2013 Team Ingram Video!

Today I had to take Ingram's lunch to him at Preschool because we were running way late this morning; it was totally my fault because I slept through our "second" alarm to start our "second" morning with Lindsey and Ingram.  While I was delivering his lunch, his class was having their school pictures taken and they all looked so cute.  Ingram wanted me to stay and watch him have his picture taken and so I did.  As I was watching him, it hit me.  My eyes started to get all watery and he was just smiling away for the photographer.  I hid a little behind her so he couldn't see me, pulled myself together and gave him the biggest and bestest hug ever when he was finished. 

Last year at school picture time, Ingram wasn't even enrolled in Preschool because he was going through active chemotherapy treatment for cancer.  Last year at school picture time, Ingram was completely bald, skinny as could be except for when he was on iv fluids, threw up several times each day from his treatment, and looked yellowish-gray from everything his little body was going through to fight his cancer.  This year at school picture time, Ingram is learning to how to write his name and playing with his friends at Preschool.  This year at school picture time, Ingram has a full head of the cutest ever hair, has more than doubled his lowest treatment weight (22 pounds) and bumped up 2 whole sizes in clothes, throws up only when he guzzles a huge glass of orange juice, lemonade, or Gatorade too quickly, and looks all sweaty and red-faced the majority of the time from playing and running and acting like a normal 5 year old boy. 

I know it's just "school picture day" for the rest of the world, but today for this Cancer Mom, it's a glimpse of God's Love, Grace, and Mercy in allowing Ingram to still be a part of our family today.  We've lost many of Ingram's friends to cancer and I know their families would love to have just one more school picture day for their brave warriors.  As you watch the new Team Ingram video, please consider making a donation to St. Jude at www.heroes.stjude.org/teamingram so that Ingram and all the other kids still battling cancer can have another school picture day. 

This Is What Should Pull Up If You Go To www.vimeo.com And Search "Team Ingram"
The Left Is Last Years And The Right Is This Years.

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Please don't just watch the video; watch the video and make a donation to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital for the children already battling cancer and for the 42 children that will be diagnosed today and every day with cancer until there is a cure.

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