Monday to Sunday October 28th to November 3rd, Fun Times!

This week has been another busy one for everyone and espeically Ingram.  He has had something fun to do every day of the week!  Hopefully, we will be able to give highlights from the week that can capture all of Ingram's little shenanigans that he pulls!

Apparently seven days is as long as Ingram could go without a bath! 
We were supposed to wait for 10 days, but boys are just way too stinky! 
Beau even got a bath after Ingram and now they both smell much better!
Since it is Halloween time, Ingram decided that he wanted to "BOO" our neighbors because it's so much fun to do. It was a school night for all, so we kept it quick and opted to not roll any houses. Ever since his first "toilet paper" adventure, he's been begging every day to do it again and hears "No" each time he asks. He loved "Booing" two of our neighbors and didn't even get caught. Unfortunately, I have a feeling they're about to know it was us!
Look who's Steri-Strips came off during the night!
Ingram was pretty excited now that Mommy doesn't have any reason to attempt to keep him from climbing all over things. Guessing those huge red climbing balls outisde of Target may have had something to do with the Steri-Strips coming off. Or maybe since it had been 9 days, it was time for them to fall off anyway; of course, I'm sure Monday night's bath helped a little too!
Loving on Ingram during the first ever Chapel service at Germantown Baptist Church Weekday Preschool this week!  We were all cozy in our spot when he looked up and said "Mommy, can I go sit with my friends?"  I thought I had a few more years until he choose his friends over me.  I guess he's learning a little early thanks to those cute big sisters of his!

Ingram not only loved his first Chapel, but he also got a brand new Jesus Storybook Bible!  Lindsey received one several years ago for her birthday, but now Ingram has his very own and we have been reading it ever since he got it.  He even asked Madison several times while she was doing her homework that she gave in and read him one of the stories.  I think she loved it just as much as he did!


I never knew that I needed this much help, but Captain America came in to rescue ordinary cupcakes and turn them into fabulous Halloween cupcakes for all of our neighbors to enjoy!

THIS is the way to save energy and be able to run with the big boys when it's finally time to trick or treat! 

This is the young side of the trick or treaters that we ran around with Thursday night! 
A train conductor, Superman, Captain America were the youngest of our crew followed by an ice cream sandwich, a hot dog, a blueberry, a Lobos soccer player, and Samantha from the American Girl dolls.  You never know who will show up when you go to a party at the Wests' house!

And then a girl from the Hunger Games Captial showed up with some McDonald's French Fries and a Coke. Seriously, you never know what will show up!

Our crew right before they headed out to ask everyone in our neighborhood for candy.  Madison was a McDonald's French Fry with her costume (including wood, posterboard, and pool noodles) made by Daddy.  Lindsey was an awesome Lobos soccer player and sported the Blue Georgetown Hoya hair. Ingram was Captain America and was rescuing candy from all our our neighbors!  Speaking of candy, Ingram had a very unique perspective on his candy this year and asked several people to let him pick out his own piece.  He wanted to make sure that he liked it and asked for M & M's at just about every house.  He started out for about the first 10 mintues running with the older boys and he was even keeping up!  He was following Damiel (his name is really Daniel but for some reason Ingram says "M" instead of "N"), Grey, and Jake and they were watching out for him.  Ingram even said that his favorite part of Halloween was "running with the big boys!"  Once he got to tired from running so fast (and Mommy was tired too), he walked the whole big block with Cooper, a 3 year old Superman that just moved into the neighborhood.  These two went about a mile and ran off and on making their way all the way around the big block before heading back home!

Yep, trick or treating is exhausting and Daddy went to tuck Ingram in bed and managed falling asleep himself!  I tried several times to wake him up, but I finally covered him up with Thomas the Train and shut the door. 


On Friday's Ingram get to pick out whatever we do and he calls the it "Super Ingy Day!"  This Friday, he decided that he wanted to take Mommy on a lunch date to Wendy's and then take Lindsey lunch at school too.  So after we ate, we dropped off Peanut's lunch and headed back home to take Beau on a walk.

I didn't realize that Ingram's idea of taking Beau on a walk was not the same thing that I was thinking.  He was still in riding mode from last night's trick or treating and decided that he needed to drive his four wheeler instead of actually walking with Beau. 

When we got to the corner, a whole four houses down, he decided he was
soooo exhausted that he needed to stop for a Gatorade break.  I think I'm going to really love "Super Ingy Day's!"


Saturday morning we went to Cedar Grove Farms in Collierville for Jacob's 5th Birthday!  It was a cold morning, but it turned out to be a great day to ride horses...

...and to pet goats and have Ingram's shirt eaten by "Blackie the Goat!"

Nothing and no one could keep these boys from playing tag!  Who can blame them either??  There was so much room to run that I think even the adults wanted to play too!

Ingram loved holding the bunny rabbit too, but neither of us could figure out the red eyes!  They're just weird if you ask us!
Ingram even got to climb a rock wall!  He's watched the girls do this several times, but I don't think has ever done it himself.  The video wouldn't load for some reason, but he made it to the top and rang the bell.  Once he was down, he shot a quick "Thumbs Up!" with a smile and then went on to CONQUER the small wall without a rope! 

After climbing the rock wall, all the kids went outside for a hayride around the property.  Ingram and Nolan picked spots right next to each other and gave kisses before they were hauled away on the hayride.  They had a blast on it and apparently went to Florida to get ice cream, then went shopping at Target to buy presents, and came back all within about 5 minutes.  I never knew a hayride could be so adventureous!  Of course all that adventuring made them quite hungry so it was off to roast hot dogs and s'mores at the bonfire when they hopped off the wagon.

All the adventures of the week made it very easy for Daddy to talk Ingram into "watching a little football" in the bed Sunday afternoon!  Afterall, getting an extra hour of sleep with daylight savings time doesn't really help when Ingram tried to stay up with the girls at their sleepover till after 10pm and then woke up around 6am.  I sure am glad it was a football afternoon at our house; actually, it was a footbal night too because Daddy and Ingram were outside in pajamas throwing the football before bed.  After playing football with Daddy outisde, they watched a little more football inside then off to bed! 

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