Monday to Thursday December 2nd to 5th, Getting Ready For The Cold, Rain, Ice, And Snow?

We've had a very busy week getting things ready for the SJ Memphis Marathon Weekend and being busy has been another good distraction for all of us.  We've been watching the weather and wondering just how cold it will be when we're running to figure out clothes, hats, gloves, hand warmers, etc.  We have decided most likely to not have Ingram out on the course, but instead keep him inside Redbird Stadium where he can stay dry and warm.  Although he's still saying he's going to run "the marathon" with us, I'm pretty sure he'll be happy when he see's some of his little buddies hanging indoors too.  Since chemo and everything, he seems to get sicker quicker than he used to and it often turns into a more intense infection that takes longer to get rid of just like all his sinus infections.  But, even with the crazy weather, Team Ingram is going to "Get Our Move On!"

We also found out that the The Fox and Friend interview originally scheduled to air Friday morning has been rescheduled to Saturday morning.  I'm guessing this huge Ice Storm 2013 might end up taking over all the air time if it really happens as the forecasters are predicting.  The girls have heard all about the Ice Storm of 1994 and cannot believe all the things we've told them about it or the fact that we're soooo old!  Whenever the segment is aired, we will have a link to it and pass it along; just remember Lindsey is still part of the family, she was just dealing with the stomach bug when we were being interview.

More importantly, please keep our sweet friend Allie in your prayers. Ingram and Allie met at the Fed Ex St. Jude Classic and became quick friends despite their major age difference.  Allie was diagnosed in February of 2013 with the same kind of cancer that Ingram is fighting.  Ingram was also the first person Allie had met that had her same cancer type and we live only miles from each other and we go to the same schools.  We met her family the year before at the same tournament while Ingram was participating in the Little Looper program for the first time; her dad and brother drove us around the course in the golf carts as fast as Ingram told them.  They just found out hat it looks like the tumors have come back and they're doing more test this coming week to figure out an attack plan.  Allie hasn't let Cancer get in her way and has continued to be an exceptional student and cheerleader while she was undergoing treatment.  This totally breaks our hearts and has devastated the family.  Please petition God to heal Allie's body and to give her and her family His peace.

Ingram And Allie At The FESJC In June

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