October 17th-19th 2014...Part 3

It's Tim Tebow Time!!! Like we said earlier, we got a phone call from the Tim Tebow Foundation with an offer Ingram couldn't resist!  I do have to say Craig couldn't resist it either because of his well-known "man crush" on Tebow.  They were both so excited and the girls were beyond jealous since they already had plans that couldn't be changed.  So from Wednesday to Friday we were working like crazy to get paperwork done and everyone packed for their different directions. The chaos was well worth it and I only wish I could have been a fly on the wall to hear and see everything that happened!

This Is What The TTF Used To Announce Ingram's Visit With Tebow On Their Facebook Page And Website

One Of The Forms We Filled Out Word For Word From Ingram With No Advice From Us!

First up, Craig and Ingram rolled into Oxford, Mississippi just as everyone and their brother were also getting in town for the biggest SEC Game of the weekend!! SEC Nation was in town too and starting to set up the TV set and The Grove was already getting pretty busy too. They made it to their hotel and when they opened the door to their room, they were surprised by balloons, cookies, chips, and Gatorade that were all Ingram's favorites. Brandi, the TTF coordinator, was already at the hotel and had dropped off a few goodies at the room.  The hotel staff was even in on it and rolled out Ingram's name in streamers in the bed; there was also a small orange and blue football that went everywhere with Ingram.  



...And Cookies And Two Books...

...And More Chips And Gatorade And The Best Little Football Ever!

Next up, dinner with Tim Tebow and his Dad.  I must admit this was the funniest part...waiting for Ingram and Craig to meet Tim.  Once they were in the restaurant and waiting for Tim to come in, I got a text message from Craig that said "Seriously, I'm nervous."  I knew right then (after I finished laughing) that they were about to have the best weekend ever!!  Tim and his Dad came in and they spent the next THREE HOURS talking and playing and eating and playing and talking and playing even more!  Ingram and Tim were running routes all around the table and having a blast; the funny thing is that Tim started within an arm's reach of Ingram waiting for him to snap back the ball and Ingram would send in a bullet right at his face.  After a couple of those, better spacing was taken by everyone so that no injuries ended up happening!  Back to the hotel they headed for a good night's sleep (once Ingram calmed down from all the excitement) so they would be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for their next big event!  

Tebow And Ingram

I Would LOVE To Know What They Were Talking About!

What??  Wouldn't You Play Football At Dinner...With Tebow??

"To Ingram...God Bless...Tim Tebow"

The Guys!

Bear Hugs With Bob!

Chilling Out With Brandi Back At The Hotel

Saturday morning was a little cool when they walked through The Grove to see Tim Tebow again at the set of the SEC Nation!  They had all-access passes to Tebow and the rest of the anchors and a tour of the set.  Ingram got to hang out with Tebow again and he even let Ingram go inside the SEC Nation bus, which Ingram thought was really cool!  Aside from just hanging around before, during, and after the show, they met all sorts of fun people...including the Ole Miss Cheerleaders and Dancers!  Oh my goodness how my boys have been spoiled...and it's not even over yet!

Waiting For The Big Show To Start!

Shhhhhh...They're On TV!

Smiles ALL Around!

Well...There Are Some Smiles And Not Some Smiles!
I Have A Feeling Daddy Might Have Said Something At The Wrong Time!

Better Stay On Tim's Good Side...Totally Kidding!

"Uh Dad...I Can't Get The Helmet Off!"

Ingram And The Girls!

And More Girls!

Two Excited Dudes!

Craig and Ingram piddled around Oxford before Ingram talked Craig into going swimming in an outdoor pool; and yes, the water felt like ice!!  Thankfully it didn't last long and they headed to the room to warm up and take a little nap before heading back down to another special event...sideline passes to watch the Ole Miss Rebels warm up before the game and of course see the cheerleaders and dancers again!  They also met Archie Manning and talked to him for a bit which was really cool for Craig, Ingram was more focused on his Shark at that moment.  Craig and Ingram headed up to the stands to watch the game with Brandi and had a blast rooting THE WHOLE TIME for Ole Miss with his VERY LOUD VOICE!  It was a whole new level of Ingram that came out during the game, but as usual, they made friends with everyone around them and it was the best game ever!

Daddy, Ingram, And Chucky Mullins
Never Quit

Watch Out!!  They're About To Be Let Loose!

"This Is So So Cool!"

The Perks Of The Sidelines...These Guys Are Huge!

That Would Be A Little Bit Of Bed Head Ingram's Wearing!  He Took A 2 Hour Nap After Swimming!

Ingram Getting High 5's in the Head from QB Bo Wallace!

Move Move Move!

"Hey Girls...Remember Me?"

Ingram Entertaining The Girls...

And Still Going...

Yep, He's Still Talking!

It's Official...He's Definitely A Ladies Man!

Craig And Ole Miss's Own Archie Manning!

Ingram Meeting Archie Manning

And Of Course, Ingram Needed To Show Mr. Manning His Shark!

"Daddy, There's A Shark On Your Head!"

Ingram And Brandi, Our TTF Coordinator!

When we all finally got home from our different trips, Ingram wanted to surprise the girls with his new stuff!  All along he had been saying he wanted to be a pumpkin when he went trick or treating and he decided to make a switcharoo after his trip but he wouldn't tell the girls.  He made them sit on the couches while he and Daddy were in the bedroom getting dressed in his new Ole Miss Rebels uniform.  He even picked out the number that he wanted Daddy to iron on for good...#95 and we have no idea where he came up with that number, he just picked it.  After his uniform debut, he and Daddy gave everyone their gifts form the Tim Tebow Foundation and from the Ole Miss Athletic Department.  Ingram's favorites are his new Bible that Tim signed (he even wrote his own favorite verse in it...John 3:16), his signed football from Tim,  and his Ole Miss Uniform.  Oh what a weekend indeed!

"No Wayyyyyyy!"

Ingram's Practicing His "Jump Down On You" Tackle!

Well, Thank Goodness Those Were Pillows Because I Don't Think He Has The Right Tackle Form!

Goodies From Ole Miss, SEC Nation, And The Tim Tebow Foundation!

I know I don't need to say it because it's kinda obvious, but Craig and Ingram had a blast!  The Tim Tebow Foundation and Ole Miss made this weekend one that they will never forget.  The Tim Tebow Foundation gave so much more than gifts to Ingram; they gave an experience that he will never forget!  Brandi met them at the hotel and was in contact with me the whole time too sending me pictures of the different things they were doing.  Both Tim and Bob gave Craig and Ingram their undivided attention at the restaurant even though there were tons of people trying to get in and speak to Tim because word had gotten out that he was there.  The restaurant and hotel staff were amazing and did way more than just serving them food and cleaning their room.  The Ole Miss University and Barnes and Noble Bookstore Staff gave so much of their own stuff once they heard what was going on that we are set to be Ole Miss fans for life...well, except when they play Florida!  The Ole Miss Cheerleaders and Dancers took their time away from the regular crowds and spent time with Ingram and thought he was just the cutest little man around!  The whole Ole Miss Athletic Department and Football Team made Ingram feel so special by letting him down on the field during warm-ups that now I'm going to have more trouble keeping him off the football field as he gets older!  Thank you all for making a great memory for our guys!

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