Monday to Sunday November 4th to 10th, From Sickness To S'mores!

I'm not sure why the days seem to be flying by now, but I think it just might have something to do with the time change.  I love that it's light by 6:30am when Madison is heading off to school, but I really don't like it when we all start yawning around 6:30pm when it's already dark.  Of course, maybe we might start slowing down around the Dismuke house and take advantage of the yawns and head off to bed early.  I know, it will most likely never happen, but I can dream!

Monday was a little different than normal because Madison was home with a fever and had to stay in her bedroom while Ingram ran around the house causing all sorts of noise!  Ingram had a lot of fun watching Madison get examined when we took her to the Clinic; normally we wouldn't have gone in, but all five of us were going to SJ on Tuesday for an interview so we had to know if she was contagious or not.  Ingram was also getting a kick out of Madison wearing a mask to contain her germs until we knew exactly what germs we were dealing with.  Wouldn't you know it that after having fever all Sunday afternoon, night, Monday morning, and afternoon that it was gone when they checked it at the clinic?  It turned out that her sinus congestion was producing her low grade fever and so she was allowed to go to SJ with us!

I Don't Think Madison Was Getting The Exam As Excited As Ingram
Was Watching The Exam Being Given!
It's Nice To Change Things Up Every Now And Then!

After letting the schools know the kids would be out, we headed down to SJ first thing Tuesday morning for our interview with Anna Kooiman from Fox and Friends!!  We were all so excited because we had been looking forward to it for over a month and it was finally here.  Lindsey started looking a little puny on the drive in and she also didn't want any breakfast; looking back now, that should have been a major clue that something was going on with her.  We had just walked in the doors of the Chili's Care Center and then Lindsey high-tailed it to the restroom where she proceeded to have "an unfriendly conversation with the commode."  I'm not sure what upset her the most...getting sick or not being able to be in the interview. Poor girl had to wear a mask from the lab and then had to walk right back out of the hospital until we figured out what we were going to do because our interview was set for the 2nd floor where all the inpatient families were.  Lucky for us, the interview had been moved to the 4th floor where no patients are and we set up Lindsey in the furthest end of the floor in a recliner with both a trash can and a restroom near her for when she needed it.

Yep, By Lindsey's Face, I Should Have Known!

The four of us had a great time with Anna and our Alsac representatives and were able to tell our story and what St. Jude means to us.  Anna also asked Madison and Ingram questions and we held our breathe each time Ingram answered because we never know what he's going to say!  They both did a great job with their interviews and with the pictures afterwards.  Lindsey was watching shows on the iPad and playing games to pass her time, but she definitely wanted to be at home in the bed snuggled up in a blanket for the hour and actually perked up after the second hour.  When we wrapped up, she wanted some lemonade so we headed to the Cafe with her still in her mask and with a "Barf Bag" in hand; instead of getting sick again at the smell of food, she wanted to eat...pepperoni pizza!  The lemonade made her feel better and surprisingly enough she ate her whole pizza and some fries and was actually feeling normal by the time we got to a corner table.  After lunch, we went outside to take Ingram to take a few more pictures with Anna and to video an introduction that Fox and Friends could use to promote the actual segment.  They were goofing off during the pictures and Ingram even somehow talked Anna into giving him a piggy back ride!

Pepperoni Pizza Three Hours After Being Sick...YUCK!!

The Crew With Danny Thomas!

Ingram And "Fox and Friends" Anchor Anna Kooiman!
We Cannot Wait For This Segment To Air!

Finally Dropping Off All The Art Supplies From Ingram's Birthday At Mrs. Penny's Desk!

All three of the kids went back to school Wednesday and even played in their soccer games on Tuesday night.  It was the first time that they both had something come up as quickly as it went away; they felt great just a few hours after they got sick.  We were very excited to have an slower night with only one soccer game happening instead of both of the girls having soccer.  It was also raining so Daddy took Lindsey to her game and the rest of us stayed home and stayed dry! 

Thursday was another extra fun day because Ingram had his Preschool Fall Program!  He had been practicing with his class at school for a long time and even trying to sing his songs for us at home so we were all ready to see him sing and dance on stage.  We met Daddy for dinner at Moe's (Ingram's choice since it was his night) and then headed to church for the show.  And a show it was!!  It's funny how you notice strategic placement or rather strategic separation of the boys in the class to make sure that no Kung Foo moves break out during the Program which we heard started happening in the hallway with Ingram and his buddy Nolan!  It was definitely a fun Program and the kids had the audience laughing at several times with their funny songs and creative dance moves.  Afterwards we had to make a quick trip to TCBY to celebrate the big show just like we did with the girls when they were in Preschool.  I can't believe how quickly time has flown by for all three of them!  I hope it's a good thing that just about all of our memories include trips to the ice cream matter what time it is!

If You Could Only Hear The Kids Doing This Song!!
Hilarious Doesn't Even Get Close To A Good Explanation!

Do You Think Ingram's Grown A Little Since He Got The Shirt?

Post Program Ice Cream Celebration When He Took A "Bath" In The TCBY Bathroom!
What Will He Think Of Next??

Friday was a quiet morning at home until we headed out to run a few errands including taking Daddy lunch at work.  Ingram LOVES to go to Daddy's office and take him lunch; he really loves it when he gets to go inside because he runs by the front desk to get a piece or two or three of candy!  Once we were back home, we started getting ready for Family Night with the kids.  We had been planning it all week since it was the first time in a month that everyone was going to be home on a Friday night!  The kids helped with dinner and then we ate in the den and started watching Ingram's pick for our movie...The Avengers.  My favorite part of the night was when Ingram climbed on the couch with me and told me that he wasn't going to get married ever and that he wanted to live with me forever.  Of course, I was melting!!  Then the next sentence out of his mouth was "We can marry off the girls so I can have more time on the knee board without having to share the Lake."  I guess it's good to know he's thinking long term right?  But in the short term, the plan for the evening was to make S'mores while we watched the movie, but Daddy and Madison conked out after the first 15 minutes.  We knew they were exhausted, so we stopped the movie, put them in bed, and saved the movie and S'mores for later.

You guessed it, we had S'mores for breakfast and watched The Avengers all before Madison and Daddy left for soccer at 9am!  I have to admit, it was quite possibly the easiest breakfast because everything was ready from the night before.  We didn't even attempt to add anything healthy to it, because sometimes, you just need S'mores for breakfast!  Our day continued to be great with two fun parties in the afternoon and evening.  The first was a gymnastics birthday party for Ingram with all his buddies from school.  They ran around SEGA gym for an hour playing, bouncing, jumping, and swinging like monkeys before heading in for cake.  If you have never been in a small room with about 15 4-5 year old boys, you may want to consider bringing earplugs!! 

Ingram Flying High Just Like Spiderman!

Our second party of the night was for the whole family at Habitat for Hope which felt like being out in the country with a hayride, a horse ride, and a barn with a concrete floor for riding scooters, skates, and anything else with wheels.  Ingram finally talked us into letting him try to roller skate, but we didn't let go of him at all!  Poor little guy doesn't have good balancing skills like other kids his age or even like our girls when they were his age, but I'm sure all that will come with time and it doesn't seem to bother him.  At the Fall Fest, we ran into old friends and met several new friends; we even met another SJ patient that had a benign brain tumor when she was three and we were able to share stories and the kids showed each other their surgery scars.  The crazy thing about this family was that we have several friends in common and our kids have even gone to the same schools.  We still get amazed at how God puts people in our lives that can be an encouragement through their SJ story and we pray that we might be an encouragement to others that come after us as well. 

Ride Em' Gator Cowboy!

Thankfully, Ingram Never Hit The Ground!

I Wish I Could Say The Same For These Two!
Lindsey And Sarah Are Always Going Full Speed Ahead!

Boing Boing Boing Boing Boing!
Yes, They're Jumping On A Giant Inflatable Twister Board!!

Finishing The Night Off Staying Warm By The Fire!!

Going to church Sunday morning was wonderful as always, but today was even more special.  Lindsey got baptized a few months ago and today was the day that they showed the video of her baptism as well as her talking  about when she accepted Christ as her Savior!  Lindsey was so cute in her interview and even more cute when she was giggling watching herself on the screen.  Once we made it home around 1:30pm from lunch and walking around Sports Authority (it was in the same parking lot of the restaurant), Daddy and the kids played tennis in the street before Daddy took the girls running at Shelby Farms.  Ingram stayed home and we took Beau on a walk then got ready for a second round of S'mores with the Whelan family.  With the kids out of school Monday for Veteran's day, we figured we could all use a little extra chocolate!  The kids not only played soccer outside in the dark, but they also spent hours chasing each other around the house with every single Nerf gun in Ingram's closet.  I think at one point, there were probably around 100 bullets scattered about...guess I know what our kids are doing when they wake up in the morning!
We are still in fundraising mode for the St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend at the Dismuke house and wanted to pass along a few opportunities to donate money to St. Jude!  The first is through a college friend who is also a member of Team Ingram and her kids go to school with our kids.  Brandy Blank is making monogrammed sweatshirts to help raise money as a St. Jude Hero!  For the next week only, ALL proceeds go to St. Jude to help fight childhood cancer and they come in both kids and adult sizes.  She's selling them for $25 and can be contacted at to place your order.  The second opportunity comes from a high school friend who works for Brooks Running Company!  If you LOVE Brook shoes and clothing, you are going to LOVE this next offer.  Thanks to my friend Rebecca Seago-Coyle, we have a $100 card for Brooks shoes or apparel to give away!   The first person to donate at least $200 to my Hero page will not only help in "finding cures and saving lives" at SJ, but will also win $100 to be used on a purchase of Brooks gear.  The link to make the donation is so go ahead and make a difference today!  If you're not interested in a monogrammed sweatshirt or trying to win the Brooks Gift Certificate, a regular donation can be made to St. Jude through Team Ingram.  The link to make a donation of any amount can be made through,, or and they will all be very much appreciated. 

It's Already Sweatshirt Weather Here In Tennessee!!
Order Yours Today!

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