Saturday to Monday August 31st to September 2nd, Labor Day Weekend

After a crazy week, we decided to stay home for the long weekend and just hang out with each other.  Of course, our girls had different ideas and each got to have a sleepover Friday night...which led to a two hour nap for all three of the kids on Saturday!  It was great too, and Craig and I got lots of things accomplished while they were sleeping.  We did make a trip to Home Depot to get a new shrub for the back and Lindsey and I tested out their display of benches, swinging and stationary, while the boys made their rounds through the store.  Sitting felt quite nice after a long Saturday morning run (which led to some hip pain...trying not to think about the pain too much yet) and it was extra fun to sit and chat with Peanut!  Ingram and Daddy came back with all sorts of interesting things that we needed in addition to the shrub which was the reason for the trip.  We had some friends over to swim and cookout too and had a great time.  Daddy decided to water the new shrub after they left and ended up watering 3 moving shrubs too with freezing cold faucet water.  They couldn't get enough of it and were acting really goofy and doing some sort of flower dance off the diving board.  Like I said, they were being goofy and loving it!

Sunday and Monday were pretty much the same with the kids acting goofy all weekend.  After church we tried a new restaurant for lunch and then got caught out during a nasty thunderstorm!  Apparently Beau was a little scared because when we got home, he would not leave our sides.  The kids swam, painted, played, and swam some more; they were having fun just being regular kids with nothing to do.  Sunday night Daddy and Lindsey went running on the trails at Shelby Farms while the rest of us stayed home and played.  Madison and I painted a dresser for her room while Daddy painted the porch.  Ingram and Lindsey wanted to paint too, but they jumped in the pool to swim instead.  Monday night, the house was so quite while the Daddy and all three kids were at the park for Lindsey's soccer practice; I almost didn't know what to do with myself without any noise!  A funny things from the park that happened to Ingram...Some random boy at the soccer fields was playing with Ingram.  He said "Hey little kid.  I'm gonna throw this ball and you go get it" to Ingram.  Ingram promptly replied "I'm not a little kid.  I'm Ingwam the Conquewor."

Another important thing for everyone to know is that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!!  It's actually been "proclaimed" from the White House too; all of us in the Childhood Cancer Community are really trying hard to get more funding directed towards research so that these nasty cancers will go away.  There are numerous agencies out there that do fundraising and work to help cure Childhood Cancer, but our favorite is St. Jude Children's Research Hospital right here in Memphis.  If you would like to make a donation during the month of September in honor of Ingram and all of his friends fighting cancer, please do so.  I'm attaching our fundraising link for Ingram's team for the St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend, Team Ingram, and we would love to filter your support directly to St. Jude, where Ingram has gotten his treatment for his cancer.  All four of us are running; you can click on our individual names to make a donation or donate to the team as a whole.


Taking A Break With Peanut In A Rocking Bench
While Daddy And Ingram Walk Around Home Depot!

Another "Like Father, Like Son" Moment!

You Can't See Very Well, But Daddy Is Watering Our Three "Flowers"
With Freezing Cold Water And They Can't Get Enough Of It!!!
Sometimes, I Really Feel Bad For Our Neighbors!

Madison Working Hard On Painting Her Dresser...
...Until She Jumped In The Pool With The Other Two!

They're Working Real Hard On Labor Day!

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