FUNdraising 2014 Update!!

Hey Hey Hey!!!  We have some very exciting things happening that we wanted to share with everyone!  As most of you know, Madison and Lindsey began Team Ingram when Ingram was diagnosed with cancer April 3, 2012; we've participated in the St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend with our girls running the 5K and raising money for Team Ingram and St. Jude.  Well, this year is no different and our team is up and running...literally!

We have people running all over town and all over the country!  Daddy and the girls are running the 5K together and I'm running the half with my sister Amye, and both sets of Grandparents are lacing up their shoes too!  So far we have 108 runners on the team running as Hero's with some running the 5K, the Half Marathon, and the Full Marathon.  It's still up in the air as to whether or not Ingram's running the 5K so stay posted for that!  Here's the link for the Team Vining/Team Ingram page, as well as Madison's page and Lindsey's page...

We have some major news on the fundraising front...Sewell Cars (based out of Texas) has generously donated $25,000 for the third year in a row and we couldn't be more excited!  Another company, also donating for a third year in a row is Flotek Industries and they offered to match the first $25,000 in donations for the girls.  So now that $25,000 from Sewell Cars has been turned into $50,000 thanks to Flotek!!!  Talk about some pretty excited kiddos at our house; when we got the news, there were definitely tears of joy!

And it doesn't end there!!!  The girls also visited Blue Bell Creamery in Brennan Texas this summer and we received word that their donation was on the way too!!!  Once it comes in, we will definitely let you all know about it.  And if you have a company you'd like for us to talk to, we'd be glad to do that as well so let us know.

We also have a few people offering their expertise in our fundraising efforts!  Katie Kalsi, who is a local Germantown friend and famous Handbag designer and artist, has worked with us to make a special Childhood Cancer strap for her purses.  The strap says "live laugh smile cry create imagine believe try run walk stand fly" all in GOLD with a bold GOLD ribbon!  It's totally amazing and I'm in love with it!  The best part is that a portion of the sales go towards St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in their fight against childhood cancer.  Here is the link that will take you directly to purchase one yourself!  If you have any trouble with the link, go to and look under "Charity Collection" and the strap is also sold separately for those of you already with a Katie Kalsi handbag!

More information coming in the September 2014 Update, and remember all donations to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital are tax deductible and there's a link on this post and on the blog home page.  We also t-shirts and hats in the CONQUER shop for sale!

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