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  1. Thank you all for your prayers and support for Ingram.

    1. Hi - I met you all briefly when I came by Ingram's room at Le Bonheur. Just wanted you to know you and Ingram remain in my prayers and I'll be keeping up with you through this blog!

      Kavanaugh Casey

    2. Craig & Ashley, Thank you for sharing your hearts, your life, your precious girls and Ingram! You all will continue to be in my prayers. God is faithful, as you know, and will never leave you or forsake you (Deut 31:18; Is 42:16). May He flood you with his peace and carry you through this difficult time. Rebecca Hurd

  2. I will pray for Ingram's recovery and for God to bring peace to your family in whatever way he plans to do so.

    Tom Dement

  3. What a journey you have been on in such a short time. We are thinking of Ingram and saying prayers for him every day. Harrison can't wait to see his buddy! We know Ingram has a tough road ahead of him. But, I think God put such a big spirit in a little body so he is prepared for the fight. Know that we are praying for you! Love, Kristen Litvin

  4. Dear Ingram,
    We are praying for you and your family. You are very brave! Continue to take good care of your Mommy, Daddy, and sisters by making them smile.
    Remember....Jesus loves you and so do we.
    Sabrina, Don, Abby, and Hannah

  5. The girls gave Jack & Quinn this website on the bus so we came straight home to look it over. We are praying for Ingram and your family. Please let us know if you need ANY (and we mean ANY) thing.

    From your neighbors & bus buddies,
    Jack, Quinn, Sheila & Chris

    p.s. Hope you feel better Ingram!

  6. I'm so glad you guys have started a blog, and wow! have you been busy writing. I'm blessed by your honesty and overwhelmed with gratitude for your family. Suzanne

  7. This is Dani and Jordan Cheek. Keith I. and Lin were our Sunday school teachers at RBBC from 2001-2007. We still miss RBBC, and especially our sweet Sunday school teachers. Though we have never met, I see Keith in Ingram. I even knew the "I." was for Ingram. We are praying and following his progress. Blessings, Dani & Jordan

  8. Ben and I are praying for your family and Ingram, even Brooklyn is praying for Ingram. Your faith and trust in this journey is a testimony of God's grace in your lives. We love you guys!
    Ben and Chalise Bondurant

  9. Thank you for writing the blog. I hope you find some comfort in writing it as well. I see the girls each day at school and I know you would be relieved to know that I do see smiles on their beautiful faces and hope in their hearts. Lindsey lights up when I've ask her about Ingram. Please know that your family is loved far and wide and your strength is inspiring. I pray for you all each day and I'm sure you can feel the power of our almighty God wrapping his arms around all of you.

    Kim Jenkins (Remi's mom)

  10. Bobbie Meador-IngramApril 16, 2012 at 6:53 PM

    We have Ingram and you all in our prayers. May Gods peace be with you during these uncertian days. Love you all, Del & Bobbie

  11. Ingram, we are praying for you. It was so special to see you at church yesterday. You are loved by so so many people.

    I am praying for you.
    Love, Crickett

  12. Mandy O'ConnellApril 16, 2012 at 8:24 PM

    To "My Ingram,"
    "My love you. My miss you. My miss playing sand, and boats, and water with you at preschool. I can't wait to play with you. Get better REALLY soon!"
    Your friend, Nolan O'Connell

    Ingram and your family are in thoughts and prayers all throught the day and night. We all miss your handsome smile at GBC! Stay strong buddy! -Mandy O'Connell

  13. Craig
    We are so glad to hear that Ingram is doing better. We've been praying for him and your family. Our 4yr old son, Colton always includes Ingram in his night-night prayers. Thank you for keeping all of us informed oh and by the's not that we were missing you at Take care and God bless Ingram and your family! Marc Jett

  14. Dear Dismuke family, I am a friend of a member of your Sunday School Class. She asked for our specific prayers for Ingram I believe in part as I am the coordinator assiting them to add a little boy through adoption to their family........and, as we have walked a simular path with our little daughter whom we adopted from Bulgaria. I in turn, requested that our prayer warriors at Evangelical Covenant Church in Lafayette, IN, join together in covering your family through each step of this journey. While I would love to think we are caring for you(and indeed, we are doing our best:), you are witnessing strongly to the love of God for many in our congregation. Isn't it amazing that long ago, God used a little boy to teach the world about unconditional love and that He frequently repeats how He shows us this same love again and again? You are blessed everyday through Ingram as Christ lives in your son. Craig, you paraphrased something that I believe is pivitol in our path to find the good in such desparate times: "To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did"
    When God takes something from your grasp, He's not punishing you, but
    merely opening your hands to receive something better. Concentrate on this
    sentence..... 'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God
    will not protect you.'

    Our continued care and prayers, Kay and the congregation of ECC in Indiana

  15. Ingram (and Lindsey, Madison, Ashley, and Craig), please know that we are continuing to pray for ya'll. For healing, comfort, peace, wisdom, and even moments of fun and laughter. Smiles amidst the pain. For lots of popscicles (and maybe even butter?). We love ya'll!
    Katie, Jake, Sara Beth, Stacey and David

  16. Dear Craig, Ashley, Madison, and Lindsey,

    Our family has been and will continue to be praying for you and your family as you travel this road with little Ingram. We have first hand knowledge of each step you will be and have already taken over the last couple of weeks and the many that lay ahead for you. Our first born, Lilly, is a patient at St. Jude and has been since she was 15 months old. She is now 12 years old, going on 30:) She had a brain tumor that was removed at 17 months. She shares a scar down the back of her head with Ingram. As I have read all of your posts, the emotions you are feeling still remain in our hearts even today. I remember those "conversations with God", and my telling Him what I wanted and thought was best for my little girl. I can't begin to describe to you the peace that carried our family through the hard times and the good times, as well. Your life will never be the same, and I say that because I thank God every day for the experience we had and still have with Lilly and her brain tumor. I always considered myself a believer who trusted my life to God, but after you are faced with something like this, you find a new trust like no other! God is so good and He will sustain you and your family in every step you take.

    The halls of St. Jude are filled with God's love and grace! You are in a wonderful place, no one will care for Ingram more than the people at St. Jude!

    We will continue to pray for your strength and peace as you walk this road together!

    Drake, Jennifer, Lilly, Trip, and Hargett Martin
    (Jennifer Hargett Martin, Union 94')

  17. Ingram the Conqueror. I like that. We will be following these updates closely. Our familly will continually pray for your family. We love you guys. Clay, Sarah, Dayton, Wade, and Brokke.

  18. There are no words that an acquaintance from the other side of the state can offer to bring solace, but what I do offer is spoken to God for Ingram and your family as a whole. May you know His peace, His comfort, and His healing.

    Jarred "Sleepy" Morgan (Union '99) Phi Alpha

  19. Ingram hang in there, sending positive thoughts to you and your family from New York City so you could heal quickly and do more hand-stands and cartwheels.

  20. You are all in our prayers. I was part of the start of River Bend Baptist in Fulshear spending many a Wednesday night at the Dismuke's in Katy for Praise Team Practice. We love your family and know that God has a plan for Ingram.

    Elaine & DeWayne Lanier

  21. Please know how much you are on our hearts and in our prayers. We are following the blog closely and will be praying accordingly. We are thankful for your example of God's strength and Grace as you walk through this ordeal.
    Love ,
    John and Jane Patton

  22. My wife Becky and I, and Ararat Baptist Church continue to lift all of you in prayer. We are thankful for the updates here. Blessings and strength for all of you!

  23. Lindley Harrison SouthernApril 17, 2012 at 10:59 AM

    Praying for your family and for healing for your little boy.

  24. Hi Craig,

    My brother sent me your son's blog this morning. I'm truly sorry for what you and your family have been through and what lies ahead. My son was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastomia a year ago next month. Although our roadmap for our kids will most likely be very different, I have learned a few things that I think all parents that walk this path should know, if they don't already.

    1) You know your son better than any doctor or nurse ever will. Be your son's advocate. If something seems off, alert/quiz the nurses or doctors until you feel satisfied. I know of a few kids that lost their precious life when they probably didn't have to.
    2) Look at Ingram's road map and research for latest technologies and discuss with your doctor and the institute that offers it. For example, we wish we would have known sooner that there were more than one type of radiation therapy. If we would have had time, we would have gone with Proton Therapy vs IMRT.

    My prayers will be with you all! Take care!

    -Brendan Morton

  25. Lifting Ingram and family up prayer...
    In Christ!
    - Joshua Waggoner

  26. Craig, Ashley, Madison, Lindsey, and Ingram,
    We are lifting you up in prayer and know God has His hand in this. Sending prayers and hugs from Knoxville!

    Paul and Amy (Douglass) Maxwell

  27. Our ongoing prayers for all of you. You are amazing in your faith and openness to share your story day by day. We are thankful for all of you in our lives. -- the Whelans

  28. Craig and Ashley - our family will be praying for all of you, for the Lord's peace and strength and complete healing for Ingram. Thank you for sharing the pieces of his story.

    Aimee Teague Calvert

  29. Ashley and Craig-
    I am praying for you and your family. If you need anything, I am literally across the way on the St. Jude campus.

    Sarah (Hackett) Williams

  30. Craig, Ashley, Madison, Lindsey & Ingram,

    We are praying for your family!! You are in our thoughts daily!

    Love, The Smiths - Marvin,Denise, Grey and Elizabeth

  31. Prayers for Ingram and for your entire family. Please let us know what we can do to help. Much love, Your neighbors, The Martins

  32. Tiffany Leah KellyApril 17, 2012 at 10:20 PM

    We are praying for all of you during this time. We pray for Ingram daily at the house, although the other day I was totally corrected by my 5 year old...I was praying for "baby Ingram" (since he is younger than the boys) and Harmon promptly told me that Ingram was a big boy and I needed to not call him the baby. SO, now we pray daily for the "big boy Ingram" thanks to Harmon. Praying for ALL of you and ALL of the doctors, nurses and staff who are helping Ingram!!! Fred, Tiffany, Houston & Harmon Kelly

  33. Ashley & Craig (Ingram, Madison and Lindsey) -- I will be lifting you all up in prayer in the days and weeks to come!! Your strength and faith is truly an inspiration!! May God's strength and His peace and understanding be with you all!!!

    Amber Wyre Culpepper

  34. Mr. Craig,Mrs.Ashley, Madison, Lindsey, & Ingram
    I am praying for your family and hoping Ingy gets better soon! Please let me know if there is anything are family can do.


    1. hi abby ;););););););););););)


    2. Hey Madison hope Ingy gets better soon:)

  35. Ashley and Craig,
    We're keeping all of you in our prayers during this time. We're especially lifting up little Ingram for strength and healing.

    Lynn Weems Brown

  36. Praying for you sweet little thing--God is in control--

    co-worker of your Aunt Amy

  37. Dear Craig and Ashley,

    Just wanted to let you know your Dogwood Grove neighbors are praying for you and for your amazing little Ingram. We are just 1/2 block down from you and would love to help your family in any way possible.

    Stay strong in faith, hope and love.

    Denice, Jim, Meghan and Sean McMahon (901.753.0605)

  38. We will continue to Pray for Ingram and your family. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you guys. God Bless - The Cianciola's

  39. We have been praying for your family and will continue to do so. Ingram is a brave little man!
    Stephanie and Aaron Wrasman and family

  40. Ingram I love you...

    Aunt Leigh

  41. Ashley, please know you and your precious family are being prayed for in Chattanooga!
    Jennifer (Flemmons) Major

  42. I have book marked this page. Nothing is sadder than a sick chuld. The photon beam is state of the art. I consider you part of family and pray a cure is underway. This situation makes a lot of everyday problems seem not very important. I am praying and thinking about your precious son and family. You know that many people are deeply concerned and look forward to progress for Ingram and patience for your family and friends. This is an overwhelming situation and I wanted you to know a lot of people like me are praying for progress toward a normal life. I love all our children and hurt when they hurt and have such an ordeal in front of them

    Jim Vining

  43. As a father of 3 young boys, I can only imagine the emotions you must be feeling. I hope that kindness of friends, family and strangers can help carry you through the hard times ahead. All of the Goodson family is rooting for you Ingram, let's conquer this thing together!

    Chris Goodson

  44. Cassandra Dionne (Leighs friend in TX)

    Happy to hear he is getting better! I will keep Ingram and the family in my prayers!! Can not wait to see you guys when you come back to visit!!

  45. Brian and I got the honor of meeting Ingram while teaching his sunday school class a couple of weeks before he got sick. Our 3 year old son Avery was there with us.

    I've let Avery know his buddy Ingram has a really bad boo boo so every night before Avery goes to sleep we say a prayer for him.

    The Christian artist Plumb released her version of an old hymn, "God Will Take Care of You." This song has been a very simple reminder of God's character when our way is filled with struggles. ....we also call it Avery's song....may it become Ingram's song too.

    Leslie for the Brock Family.

  46. Craig and Ashley,

    My heart and prayers go out to each of you. I have just learned of Ingram's diagnosis and wanted you both to know we will pray without ceasing for your little man. God is certainly in control and has your whole family, esp. precious Ingram in the palm of His hand! We will pray for complete and total healing for your son. Having a 3 and a half year old son myself, my heart just aches for you. Craig, I sent you a message on Facebook tonight...please let us know if there is anything at all your family needs. We're happy to help however we can. God bless you both.

    Joe and Misty (Wood) Andrews

  47. Craig, Ashley and Family,

    I am John and Jane Patton's son and good friend of Aaron Dendy. I just wanted you to know that I have been keeping up with the blog and praying for Ingram and your family every day. I am currently in Afghanistan and although I'm far away physically I feel very close in spirit. I hope it is encouraging that God has people praying for you on the other side of the world. I pray for healing, strength, peace and wisdom for you guys during this time. We have a big infinitely big God that provides in seemingly impossible situations.

    God Bless you all!
    Ben Patton

  48. Craig, Ashley and Family
    Reading the blog and praying for all of you everyday. I bought a radio station in Gibson County 93.7 FM. Its a contemporary Christian format and we have 10 church programs on Sundays. The other morning our main morning show guy was not able to do the show so I had to fill in on the radio, (funny I know). I told your story during the time set aside in the morning to do prayer requests "on air". We had a huge response to the story (and so you know)...ALL OF GIBSON COUNTY and the 13 counties up here our station reaches are praying for you. Our estimated 75,000 listeners are hearing about Ingram's story and progess. We have ask ALL our listeners and churches to pray for the whole family. God Bless.. (Bradley Owens)

  49. Dear Ingram,
    I pray for you every day. I am so glad your mom and dad started this blog so we can check in on you any time we want. I hope you have the best pajama party ever this weekend! I wish we could join you... You and my five year old boy would be big buds I am sure!

    Love you all,
    Jane Tosh and family

  50. Hi Ingram and family!
    I hope you all are doing well! I am continuing to keep up with everything you have been posting and continue to pray for you all! We love you all very much. Let us know if there is anything we can do for y'all
    -The Seaton Family

  51. Ashley -
    You and your precious family are in my prayers. I love reading your blog and seeing your strong trust and faith in God. He is the almighty! Please do not hesitate to call if there is anything I can do.
    Ashley Phillips aka AZ/Ashes

  52. Craig,

    You would (almost) never believe how I stumbled across this: well, except that God is truly amazing! I will be praying for Ingram & your family!

  53. I am praying for you Craig and your entire family. May God give you strength and peace through this process and may God grant Ingram a full and RAPID recovery.


  54. I was so shocked to hear about Ingram. Your family is in my prayers and I just sent the prayer request to Hope youth. That is a powerful group of kids. Thanks for having the blog so we can keep up with his treatment. We are praying for you and would love to help in any way possible.
    Lesia Robertson

  55. Hey, my name is Leigh Ann Diamond (Kari Smith's sister). Just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you and your family through this difficult time, trusting that God will support you with ALL that you need during this time! I am so thankful to know that you have such an incredible support system...what a blessing! I will contiunue to be praying for sweet boy, Ingram! Psalm 40: 1-4 has always been one of my favorite verses during trying goes like this..."I waited patiently for the Lord; he turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me up out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear and put their trust in the Lord. Blessed is the man who makes the Lord his trust, who does not look the the proud, to those who turn aside to false gods..." and verse 11,"Do not withold your mercy from me, O Lord; may your love and your truth always protect me." Praying that God shows you the "Firm place" on which you can stand! Big hugs and prayers from Mississippi!

  56. Craig and family, my heart breaks for the pain you are going through with little Ingram. I pray for healing for Ingram and for the strengh of God to be with you every second. Ingram is a beautiful boy and what a wonderful smile he has. God Bless! --- Lisa Ragghianti

  57. Sending the best wishes to all of you from California. As long as you keep writing, we'll be part of Ingram's journey, too. Hang in there, keep smiling, and stay strong. We're all with you.
    Love, Matt, Texas, and India Z.

  58. My sweet friends,
    You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Ashley I know those moments where you just want to stream-- girl stream! There's a line of a song "God loves a lullaby in a mothers tears ......better than a hallelujah sometimes...." so stream-cry out to Jesus- girl just "talk " to Him like He's sitting right next to you.....because He is!! -- I know you already know this! ;) I love you dearly, praise God for you all and will do whatever I can to help you! Prayers continuously covering you along your journey!

  59. Hello,
    Let me first introduce myself as KK's Mom, Kathryn Joyce. I'm good friends with Paula Callender which I met two years ago at St. Judes. KK was diagnosed with a brain tumor on Aug 27th 2010. We immediately flew to Le Bonheur for surgery with Dr. Boop. She had a total gross resection then six weeks of radiation at St. Jude under Dr. Merchants care. KK's was an Ependymoma so I can honestly say i know what your family is going through and I'm always available for anything. Prayers have been going up for all of you since i saw a post of Paula's. We visit St. Jude every four months for scans. If you ever need anything please do not hesistate to call (318)914-1706 or I know its nice to talk to others that are that are on this crazy journey.
    Kathryn Joyce

  60. Nolan is really looking forward to seeing you again (through a visit for now, and hopefully permantely later on) at preschool. We pray for sweet Ingram every night!! Nolan crawls into bed, and says, "mommy, ready for prayers? we need to pray for Ingram! (and other people who need our daily prayers)." It touches my heart that young children at this age know the power of prayer. I know Ingram has sooooo much power behind him, helping him push all the way!!
    Nolan :) and Mandy O'Connell

  61. Just recently found out about the trials that you and your family are experiencing concerning yoour precious little son, Ingram. We are always reminded that "God doesn't give us anything that we can't handle as long as we keep our faith strong" but when when you are the ones going the trial--it's hard to stay focused on that thought. For this reason, God has provided friends and loved ones to take over and keep a prayer chain going STRONG for your family that HIS love will pull you through and HIS hands will heal little Ingram. Our family is praying for you all! Lovingly, Don and Marsha Loudenbeck

  62. Craig and Ashley--
    Clay is home this weekend and I'm just now finding out about your sweet Ingram. I have so enjoyed looking at the pictures of your beautiful family. Yall haven't changed a bit since college, and your children are adorable! Ingram's sweet smile lights up my computer screen. :) I want you to know that I'm praying for a complete recovery for your baby doll! I'm so thankful God has given you such awesome Christian friends and family to support you along the way. Thanks for sharing your story with us! Keep us updated! Jeremiah 29:11
    Love you much!
    The Vessels' Family
    Justin, Jill (Davis) Vessels, and our sons, Davis and Grey

  63. Seth and Robin Parrish are staying with us tonight and told us all that you guys have been going through. Please know we are praying for you and Ingram. What a touching testimony in the midst of a horrible storm. May God give you all peace, strength, and comfort as only He can.

  64. Hi Ingram this is Collin we have had lots of fun times and I am praying that you will be okay.I hope we can see each other soon.

  65. Hi this is Collin again I am praying for Ingy I hope he gets better so he can do more and so he can spend more time with his family.

  66. My goodness what an inspiration you are. During what has to be the hardest time of your life, you have the absolute best attitude. It's something I should learn from. I work at Vining and I am signed up on Team Vining to run the half marathon in December. This is a first for me as I've only ever run a 5K and that was once before kids. Every time I run and I want to quit, I think of Ingram and other kids like him and it truly does make me push harder. I have 2 boys, 5 and 2 1/2, and I cannot imagine what you are going through. It's so evident that you are passing that great spirit along to your kids. The girls' video was beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. There's nothing like sibling love. By the way, I love his name. My middle name is Ing and when I was pregnant with both kids, we tried to think of every which way to incorporate it into a first name and never once did we think of Ingram. If we have a third, you better believe it's top of the list!

  67. Ingram, you are a "Precious Gift", from God!! Your life has touched soooo many lives ! Your a "Special, Tough, Little Man", who has a whole team of "Prayer Warriors" uplifting you, to our Father, in heaven! Stay tough, because after all, you are"INGRAM THE CONQUEROR". !!!! JESUS LOVES YOU, MADISON, LINDSEY, MOMMY, and DADDY!! <3 Could you please post where to send donations, for Madison and Lindseys' fund raising!! Thank you, God Bless !

  68. Ashley,
    Kelly Long sent me the link for your blog about your precious Ingram. I have spent this morning reading and smiling at your triumphs. Ependymoma is quite a journey. There are so many similarities with our cases. My husband's MRI was on April 3rd also. Our surgery was a few days after yours on April 10th. We are now half way finished with radiation. Your little one is doing so well and it makes things look so hopeful. We will put your family in our prayers as we both work to beat this tumor. The girls did a wonderful job on there clip for St. Jude. I will put a link to it on our Carepages site.
    The childhood research for this cancer is what is helping for the adult ependymoma patients. There are very few adult cases. St. Jude is the closest CERN hospital for us. If you have not been to their website it is a great resource.
    I loved your post about now belonging to this special club. It is so true. If we can help your family please let us know. We are learning how to cope with the new normal here as we work on the deficits the surgery caused. We thank God for everyday and have seen miracles all around us. Ingram is a precious reminder of how good life is!

  69. Sorry forgot to sign my post.
    Julie Williams

  70. My daughter, Caroline, was in the same cabin as Lindsey at Kanakuk. She has not taken her 'Ingram' sweatband off since she's come home. Please know that Ingram is being prayed for down here in Plano, Texas, and he has been added to our church's and school's prayer request lists. Lindsey's love for her brother was very evident to all who met her at camp. Caroline is now thinking of ways to help raise money for St. Jude. I thank God that he put Lindsey in my daughter's life this summer. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6

  71. Sending many prayers your way.
    Jo Anne Wood's daughter, Melissa Fulgham-Wood

  72. Hi Madison, Ingram, Mrs.Dismuke, and Mr. Dismuke
    I hope you all are doing okay. i hope Ingy feely better soon.
    We will be praying for you all.

    P.S. See you next school year Madison. Can't wait

  73. Hi Ingram, I know your grandfather Glen,he is our chaplain at work, and he tells me how smart you are and what a big boy you are. I can tell that you are a special little guy,I'm on your team Ingram,our family is praying for your speedy recovery.

    Darren Turner

  74. Dear The Dismuke Family,
    First off I want to say how encouraged and inspired I am by your family, your love for God and especially your trust in Him through all of this. I was Lindsey's counselor at Kanakuk and have been praying for you guys ever since she told me about Ingram. Your faith in the Lord is incredible and has been so encouraging to me and my walk with the Lord. While I was at Kamp, my dad was diagnosed with rectal cancer and started chemo and radiation a week and a half ago. God definitely used your family to prepare my heart for what my dad is going through now. God is so good and I know it is evident in the trials that my dad is facing and I love reading what God is doing through Ingram and how God has just transformed your family. Although I really don't know you guys, your family, and this blog has been a blessing in my life. It has been so encouraging reading about good days and the bad days and how you have put Christ in the center of your family and you are truly joyful in all circumstances, which is amazing. I just wanted to let you guys know that I am praying and thinking of you always. Thank you again for being such an encouragement and such amazing people of God.

    Psalms 34 & Psalms 91

    In Him,
    Katie Reiter

    PS Tell Lindsey I say hello!! :)

  75. Your family is truly an inspiration. The video is beautiful and touched a place in my heart. I had a 15 yr old brother with leukemia that became one of the statistics in 1964.

    Praying for Ingram' healing and the entire family to continue trusting God for your strength.

    Adding you all to the prayer list at Morrison Chapel Baptist Church, Cleveland, MS.

    P.S. Gallon ziplock bags are great to use when traveling in a car - use, close and toss!

    Jeanie Brumfield
    Cleveland, MS

  76. Thank you for sharing your journey. I especially enjoy the love and joy that overflows within your family! Your positive attitues and love for Christ are truely inspiring. My family and I will continue to pray for you :)
    Keep smiling~
    Kim Hamblen

  77. This is grayson and i love you ingi and you are awsome and you can get through this

  78. Hello Ingram, Craig and family,

    You continue to be in our family's daily prayers!

    Craig and I met at the Community Bankers of Wisconsin meeting earlier this month. Since then I have prayed for Ingram every time I have thought of him. I feel personally connected to Ingram's story because I went through a similar fight as a boy. I truly believe that the prayers of others saved me, God has a plan in all things.

    We would like to send you a card, if you are willing to give out your address. My email is

    God Bless,
    Matt Doffing
    Northwestern Financial Review

  79. God Bless Ingrams heart :)
    Get better ingy

    Love your bestie Madison
    Remi K Jenkins

  80. Ingy you are so cute,sweet,nice,funny and I hope you get well :) I <3 you INGY

  81. I haven't had the chance to meet any of you but my wife has. She is running the St Jude Half Marathon in December and raising money in honor of ingram. I've been reading through bits and pieces of this site for several days as I can't seem to get through too much without tears.

    I just want to say that we are praying for you all. Though I don't know God's plan any more than you do, I can say that He is always in control and He knows very well what He is doing. God bless you all.

  82. Dear Ingram
    BROTHER EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. My daughter is a Tri-Delt at James Madison University in Harrisonburg VA. We are supporters of St Jude, and we are praying for Ingram and your family.

  84. Craig, Madison, and Lindsey,
    I absolutely loved meeting you tonight (as did the rest of JMU Tri Delta!)Your family and your story is SO inspiring. You've given me an even greater passion for St Jude and fundraising!! I will continue to pray for your family and Ingram!
    Lots of Love, Jennifer <3

  85. I'm the founder of Project maisie hugs. you can find us on line at We would love to send the kiddo's some maisie hugs! The dolls are free. You can go to our website and request them. We are also on FB at Project Maisie Hugs. My grand daughter Maisie had Anaplastic ependymoma dignosed at 2-1/2 went to st.Judes and then to fl for proton. She is 6 now and started kindergarten and as far as we know she's the smartest one in her class lol we started this foundation because of maisie and her stay at St.Jude. Please check us out and "like" us on FB.

  86. Madison and Lindsey,
    I wanted to let you know what amazing big sisters you girls are. Ingram must be so very special ... and super lucky to have such wonderful sisters.
    My husband and I have 2 daughters, Lily is 9 and Libby is 7. We are coming to Memphis for the first time this weekend to run the Marathon and Family Run and have joined Team Ingram! We have followed your posts and have shared your story with our family and church friends here in Metropolis, Illinois and we will be bringing $450 to add to your fundraising total. We have been praying for your family for the last several months after learning about Ingram and will continue to do so.
    God is Good! Lindsey

  87. I wanted to say that I have been moved to tears after visiting this site. I ran the half marathon yesterday, (my firt one ever)and came across the "Team Ingram" sea of green at mile 3. I wasn't exactly sure, but had an idea it was for a child with cancer. I got a bracelet as I was passing by. I just got home from Memphis and came on here. You all are a strong family and an amazing one at that. I ran as a St. Jude hero and after participating in this event, and seeing the outpouring of families of St. Jude, I can't wait to do it again!! I can't wait to continue reading this blog and follow Ingram through the battle he is fighting!!

    Take Care and God Bless all of you!!
    Springfield, IL

  88. Like Stephanie above, I ran the half on Saturday (my third). I received one of the bracelets and decided to check out your site Saturday afternoon. I wore the bracelet all weekend to remind me of the real purpose of the run and now have it on my desk at work to remind me to say a prayer for Ingram and your family each day. (what a great idea to give out the bracelets!). I am posting because I just wanted you to know you have someone you don't know praying each day.

    God bless!


    BTW....I too have a Bachelors from Union in Social Work and a Masters from UT. Probably many years before Ashley.

  89. We ran the half on Saturday in memory of St. Jude's patient Carter Bucciero, who passed away in August at the age of 3 1/2 from an Astrocytoma. Things got very tough for us a the end because my sister had insane blisters on the soles of her feet, but there at the last half mile, were all of y'all cheering us on. It immediately brought to mind why we had fundraised and why we were running. We know Carter was there with you in spirit. Who could quit then :)Ingram is in our prayers.
    -Kyle Blondé
    Keller, TX

  90. I wear my "Ingram the Conqueror" bracelet with pride and I think of you and your family as a I look at it through out my day. And it is my favorite color, too! Dawn Billings

  91. As a conqueror, you will surely conquer with God's will and help, your million dollar smile motivate me to keep fighting my own battle. It was with joy that I donated to your team this christmas. Many merry merry christmas to Ingram, the Dismuke to rest of the entire Ingram team.
    Binnie, NYC

  92. After reading your story I wanted to say how much I admire you, and I will keep your family in my thougts and prayers.


  94. I was at the DDD CLC Conference this weekend and your family's story was so moving. As an alumni adviser for the LMU chapter here in Los Angeles, I am always looking for a way to show the members how their fundraising efforts personally effect patients at St Jude. Tonight at our chapter meeting I am going to share the few pictures I have and let them know his story. And let them know we have future recruits in Lindsay and Madison. :-)

    So happy things seem to be going well for your family.

    Delta Love,

  95. Thank you for attending the DDD CLC Conference this past weekend! Your family's story meant so much for us and has reinvigorated our philanthropy program. Let Lindsay and Madison know that they will always have a home in Tri Delta.


  96. Being a member of Tridelta has always meant a lot to me. It completely changed my college experience, and really exposed me to a group of truly loving, caring, and driven women. It became my home away from home. I always knew that we supported St. Jude at every philanthropy event, but I never truly understood how the money was being used, where it was actually going, and if it even made a difference. After hearing Madison's speech at the Tridelta Leadership Conference, I have never felt so proud to call myself a Tridelt. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us--I only wish my entire chapter had been there to hear it. I felt so beyond moved, and am now so much more driven to expand our philanthropy program. Thank you for everything your family does.

  97. I love you Dismuke Family! Madison you brighten my day every time I talk to you. Thanks for being an amazing friend. :D
    I love you Lindsey and Ingy! Ingy, you inspire me day to day with your strength and determination. I HATE cancer.
    Mrs. Ashley and Mr. Craig, you guys are so wonderful.
    Love Malena <3

  98. It was such a blessing to meet your family today at the Tri Delta house at Mississippi State! You guys are absolutely amazing and have only inspired us to do even more for St. Jude! Thank you for sharing your story! Keeping you in all of our prayers!

  99. Thank you for being such an encouragement to so many families out there! You all are constantly in my prayers!

  100. I received one of your arm bands when I ran the 2012 1/2 marathon in Memphis. I have been following Ingram and am touched by your story. I know there are sooooo many Ingrams in this world and it has inspired me to run my first full Marathon for St.Judes this year. I have signed up as a Hero and hope to raise more than my goal. Maybe when we visit our son and daughter this summer I can meet your family.
    Rick Horton
    Lakeland, Fl.

  101. Good morning. I work for the construciton company building the new tower project at St. Jude. I met your family at the Grizzlies tip-off luncheon last fall and started following your blog. You commented about Ingram watching the cranes and bulldozers from the Kay Kafe. Our project team recently presented author Richard Sobol and his book "Construction Zone" for a book signing event at the hospital. We remembered Ingram and had a book signed for him. If you can e-mail me at we can make arrangements to get the book to him. Ingram and all St. Jude kids are in our prayers.

  102. Praying for u guys!! (: