Tuesday February 11th, A Long MRI Day

We have a LOVE/HATE relationship with "Scan Days" and I'm sure all our other cancer families do too.  This is the day that we all dread because leading up to the actual MRI, CT Scan, or Spinal Tap is this crazy thing called "Scanxiety."  It's not an official word that you'll find in Webster's Dictionary, but everyone in our cancer world can explain exactly what it is. 

Here is our definition of Scanxiety ...all of your emotions go crazy, you cry for no obvious reason, you bicker with your spouse, you bicker with your children, your children bicker with each other, your children bicker with you, everyone in the family has frequent meltdowns, and you might even lose it in public.  You can't get anything done at home or work and you frequently walk around in circles because you can't figure out what your supposed to do.  You do all of this and maybe even more without realizing that you're doing it and it's all because you're waiting for a specific day and time for the Oncologist to tell you whether or not your child has cancer.  It's totally not fun at all.

BUT thankfully, we realized it was happening and huddled together as a family in Madison's bed (and even Beau was allowed to climb in with Daddy's permission) and prayed for Ingram, for God's continued healing on Ingram's body, for our anxiety about his scans, for his doctors and nurses, for our family, for all of our other cancer warriors, and for there to be no sign of cancer on Ingram's MRI the next day. 

By God's Grace, our prayers were answered and we are so very thankful to report that Ingram's SCANS ARE CLEAR and we don't go back for four more months for his next MRI.  Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement. 

Psalm 62:5  Find rest, O my soul, in God along; my hope comes from Him.

Ingram Was Excited To Be Back At St. Jude For His MRI On This Super Cold Day!
He Was Not Excited About Getting His First IV Since April 2012,
But Is Looking Forward To Checking Out The Treasure Box For A "Pokey Prize!"

Yep...He's Growing!
111.8 Centimeters Tall And 47.08 Pounds Heavy!!

Getting Tickled By The Thermometer Since He Didn't Want To Put It In His Mouth!

Smiling While His Numbing Cream Kicks In On Both Arms
Since We're Not Sure Which Vein Will Work!

Total Bed Head!!
Leaving The House At 6am Didn't Leave Much Time To Brush Out His Hair!

Still Smiling...But It Turned To Tears With Two Different IV's :(

Remember This One??  Ingram Was Painting A Flower Pizza!
Dominos Pizza Day During Chemo In The Fall Of 2012.
It's Hanging In The Assessment/Triage Area Of The Patient Care Building!

Two Different IV Attempts Equals Two Prizes From The Treasure Box!

We Found Ingram's Previous MRI Painting That Was Hung Up In The Diagnostic Imaging Suite!
It's A Dinosaur With A Fireball Shooting Laser. Only Ingram Could Come Up With That!

Ingram's Sad Face Since The MRI Policy Changed And Allowed
Only One Parent To Go To The Sedation Room. 

Getting Ready To Be Sedated For His MRI...

...But Still Time To Watch The Lion King!

Wake Up Sleepy Head!
MRI's Over And The IV's Out!

Ingram Asked For A Wheelchair Instead Of A Wagon For The First Time...

...So Of Course Daddy Had To Pop A Few Wheelies!

Ingram Trying To Teach Daddy How To Play His Favorite Game!

Uh Oh!! Ingram Got Caught CONQUERing Cancer!

We Couldn't Believe When The Girls Asked To Be Handcuffed Too!!

I Think They Were Having A Pretty Fun Time Goofing Off At Dinner!!

Ingram Was Extra Excited To Meet Officer White And Show Him Where He Got An IV! 

Officer White Gave Him A Junior Officer Sticker To Add To His Collection!
Ingram Didn't Want To Forget To Tell His Friends At School
The Next Day That "Scans Are Clear!"

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  1. Fabulous news!! Praise the Lord! You have beautiful children :)