September 2014

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and until 2012 we didn't know how important it is.  There is a lot we could say about this month, but basically it all boils down to this statement...more knowledge=more funding=more research=more cures and that is what we need, that is what we hope for, and that is why we tell everyone we can about the amazing work of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  We've had many ups and downs this month, but this month, for Ingram, wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for everything that's been done so far for childhood cancer research.  So here are some of Ingram's highlights for September!

Learning to ride a bike without training wheels isn't easy for anyone, and it's very possible that I've "baby-ed" Ingram a little in this regard thinking that his fine/gross motor skills and balancing is a little off due to all his brain/body's been through fighting cancer.  I've worked with him for months it seems but we needed Daddy to come in and help out because my back feels like it'll break if I bend like that again.  The first time Daddy helped, Ingram crashed and burned and wouldn't get back on the bike because Daddy let him get hurt. BUT he eventually got back on his bike with lots and lots of encouragement.

"But Daddy, I Just Don't Want You To Drop Me Again!"
"Ingram, I Promise I Won't Let You Get Hurt Today!"

After Daddy Earned Ingram's "Teach Me To Ride A Bike Without Letting Me
Get Hurt" Trust...This Awesomeness Happened!

We're still in Color Week at Kindergarten and the Ingram also begged me to come eat lunch with him "because other moms have been to lunch with their kid."  Insert "Mom Guilt" here and the next day, lunch was spectacular and Ingram was super excited and loving on me the whole time!  I sure miss spending my days at home with my sweet boy!

What? You Don't Eat Ice Cream With Your French Fries??
(Black Day- Iron Man Shirt!)

We Have Learned That Bunny Ears Are A Constant In Kindergarten!

What In The World Are We Supposed To Do With That Hair???
(Red Day- Washington Nationals GBL Jersey!)

And Now We Can Put Tooth #2 In The Books!  He Was Quite Sad That His Tooth Fairy Reward Wasn't As
Near As Nice As The Original Tooth!  We Tried To Explain That Tooth #1 Was Very Special!

Little man has been so excited about starting another new soccer season especially since the girls have been playing for a month already.  Ingram put on his uniform all by himself and was so proud of himself until I decided to come and check on him.

Blue Man Hiding Before His First Soccer Game Of The Season!

One Day.  Three Kids.  Five Games.  Two Parks.  Loads Of Fun!

Until The First Huge Crash Of Thunder Followed By Lightning Right As We Were
About To Take Ingram's Pre-Game Picture!  His Game Was Cancelled And The Girls'
Games Were Delayed For About 2 Hours.

Ingram Has Learned The Art Of Balloon Art!  Ingram, A Monster Truck, And A Tiger!
I Know, Shocking That We Figured It Out!

No, This Isn't A Sad Ingram As We Thought...It's The Hulk About To Beat Down Someone!

And A Tractor

And A Dog On A Go Cart...Ingram Had A Huge Imagination And A Plethora Of Sharpies!

As I said earlier, more funds equals more research equals more cures.  Katie Kalsi, a very well known custom handbag maker joined with us in the fight against childhood cancer.  Together, we came up with a custom speciality strap that benefits St. Jude Children's Research Hospital through Team Ingram and we couldn't been more excited!  For more information and to purchase your own purse/strap, go to and search Charity Collection.

The Strap Is Also Sold By Itself Under Speciality Straps If You Just Want To Buy It  Solo.

More Fundraising...Chili's "Donate Profits" Night!!  Madison Taking A Selfie With Our Friend And Fighter Bailey!

Lindsey And Avery Sporting Their CONQUER/St. Jude Shirts And Awesome Peppers!

Ingram With His Bailey!

Finally...A Game!

Go Dynamos!

He Was Soooo Excited That Mr. David And Mrs. Laurie Could Go To His Game!
We had our Team Ingram Kick Off Party this weekend also and the weather was just fabulous! We had kids out front playing soccer, football, baseball, racing and swinging all at the same time and no one even got hurt; if you had seen the yard, you would know how big of a deal that was!  The kids also swam while all the adults sat around and talked...shocking I know!  We were all talking so much that I totally forgot to take pictures of everyone goofing off so this is all we have.  Take our word for it, we're super excited about the whole St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend And Team Ingram!!

Ingram, Nolan, And Aiden At The Ready For The Race!

A Team Ingram Party Wouldn't Be The Same Without Mr. Aaron And Mrs. Erin!!

So I Asked The Question "Does Anyone Know Who Needs A Haircut??"
Totally Busted! But Can We Get It Done Before Picture Day Is The Big Question!

Later That Morning...Running Around At Missions With Mom
At School Trying To See Where He's Going!

The Dead Giveaway...Looking Through His Hair To See!

And then this happened after school...Ingram is taking an after school "class" called Little Vets where he is supposed to learn to take care of small pets like fish, hamsters, small dogs, and the like.  They also asked for parents to bring "small" pets to school at pick up time to let the kids learn about them.  Of course, Ingram told them Beau could come to school and come to school he did!  While Beau was being so sweet with all the kids, Ingram decided to unhook his leash without my knowledge.  Beau jumped up on this bench and all the kids were having so much fun petting Beau and of course Beau was loving it too and perfectly content to sit there and let them pet him...UNTIL he heard or saw something and decided to take off across the yard, up the side walk, in the one open door to the school, up the first hallway, across the front hallway, and down the back hallway into an open classroom.  The funniest part is that Beau was followed by about 20 screaming and laughing kids and me right along side them running and chasing Beau too!  Oh my goodness, Beau was exhausted after his adventure and slept the rest of the afternoon!

I Was Thinking How Great This Was Going Right About Now!

The Next Time Beau Went To Pick Up Ingram From School, EVERYONE Knew His Name..I Wonder Why??
And These Are The Things That Happen When Mommy Isn't Around!
Hand/Eye Coordination Is Always A Work In Progress!

Totally Worth The 30 Minutes That It Took To Hit The Bottle!

Hanging Around With Pops At The Farm!

Still Hanging And Having Lots Of Fun!

We've been to the Memphis Zoo a million times before, but this trip was special!  It was Ingram's first field trip as a Kindergartner and he has been looking forward to going ever since school began.  Everyone rode in cars to the zoo and then met at the front entrance for a group picture before we began our fun long day!

The Mandatory Class Picture With The Animals That Are Strictly Not For Climbing!

Seriously!!! This Is What He Wakes Up With Every Day...Regardless Of His Recent Haircut!

Oh The Water Was Soooooo Tempting!

But Ingram Managed To Stay Dry....

Until We Made It To The Misters!  Soaking Wet Head!!!

The Messed Up Collar.  The Bad Haircut.  The Missing Teeth. The Hair Going The Wrong Way.
BUT HERE IT IS!  Did You Hear That??  Here It Is.  So Grateful Ingram's Here And In Kindergarten.

In the Fall of 2012, Germantown Football League sponsored Ingram and raised $10,000 for St. Jude during their football season.  This year, we and three other kids were together for the GFL St. Jude Kick-off Night for Team Jayde!  Jayde, a 4th Grader from Dogwood, was recently diagnosed with Brain Cancer and going through treatment at SJ.  Her brother in also a 7th grade just like Madison and GFL is hoping to raise money for St. Jude again this year.  Ingram had so much fun seeing all of his football buddies and running around the fields like crazy and it was so nice to be able to thank the GFL family for all they did and continue to do for St. Jude.  Of course, it's great when you're talking at the microphone and suddenly get a "love pat" from Ingram in front over everyone.  I guess I know what that lady from Costco long ago felt when Ingram gave her a "love pat" out of the blue too!

Ingram Signing His Name On The Team Jayde Sign...

And Sitting On The Potty....

...Getting Pre-Birthday Spankings By Anna Stegall!

...And Being A Totally Normal Kid Running Around With His Friends!

Ingram's Pretty Excited About Turning 6 So He's Making His Own Birthday Sign!

Please continue to pray for all the families impacted by childhood cancer, especially those who have lost their sweet children.  Please pray specifically for Ingram and our family as he has his next MRI Thursday October 16th.  Instead of the girls going to school that day, they will be with us at SJ for the whole day.  Please pray for clear scans and a great family day spent at SJ even though it will be very stressful!  Also stay tuned for fundraising updates with a huge event...Ingram's Birthday Baseball Bash...coming soon!

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