Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sorry this has taken so long to get posted, but we've been a little busy at the Dismuke house during and after the holidays!

Madison came home from school with the flu and missed her whole last week of school, but we managed to keep her secluded and no one else got it...until three days before Christmas!  While Madison was in her bed for days with fever, Ingram ran around the house with only symptoms of his regular sinus infections so we didn't think a thing about it.  We figured his infection was getting worse so we took him in to see the doctor and boom, he did test positive for the flu (insert Mommy guilt).  We hunkered down with lots of medicine, lots of liquids, lots of movies and lots of Lego's; G-Mommy and G-Daddy had just arrived that same day from Texas too!  Thankfully, no one else got sick and we had a very quiet Christmas with just us at the house instead of traveling and spreading our germs to the rest of our family on Christmas Day.  It was the first time that we remember, not having anything pressing to do on Christmas and we had a blast in our pajamas all day long.

Ingram was so excited because Santa brought him an Xbox 360 and we are now venturing into the world of Skylanders and haven't a clue how to do it.  Lucky for us, Ingram's favorite bubbly Nolan knows all about and will be teaching us all how to play soon.  Madison and Lindsey also had some pretty sweet gifts from Santa, a popcorn machine like at the movies but smaller and a hammock.  So yes, we had popcorn for breakfast and hung around in the attic in the hammock for a while too.  The "big" present was from us and we gave the kids (and ourselves) a family vacation to our favorite ski village in Canada...Mont Tremblant!  We drove there last year from New York City and had the best time and decided that we needed to spend some quality family time up there again this year, just without Ingram's broken arm and Madison's broken nose!  The kids were super excited and thankfully, no one else wound up getting the flu; we might not have been 100% energy, but that didn't stop us one bit!  Hope you enjoy the pictures and hopefully a video or two!

Our Family Christmas Card This Year!  I Think It's The First One In Many Years Without Braces!

We Do Not Like The Flu!

"And He Will Be Called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince Of Peace." Isaiah 9:6
Merry Christmas From These Crazy Kids!

Like I Said, Crazy Kids!

We Made It To Montreal Canada With Our Backpacks, But There Was No Luggage To Be Found!! Here's To Hoping That The Delta Airline People In Atlanta Find Our Bags And Send Us Our Warm Clothes Because It's Going To Be Cold!!!

Yes...We Get To Hangout In The Rental Car Place For An Hour...At Midnight!!
Ingram Said It Was A Perfect Time For A Dance Party!

What Are You Looking At?  I'm Just Drinking My Hot Chocolate!
Yep, She's In The Same Clothes Still...No Bags Yet :(

20 Hours Later, We're Eating Dinner At Our Favorite Restaurant In Mont Tremblant
AND We Have All Of Our Luggage!

It's Day One And This Is How We Dress Just To Go Outside...It's That Cold!
It's Going To Be A Fun Long Few Days Of BRRRRR!

And The Only Way To Really Warm Up When It's 0 Degrees Outside Is To Get In The Hot Tub!

My Crazy Crew!

Lindsey And Daddy Were The Only Ones Brave Enough For Snow Angels Tonight!

Daddy Lasted The Longest Laying Flat On The Snow For His Angels!

The Boys!

Our Green Skiing Machine Getting Back In The Groove Of Skiing!
Ingram Remembered How To Ski From Last Year Thankfully!
No Ski School For The Conqueror!

Really Daddy? Don't You Need Your Gloves On? It's Freezing!!

Lindsey And Ingram Ready For Take Off!

Here's A Clip Of Ingram Skiing But You Can't Tell He's Going "100 Fast!"

Break Time To Warm Up At Lunch!

"Watch Out Daddy, Lightning's On The Way!"
And Yes, That's Madison In The Snow Dodging Snowballs!

Back To The Scene Of The Crime!  This Is Where Ingram Broke His Arm On Our First Night Last Year.  The Kids Had Been Building A Snow Fort And He Fell Coming Back Onto The Ice To Skate.  And Yes, He Remembers The Very Spot!

And Yes, Madison Did Throw That Huge Snowball At Lindsey!

Madison And Daddy Helping Ingram Remember How To Ice Skate!

And Here's An Ice Skating Video Too!

"Mom, I'm Tired! I Think It's Time To Go To The Room."
"Oh So You Don't Want To Go Tubing Tonight?"

I Guess This Answers That Question Since They Were Still Going Strong 3 Hours Later!

I Wish There Was Video Of This Crash Between Ingram And Lindsey!  Madison Was Trying To Slow Ingram Down,
But You Can Tell It Didn't Work.  It Was Sooooo Funny, But It Was Also The First Of Three Hard Hits Of
Ingram's Head On The Ground.  We Were Definitely Watching For Signs Of Concussions!

This Girl Is Always On The Run!

Family Picture Just Like Last Year!

Daddy And His Girls!

Mommy And Her Little Man!

Daddy/Lindsey Date Night With The Best Chocolate Gelato Ever!

Another Day, Another Lunch To Warm Up!
And, Yes, We Wear The Same Clothes Every Day In Case You Were Wondering!

Oh My Crazy!

This Is Our Mountain, Or At Least A Very Small Part Of It!  This Was Taken On Our Last Day After We Turned In Our Skies.  You Can't Tell How Big It Is, But It Usually Takes About 30 Minutes To Ski Down Each Time And The Clouds Are Covering Up The Rest Of The Top Of This Side.  Ingram's Favorite Thing To Do Was To Say "Last One Down Is A Rotten Egg" And Then Take Off Before We Were Ready.  There Were A Few Times That We (By We, I Mean Me) Skied Down Much Faster Than We Would Have Liked Just To Be Able To Keep Eyes On The Green Skiing Machine!  If We Had Our Way, We'd Come Here All The Time Even With The Negative 20 Degree Weather We Skied In For A Couple Days.  Soooooo Many Memories Here...Till Next Time!

Sibling Love

Daddy/Madison Date Night On Our Last Night That Lindsey Snuck In On Too!
She Said She Needed Some More Gelato!

As Much As They Can Fight And Bicker With Each Other, Daddy Captured Their Love For
Each Other As They Were Galloping Down The Streets Of Our Village Arm In Arm!

From our family to yours...
We hope you all had a fantastic holiday season and were able to enjoy time with friends
and families as you celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord!