Monday to Wednesday July 1st to July 3rd, Trying Not To Panic...Too Much!

So far June was a fun month and July is shaping up to be just as fun, maybe even more fun!  Monday, Ingram and Lindsey talked me into taking them to Build-A-Bear (huge SJ supporter!!) and they picked out new bears, I mean dogs, to stuff and love.  Madison would have loved to have gone too, but she was having too much fun at Kanakuk to come back for Build-A-Bear!  Ingram loved picking out his puppy dog and even named him after his best buddy Nolan.  Lindsey of course went all creative and named her German Shepherd Milkshake; the girl doesn't really even eat milkshakes, but apparently for dog names, it' okay. 

They spent the rest of the day playing with their new dogs until it was time for Lindsey to go for her check-up with Dr. Ellis.  Ingram loves Dr. Ellis and went with us too; everyone couldn't believe how big he had gotten and of course he talked every one's ears off while we were there.  He even helped Lindsey with getting an unexpected shot since she was behind on her vaccines.  A few stickers, a little swimming, and ice cream makes everything better when it comes to pokes in the Dismuke house! 

Tuesday we headed to Jackson to see Mimi, Granny, Aunt Amye, Carley, and Brett and it was a long fun day!  We took Chick Fil A over for Granny and helped feed her lunch while the kids played in the background.  We spent the rest of the day hanging out at Mimi and Pop's house with Granny and then grabbed some ice cream before we left town to head back to Memphis.  When we got home, not only was Daddy home, but G-Mommy had also made it into town for the holiday weekend!  Ingram was so excited about showing G-Mommy how well he could swim and ended up staying in the pool for forever while dinner was cooking.  To say he's becoming a fish is another one of those understatements!

Wednesday morning, G-Mommy took Lindsey and Ingram to eat at Blue Plate which is one of their favorite restaurants for breakfast.  While they were at breakfast, Ingram threw up again which I think was the second time since our Sunday lunch episode at MPC.  When it happens, he feels better right away and is ready to eat again as odd as it sounds however, what it makes us feel is anything but good.  They also ran a few errands including bringing home Gibson's donuts for later; once they were home, Ingram ate one to replace the breakfast he lost at the restaurant.  We played around the house for the rest of the afternoon until Daddy got home from work and then it got really exciting!!! 

We ended up leaving for Pickwick and made it there just in time for us to see Bob and for Ingram to help Daddy drive him over to the Bosworth's house on the lake where we get to stay and play until Sunday!!  Alan works with Craig at Vining and shaved his head last year for Ingram and their family was a part of Team Ingram/Team Vining last year too!  The Bosworth family has been so sweet and let us stay at their house again for this year and Ingram absolutely loved waking up and seeing Bob for several days.  We had a late night dinner at The Rib Cage before buying some fireworks on the side of the road after Ingram begged and begged!  We thought he was going to fall asleep in the car on the way home but all he talked about was doing some fireworks before he went to bed; of course we did a few of the sparklers and even a few of the fireworks at 10:30 at night.  Hopefully we didn't bother the neighbors too much!

We miss Madison since she's at Kanakuk, but love getting to see her in pictures and sending her emails.  We're still waiting for our first letter from her, but I'm not holding my breathe on that; she's having way too much fun out there!  We're hoping that our time away at the lake for a few days will take our minds off of everything else and that we'll just enjoy some downtime with family and friends for the holiday. 

Ingram And Lindsey Warming Up Their Dogs' Hearts!

Ingram And Nolan The Dog!

Granny With Ingram, Lindsey, Mimi, Carley, And Brett
Daddy And Ingy Driving Bob To The Bosworth's House!
If You Could Have Only Seen This In Video Form!
They Were Dancing With Their Sparklers!
Check Out Those Smiles!

We Sure Miss Madison, But Look At Her Happy Face!!

Super Excited She's At Tennis Klinic With Our Favorite Phebe!!

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