Finishing Out February 2014!

Since Ingram's scan on February 11th, he has been quite the busy little guy.  He's had sooooooo much fun playing and being a "regular kid" that I felt the need to share some pictures of all the crazy things he's done! 

Making A "Love Card" At His Preschool Valentine's Party!
Yep...It Was For Mommy!

"Man I Can So Totally See Through This Pink Thing!"

Valentine Dinner With Nolan While Lindsey Was At Soccer!

I Don't Think There's Any Pizza Sauce On His Mouth!
Wonder Where We've Seen A Look Like This Before??
Apparently A Tongue Sticking Out Helps In Video Games Just Like In Soccer.

And Yes, That Was A Permanent Marker That Madison Used To Draw Ingram A Mustache!
Her Response When I Asked Her Why She Drew On Him..."He Asked Me To!"
And Now They're Thinking About What They Did.

So Remember When Our Friends Marvin And Grey Smith Went To NY In The Fall For An Event
With Mariano Rivera And Took An "Ingram" Shirt To Give Him?
We Came Home And Were Given An Autographed Home Plate And A Picture!
Sooooo Cool!
These next two pictures are from Ingram's first T-Ball practice of the season.  He has a great time, despite it being 45 degrees, and has been asking every day if he has a game or practice in the afternoon.  Last year, he played for the first time and was a Boston Red Sox; this year he's a Washington National!  The craziest thing about this first practice is that all three of the kids were at practice at the same time in three different locations, but we're thankful that Ingram is healthy enough to play one of his favorite sports again.  We have too many of his friends that can't play right now because they're in treatment for Cancer.  Please remember to say a prayer for all the families battling Childhood Cancer.

Playing Airplane, I Mean, Stretching.

Rounding Third Base Headed To Home Plate!
The last weekend of February was another one of those crazy sports weekends at our house and to make it more interesting, Daddy and G-Daddy were in sunny California at the Patrick Warburton Celebrity Golf Tournament to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital!!  Both of the girls teams were playing in a soccer tournament which meant 3 definite games for each and two possible championship games as well.  Add in a Lacrosse Tournament for Madison and crazy Memphis weather and our plates were more than full!  The four of us managed eight soccer games, one lacrosse game, a trip to the ice cream store, a very early bedtime followed by a very early wake up time, and lots of fun with our soccer and lacrosse friends!  During one game alone, the temperature dropped 30 degrees in less than 30 minutes; it kept dropping the rest of the day AND started raining which turned to sleet.  Ingram made it through all of the games including both Championship games Sunday afternoon played in freezing rain all while Daddy was in California with G-Daddy talking about the amazing work done at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.   

Friday Night...Two Games Done!
Smiles All Around Is A Good Thing!
(Notice The Layers Of Clothing!)

Hanging With Our Soccer Buddies After Madison's First Lacrosse Game!
The Girls Had Already Finished 2 Soccer Games Each And We Were Headed Back For Round 3 Games.

And Now Back At The Soccer Fields In Sunny 60 Degree Weather For Lindsey's Game!

Celebrating 4 Games In Less Than 24 Hours Done!

Ingram Trying To Give Madison Bunny Ears During Her Awards Ceremony.
Uh...It Was FREEZING COLD Again!

"Please Can I Have Your Medal Madison?"

Madison's Team And Their Gold Medals!

And Two Hours Later...Lindsey's Team And Their Silver Medals!

Ingram Was Even Given A Medal For Enduring All The Games...Especially The "I'm Freezing Cold And Wet And I Can't Feel My Feet And Hands" Game!

After The Crazy Weather Tournament, We Stayed In Our Pajamas And Once
The Girls Left For School, Ingram "Needed" Some Donuts, So Of Course We Got Some.

Yes, That Would Be Daddy With Luke Perry Friday Night!
He's In "Beverly Hills 90210" Heaven Right Now!
(That's A Story For Another Day But Feel Free To Ask Him About It!)

And That's Daddy Looking Sharp Telling Our SJ Story Saturday Night To A Roomful
At The Benefit Dinner For St. Jude DuringThe Patrick Warburton Celebrity Golf Tournament!

We're still very excited about Ingram's "Clear" MRI results, but we also know that everything can change for in an instant and we're still very emotional with all of Ingram's "Firsts" in the cancer world coming up.  Please continue to keep the Childhood Cancer Community in your prayers as a lot of our friends are struggling right now with their cancer.

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