Saturday and Sunday June 29th and 30th, Missing Madison Already!

Saturday morning we sent Madison off to Kanakuk way early and Lindsey and Ingram were already missing her when they woke up.  They couldn't believe she didn't wake them up at 6am before she left, but thankfully they slept till after 8am!  After a crazy day looking for new tennis shoes for Ingram and playing with every piece of equipment at Dick's, Sports Authority, and The Finish Line (all in three different parts of town), we headed to SJ for a super cool filming project!  St. Jude had some guys there with a camera drone helicopter thingie for a few hours and were filming new footage around the hospital.  It was great and Lindsey was loving pulling Ingram around in the red wagon again; the only thing missing was Madison!  After they captured the right clips, each of the kids (including the the Daddy's) got to control the camera while the drone was flying and they got some really cool aerial pictures that we could see on the screen. 

We ended the night at Steak and Shake for dinner and were having a great time until...Ingram's meal decided to make a second appearance!  Ingram used to throw up on a daily basis so he's quite good at not making a mess with it if you know what I mean.  Unfortunately Lindsey was out of practice with her reaction to Ingram throwing up and I think the whole restaurant turned to look at what was happening because of her noise level; there's only so much you can cover with a table top menu card!  Before we left the restaurant, the kids were all laughing about it and once we were in the car Ingram told Lindsey he was going to throw up on her head the next time so you can imagine the back and forth with that!  However, in the back of our minds, Craig and I were thinking about how many times Ingram had thrown up lately and realizing it was a little more frequent than we were originally thinking and it was starting to bother us both. 

Sunday after church we took Lindsey and Ingram out to Memphis Pizza Cafe for a quick lunch before we headed out to do some super fun stuff.  During our lunch, Ingram once again threw up all over the place and when it started, I can honestly say my heart dropped into my stomach and I felt like throwing up right alongside him.  With headaches and vomiting being Ingram first sign of his tumor and cancer, my head and my heart automatically start thinking of the worst case scenario especially since its becoming more frequent than I like.  After a near meltdown (on my part), we left and ran our next errand where we finally found the Ingram's shoes in the right color and the right size; he didn't put his old shoes back on, but instead wore the new shoes for the other hour we spent playing with the golf clubs and boat stuff! 

Ingram and Daddy went to meet up with Brice Bailey (another Team Ingram member, co-worker at Vining Sparks, and friend) to hit golf balls in the afternoon while Lindsey snuggled up with me in the big chair and laughed with me at Duck Dynasty so I wouldn't drift into worry and tears over Ingram.  That evening, our dear friends, the Rowlands and the Pierces, came over with dinner and all the kids swam while we all talked about everything from the Rowlands year in the Dominican Republic to job stuff for all of the Daddy's to Ingram's recent increase in vomiting.  It felt good to shed tears and pray with good friends over everything, but that doesn't change the fact that we're a little anxious about this next MRI; God used our friends as an extension of Himself once again to comfort us that evening.

July 24th can't come fast enough for our doctors at SJ to give Ingram the full check-up and his 3-month MRI/Spinal Tap.  Living day to day is one thing, but living minute by minute is a completely different thing!  To say that "Scanziety" has set in is an understatement for sure; we watch every single thing that Ingram does and eats and hope that he doesn't throw up again.  Even though we're a little scared right now, we know that God is right here with us and that He loves Ingram more than we do.
Is Someone Excited To Be A Kamp??

It's Going To Be A Fun Two Weeks!!

Daddy Had Him Upside Down,
But Thankfully He At Least Put Ingram Sideways!

Super Cool Camera Drone With Two Super Cool Kids!

It's Higher Than It Looks!
 This Video Clip Not Only Shows Ingram's Stellar Golf Skills,
But It Also Shows His Sense Of Style With His New Kicks!

Love These Peeps!
Us With Stephan And Chris Rowland And Jen And Andy Pierce!

Ingram And Si "Playing" Sorry!

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