Monday to Sunday September 16th to 22nd, "F" Means Fun!

This week has been pretty typical around the Dismuke house...crazy busy!!  Ingram wanted to make a trip to see Daddy at work and take him lunch so we made a quick trip to Chick Fil A.  When Ingram opened his kids meal, he had a Giraffe book as his toy and we immediately started talking about how much one of our St. Jude friends Ashlynn McClure LOVED giraffes!  We even came up with an elaborate plan on how she's playing with all the giraffes in Heaven; once we make a friend at St. Jude, they're always our friends even if we don't get to see them for a long long time. 

Ingram Making His Best "Long Tongue" Giraffe Face!

After Ingram went to school on Tuesday, he took Madison to lacrosse practice and decided to impress all the gals with his rock star body!  He was so excited when he saw Ames (brother of Madison's friend Maren) that he took off running from the car before he even put on his shirt.  Have we mentioned that half the time, we're doing good to have shorts on him??  He's loving the fact that boys don't have to wear shirts all the time!

Eat Your Hearts Out Girls!
Stud Muffin On The Premises!

Wednesday was another fun day at school and then the soccer fields!  After Ingram dressed head to toe in his Florida colors to learn the letter "F" at school, he continued his learning at the soccer fields by playing football and monkey in the middle all while he's still in his Florida outfit (as he calls it). 

Learning The Letter "F" with Florida Gator Colors And A Florida Gator Football!
And Of Course, A Funny Sister "Fotobombing!"

Football With Daddy At The Fields!

Fooling Around With The Boys Playing Monkey In The Middle!

Thursday was "Show And Tell" at school so guess what he took?  Yep, his Florida Gator Football and no one got hurt with it!  We also continued our "F" lessons into the night and on Friday with some fun time with the girls since they were out of school on Friday.  Ingram had lots of fun with the girls and their friends playing at home, running around the neighborhood at night (literally), playing Wii Car with the boys and girls, and having some late night fun in the pool! 

Late Night Swimming Fun!

Ingram Trying To Talk The Girls Into Making A Bow For His Hair!

I'm Not Sure If This Was Fair...
It Took Two 6th Graders To Block Ingram!!!
Once Again, No Shirt!!

Friday turned out to be Fantastic Friday as we all packed and headed out to Franklin Tennessee; it was the first time with the whole family has hit the road for a soccer tournament.  We decided that playing in Jackson last month didn't count since we're there all the time and we didn't spend the night, but this time Lindsey's team was booked at a hotel for 2 nights and it wasn't possible to drive back and forth between the games.  Ingram had been talking about going out of town all week and finally on Friday we told him it was time to leave.  He went upstairs and got his pillow and blanket and his crayons and coloring book and said he was ready to go.  Then he went back to get a little stuffed animal and was really ready to go!  Needless to say, he ended up taking the blanket, colors, and coloring book, but we added little things like clothes and shoes to the mix so that he wouldn't freeze in the cold morning games. 

All Packed And Ready To Go To Franklin!!
"Am I Missing Anything Daddy?"
No Shirt!
We had a great time traveling with Lindsey's team and Ingram loved being the only boy for most of the time!  During the games, he played with Madison, cheered for Lindsey, and kept all of the adults entertained with all of his tricks and silly things that he would say.  He loved it when we out to lunch and dinner with everyone because he got to sit with all of the girls; we're going to have to remind him about this when he's older!  The five of us were in a small hotel room and Ingram slept on a mattress on the floor for two nights.  You'd think that with going to bed after 10pm each night and getting up at 6am each morning would make for a tired bunch, but there's something about everyone being in the same room trying to sleep that makes the giggles come out several times when we're trying to go to sleep!  Each night, probably after the 4th or 5th outburst of laughter, Daddy would say "Kids" in a way that we all (yes I'm including myself in this) would finally get quiet and really try hard to drift off into sleep.  The girls did great at the tournament and held their own against the number one team in the state to finish 3rd in the Battleground Tournament. 

Ingram Sound Asleep (Finally) After Two Hours On The Road!
And Yes, He's Covered From Head To Toe In His Blanket.

Ingram And All The Girls Fascinated By The "Tortilla Lady"
Making All The Fresh Tortillas!

You Try Putting Them To Bed When They're Full Of The Giggles!!

The Ringleader Of The Laughs!!
The 04 Lady Lobos Rush Smiling For The "Official" Picture Lady!

Nothing Like Dinner Time Craziness At Steak And Shake!
Maggie, Ava, Kylie, Lindsey, And Campbell
(Ingram And Madison Were Already Outside Playing Freeze Tag With Daddy)

Peanut Sending The Ball Downfield!

Playing Against The Number 1 Ranked Team In Tennessee!

After leaving the tournament, we stopped in Jackson to have an early birthday lunch for my sister Amye and the kids loved hanging out with their cousins for a couple hours.  At one point, all five of them had pillows strapped to themselves with belts so that when they purposefully crashed into each other, it wouldn't hurt.  I'm not sure who invented the game, but Ingram came to tell us that he ran into Brett one time, but it didn't hurt because of all the pillows strapped on him.  We all busted out laughing and they continued to cause chaos around the house for a little while longer!  But we had to eventually leave so that the kids could get the ice cream we promised them after the tournament was over.  It only took 6 hours to get, but it sure was good!!

Finally Feeling The Baskin Robbins Love!

Since this is Childhood Cancer Month, all the Chili's Bar and Grill Restaurants all across the nation are having a special St. Jude day on Monday September 23rd!  All day long, whether you dine in or carry out, all of the proceeds will be donated back to the hospital as part of their partnership with St. Jude.  They also have the fun coloring sheets where you can "Create A Pepper" and they'll hang them on the wall of the restaurant if you want.  We were there last year right before Ingram went into the hospital for his last round of chemo and we will be there tomorrow as well at our local Chili's.  I guess you'll have to wait till later to see if we go for lunch AND dinner!

See Y'all At Chili's!!

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