Wednesday to Sunday October 23rd to 27th, Results, Recovery, and Re-Normal?

Well despite not ngetting our call Tuesday night with the official results, everyone slept great; I guess we were so exhausted from our long day that we didn't stay awake all night wondering.  But once the girls were off to school, it was all I could think about!  When Ingram woke up, he was his regular happy self, but was definitely sore and didn't ask at all about going to his preschool even though it was his Harvest Party day and they were having a hayride and picking out pumpkins.  After breakfast and his first dose of medicine, he was ready to snuggle up in the chair and watch cartoons for a while...which ended up lasting most of the morning!  The call finally came into Craig and he relayed everything to me at home.  Dr. Gajjar gave us the official ALL CLEAR and it was the most exciting news of all!  We were doing the happy dance in the den and Ingram decided it was good enough to get out the candy bucket; I won't admit how many pieces of  candy we had, but just know it was a big celebration! 

The following is what was written on Ingram's Facebook page...Ingram the Conqueror ~ Ingram's MRI results are "all clear." This process doesn't seem to get any easier and we greatly appreciate everyone's prayers and notes of encouragement. We are blessed to be surrounded by so many loving friends. We praise God for His provision.  Ingram also had his port (gas tank) removed from his chest. The port was a direct route for his IVs to go into his superior vena cava. He is a little sore from the surgery, but nothing that morphine doesn't fix. In fact, last night he was doing handstands on the couch, to our dismay. He grimaces and says his chest hurts, we give him medicine, and five minutes later he's back to being a monkey.  We are grateful that God has allowed Ingram to continue conquering cancer. Some of our friends haven't been afforded this much time with their children, and they are never far from our minds - even on days like this.

Ingram's "Clear Scan"
We Joke That He's The Only One That We Know For Sure Has A Brain!

Ingram Attempting To Do The "Hot Dog" Dance With Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

He Wanted To Send A Picture Of His Surgery Site To His Friends At School
So They Know He Had His Surgery!

Yep...Loving Cartoon Time With My Little Man!

After we had way too much candy, we headed upstairs to play Wii.  Nolan's mom stopped by the house and brought all of Ingram's Harvest Party goodies over and Ingram sent a bunch of goodies home with her for Nolan.  Ingram took the longest nap ever today and didn't even protest having to take one (he normally begs and pleads to not have to take a nap).  After his nap, though, he was ready to get moving and decided to race Daddy and the girls down the street on the way to soccer.  We stayed home so he could lay low, but there wasn't much "low" to it for him!  He did manage to get his favorite foods again for dinner and then snuggled some more on the couch before it was bedtime.

Apparently Coloring On Top Of The Desk Is Another One Of Those Things
You Can Do After Having Such Good News!

Ready, Set, Go!
Getting His Race On!

Thursday morning he woke up and came downstairs asking what he should wear to school!  I couldn't believe it, but should have known he would want to go to school.  I let him go with strict instructions to take it easy.  I know, there's no way to hold him down and that was confirmed when I heard the day's report from several other moms and teachers.  Apparently he was running around the playground showing everyone his port site and then he just couldn't keep from dancing in Music class; all of his teachers kept telling him to "settle down" and "take it easy" but Ingram had other plans for his day!  I don't think he got any warnings for misbehaving at all.  I'm thinking he was playing the "cancer card" for his teachers, but I know he had a super fun time being back with his buddies!  He even had such a fun day at school that we figured out a way to go back that night for his Open House and collected all sorts of art work he had been making since the beginning of school.

Less than 40 hours after surgery and this little stud wakes up asking to go to school! And to top it off (literally), it's Hat Day so he's wearing his "Ingram the Conqueror" hat!!

Surprising His Girls After Getting His Port Bandage Off!

A Close Up Look At His Surgery Site
Steri-Strips Will Stay On For About 10 Days Which Also Means
No Shower Until They're Off!
***Stinky Boy Alert!!***

It Seems That We Have Two Ingrams...
One In Pajama Pants And The Other Decked Out In Tri Delta Colors (which
was his explanation for why he picked yellow and blue)!

Friday morning was extra special at our house because at 5:30am there was lots of noise in the kitchen!  Normally, I start making breakfast and lunch for Madison around 6am and sometimes Craig is even lucky enough to get a hot breakfast too.  But today, Madison was in the kitchen cooking Birthday Breakfast for me...fresh hot waffles!  After a great breakfast and getting Madison and Craig off to work, I crawled back into the bed until it was time to get Lindsey up and off to school.  The rest of Friday was supposed to be another fun day at home trying to keep Ingram from overdoing it after he was at school all day yesterday, but it totally didn't happen!  We ended up running all sorts of errands that needed to be done and then dropped Madison off for a Fall Retreat with some of her school friends from another local church.  Lindsey and Ingram were excited to be "on their own" and helped pick the plans for the rest of the weekend.  We went out for birthday dinner at Memphis Pizza Cafe and then did some birthday shopping and finished off the night with an extra large order of birthday ice cream at Baskin Robbins!

Sending Part Of The Girls Off For The Weekend!
Hadleigh, Libby, Madison, Carlee, Suzanna, And Ingram

Lindsey had a soccer tournament this weekend and Ingram had his last soccer game with Happy Feet!  He ended up making three goals in his game and was soooo excited when he got a medal at the end of his game.  He even played against his buddy Preston during the game; Ingram came over to the side during a water break and said that "Preston was trying to take the ball away from me!"  I'm pretty sure he would have rather been on the same team as Preston instead of playing against him, but they still had fun running around on the field together.  Lindsey and Ingram picked out a baby gift, decorated the card, and wrapped it all for Baby Baird;  I'm not sure I've even taken a gift to a baby shower in a puppy dog bag before, but I guess there's a first time for everything and of course an explanation at the shower!  Ingram got to go to a wedding with us after the shower and then we watched Lindsey's second soccer game that night.  I say we watched it, really Ingram played with the other siblings while Craig and I watched the game.  He had so much energy once we were home that Lindsey read the whole Tickle Monster book while Daddy tickled the fire out of Ingram; Madison's going to be upset she missed out on this one!

Ingram Getting His Happy Feet On!

It's Just Ingram Making Another Goal!

Ingram And Preston Showing Off Their Medals!

The Boys Of Lady Lobos Taking A Break From Tag!
Ty, Keller, and Ingram

Sunday was a super exciting day because Madison was coming home!  We missed her so much while she was gone, but she had a blast at her retreat and was ready to sleep for about two days after just one weekend away.      Also, St. Jude released a story called "Facing Fears on Halloween" and it was about Ingram's cancer and his treatment at SJ, as well as the fun Trick or Treating that the hospital puts on for the kids.  The picture they used was made with the "Avengers" and it was right after Ingram's first MRI after the completion of treatment.  We've said it before, but it's crazy to think that was about a year ago and how much has changed for Ingram.  The last year and a half have been something else, but we've been gearing up for getting his port out for several months and now I think we're ready to actually start taking baby steps to getting back to our new normal.  With Ingram's port out, it signifies much more than being finished with treatment, it also means getting on with our lives.  Cancer will always be the first thing we think of when anything happens whether Ingram gets a cold or has a headache or can't figure out how to write his name without asking for help.  We typically use Sunday nights as family night and to get ready for the week ahead, but this Sunday night is a little more special...not only is it the start of a new week, but it is also hopefully the start our new normal--Ingram with nothing extra inside his body! 

Little Miss Sleepy Head Wasn't Quite Ready For The Attack Hug Ingram Gave Her!

Ainsley, Allie, Madison, And Suzanna
"Is It Time For Bed Yet?"

This Is The Link For The "Facing Fears On Halloween" Article


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