Team Ingram

Madison and Lindsey's Video about St. Jude, Their Brother, and Team Ingram


Madison wanted to start a team of kids in 2011 to raise money for St. Jude after watching her mother and father do so in the St. Jude Half-Marathon. Her parents were part of Craig's work team, Team Vining, which raised more money than any other team last year by raising $150,000. If there are three characteristics that describe Madison, they would be that she is compassionate, social, and entrepreneurial (in a non-money-making way). As such, she wanted to raise money for the kids at St. Jude (compassionate), but she wanted to do it with her friends (social) and making her own team seemed to make sense (entrepreneurial). Once her brother Ingram was diagnosed with cancer and became a St. Jude patient, she became even more determined to start a team. And that is how Team Ingram began. 

Madison filming a video about St. Jude with Andy Dean, Dean Studios in Memphis, TN

Madison and her sister, Lindsey, are trying to raise a lot of money to help the work at St. Jude. This is one of their ways to help their little brother. Their stated goals are to raise $100,000 and get 30 kids on the team. Secretly, they have a bigger goal. 

Madison and Lindsey Doing Their First Presentation at Raymond James with John Abington

Our family loves the hospital because it truly provides Hope to everyone who walks through those doors. Finding cures and treating children with cancer is not a profitable business. Only through public support, from people like us, can the work being done at St. Jude continue. Below are some facts about St. Jude which make it a compelling place to support financially.

To give to St. Jude thru Madison:
To give to St. Jude thru Lindsey:

St. Jude Gives Hope to Children and Families
Despite our intuition that a cancer hospital should be, St. Jude is not a sad place. It may well be one of the most joy-filled, happy, hopeful atmospheres you will ever walk into.

The childhood cancer survival rate from 1962, when St. Jude was founded, was 20%. Today it is over 80% thanks, in part, to the work being done at St. Jude.

The most common form of childhood cancer is Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). If you had a child diagnosed with ALL in 1962, their chance of survival would have been just 4%. St. Jude developed a successful treatment protocol for ALL and the survival rate is now 94%.

St. Jude Is Driving the Work to Beat Childhood Cancer
It is arguably the best pediatric cancer facility in the world. The doctors and researchers are world-renowned.

St. Jude published 680 articles in academic journals in 2010, more than any other childrens hospital in the world.

St. Jude freely shares all of its research findings with doctors and scientists around the world.

St. Jude is now working on many clinical trials to determine the most effective ways to treat childhood cancer. They are also working on a genome project to determine why cancer occurs in some children and develop individualized treatment protocols.

No Patient Is Ever Denied Care because Their Family Is Unable to Pay
No patient pays for anything at St. Jude - and when life is this stressful, that is a welcome relief.

No matter if you are rich or poor, your child gets access to the best cancer treatment in the world.

Over 75% of funding for the work being done at St. Jude comes from public donations.

St. Jude's fundraising overhead is small. Over the past five years, 81 cents of every dollar given to St. Jude has gone to support research, treatment, and administration.


  1. THIS IS FANTASTIC! Tell the girls that if they want any advice from their "Bus Buddy" Mom who is a professional fundraiser, I am at their "beck & call"!! --Sheila

  2. Great Video! I have several of my coworkers and friends who want to join Team Ingram as walkers as well as donors. How may we do so?

    1. Great!

      To join Team Ingram in the run, go to and sign up to participate. Sign up as a "hero" and then join "Team Ingram." We will begin sending out updates to the team at the end of July. You can also sign up just as a fundraiser and not as a runner - same process.

      To join Team Ingram's quest of supporting St. Jude, you can go to and make a donation.

      Thank you for sharing the video and for your interest in joining with us.

      Craig Dismuke (901) 766-3305

  3. Ingram,
    You are such a blessing to me.I
    love you INGRAM.You are so nice,loveing

  4. Hey guys! I've been following this blog for a while, and i was wondering if I could give Madison some money for St. Jude. (Maybe in sunday school because we are in the same class?) If this could be possible please mail me at:

    -Anna Grace