.  After many texts from Craig about the forms to fill out, allergies to what medicines, list of regular medicines, and more, he finally sent this picture of Ingram taking the Moose's blood pressure and I calmed down a bit.  Then next text I got (it seems like hours later) was "Perfect Heart" and I of course started crying then immediately sent a whole set of questions to ask making sure they knew about "this and that" and then the phone rang and it was Craig repeating his whole conversation with our Doctor regarding EVERYTHING from the past 2 and a half years including the how chemo could damage hearts (a risk we knew) but that his heart looked perfect.  Oh the tears came flowing down!  You have no idea how good it felt to get that report, especially a report I'd been worrying about every since they called days before knowing that chemo can damage hearts and knowing that there his hadn't been cleared yet.

Taking Care Of Business!
Lindsey had a cross country race Saturday so we'd all been at Shelby Farms during the week and on Saturday for her to run her mile.  Lindsey ran super fast and placed 2nd in the West Tennessee Regional Elementary Cross Country Race with a time of 6:40.  She even qualified for the State Elementary Cross Country Meet in Knoxville!!  It was amazing to see all the Elementary and Middle School kids out there running and having so much fun that I think it even made Madison want to run faster when she ran her two miles for soccer that weekend.

I'd Say 2nd Place And A 6:40 Mile Is Not Too Shabby For Her Ever Cross Country Race Against over 200 Girls!!

Since we're always running, Ingram decided that he wanted to run the "marathon" (don't freak out, he calls anything running or biking for SJ a marathon).  We told him he would need to run a mile first and so he said okay and changed into running clothes 2 minutes later.  And then this happened...

"Stretching Like Daddy!"

Big And Little, But Missing The Middle!

And They're Off For A Sunday Afternoon Jog!

And He's Done!  First Time Running And He Runs It In 12:30!

And then came Monday!  The girls are back in school, but this time Ingram is the one out of school!  He was loving getting to sleep late (which of course he didn't) and loved even more having a play day with is buddy Nolan!

Sporting The Pink Socks At Skyzone For Mrs. Taylor!

Bouncing Like Crazy All Over The Place!

Dodge Ball Champion!!

Lunch At Zaxby's!  We Were Just Glad These Two Can't Read Yet Because We Would
Have To Answer Some Questions About The Sign On The Left For Sure!

Practicing The "Tornado Position" For All The Storms Coming Our Way!

Taking A Nap On A Moon Bounce....NOT!!!!

And Finished Off With Sword Fighting!

After All That Fun, He Came Home And Asked Madison If She'd Run With Him And So Off
They Went, Running In The Rain!  They Ran Faster And Didn't Stop At All This Time!

Since Ingram is in Kindergarten, he's been working on lots and lots of stuff.  One of the hardest things for him is "language" stuff.  Math comes far too easy for him and even with is testing form SJ, we are seeing these different "processing" centers acting totally different just as they said might happen.  It took Ingram a few weeks to learn his first set of number and color sight words, but this list of 22 words was proving even more difficult for him to learn.  After working for what seems like a month or longer, Ingram was so excited to finally read all 22 sight words on this list and get to sign the Club 22 poster!  Of course, just like us, St. Jude is never far from his mind!  Subconsciously I think I was hoping that he would do this before his scan the same next day just in case anything showed up.

Yeah Baby...Club 22!  We Worked So Hard During Fall Break On His Words That
All Five Of Us Should Have Signed That Poster!

We've been preparing mentally and emotional for Ingram's scans for the next day for about a month, but the fighting, arguing, and bickering that comes along with Scanziety had reached a new limit and we'd had enough of it.  Having a whole week off of everything was wonderful and just what we needed, but at the same time, we were in the house for a whole week with this stupid scan day looming and now it was here and we were beyond ready to get the day over.   

Right around the time the kids were getting out of school, it started getting a extra nutty around the house with the kids and  crazy bickering with us from all the stress for Ingram scan the very next day.  Seriously it was more than we could handle...and then we get a phone call from the Tim Tebow Foundation!  Oh my goodness...it's totally out of the blue and crazy and awesome and ...