Tuesday to Sunday, September 3rd to 8th, A Great "First Week"

Unbelievable...Ingram started school today!  Well, technically he started Preschool in the 4 year old class at Germantown Baptist Church Weekday Preschool.  The girls started back to school almost a month ago and Ingram has been patiently waiting for his first day.  He missed his "first day" last year because he was actively undergoing chemotherapy, but he did test school out in December for a few days to make sure he could handle being there for 5 hours at a time and then went back officially in January.  None of us really knew what to do or how to react other than being very grateful he was still here with us to be able to go to Preschool.  We have sooooo many friends whose children have lost their battles with cancer that the first day of school really is a big deal and I don't think we will be taking it for granted anymore. 

First Day Of School Picture At The House!

Ingram said his favorite part was "sleeping time" and that comes to no surprise because we had such a fun long weekend at home that he was worn out!  After school, we headed back to Dean Studio and did some more filming and had a super fun time with everyone there.  We even got Mr. Dean to take a couple pictures to celebrate Ingram's first day and they turned out great.  Then we hustled across town for soccer practice for Madison and a soccer game for Lindsey.

Ingram Helping Mrs. Annette With Invoices!
I Hope He Didn't Add Any Extra Digits To The Bills!!

"Seriously Mommy?  Another Picture?"
(Taken By Andy Dean Outside Dean Studio)

Ingram had two more days of school before he had another great first for the week!  We've dragged him all over town and even sometimes out of town to watch his girls play soccer and he always loves it.  Well finally, it was his turn to be on the field and he had his first soccer practice and soccer game with Happy Feet through the Germantown Legends soccer program!  Legends has been great supporting the girls during the hardest parts of Ingram's treatment and even raised a huge amount of money for St. Jude for Ingram.  They had also been begging me to let Ingram play soccer and asked me every season if I was ready yet and I finally was ready to let him play for real.  I know it's not a big deal, but it really IS a big deal to a cancer family, especially a brain cancer family!  Ingram LOVED it and had so much fun practicing because it wasn't really practicing...he was playing games like "Red Light, Green Light" and "Simon Says" all while learning different parts of the game.  He was a sweaty happy guy and he even scored during his game.

Ingram Showing His Coach How Strong He Is!
Not Sure If That's Good Or Bad!

Ingram Out Front In "Red Light, Green Light"

Stand Like A Soccer Player!
Before, during, and after Ingram's games, Madison and Lindsey were in a tournament with each of their teams.  We had 8 games total in the upper 90 degree weather from Friday night to Sunday afternoon and each game was great.  We experienced another first as Madison's team won their division and brought home the Championship medal Sunday afternoon.  We also had her team over for a swimming party and Ingram couldn't have been happier to join them in the pool!  He was excited to have his buddy Preston over too and they all swam together, played Four Square, played on the playground, played Wii, ran from all the girls, and even escaped on Ingram's 4-Wheeler and scooter.  I guess they're learning at an early age about being chased by the girls.  I know after Ingram's fun week, he had no trouble at all going to sleep Sunday night!

The U12 Rose Cup Champions!

Ingram And Preston Thinking They Have Finally Hidden From All The Girls!

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