Monday June 24th, 10th Annual Shaun Micheel Make-A-Wish Golf Classic

Well Ingram had another fun day at Southwind TPC during the Shaun Micheel Make-A-Wish Golf Classic.  We thought we were going to be outside in the heat for the golf tournament, but instead were surprised with a 3-hour long indoor party with lots of other MAW kids!  It was a thousand degrees outside and we really enjoyed the cold air conditioning!!  Ingram and all the kids entered the room to a round of applause as their names were called out to all the Make-A-Wish and Servicemaster staff.  We were assigned a Servicemaster host and a table and ended up sitting with our buddy Josiah from St. Jude.  We loved getting to know our hosts Eric, Bethany, and Anna and got to share our story with them as well as hear Josiah's story.  These boys are so funny together and we play together on Wednesdays at SJ before, during, and after our appointments. When Ingram saw his picture on the table with all his favorites and his Wish, he got so excited and said "That's me!!"

The kids did crafts, got their faces painted, watched and participated in a  magic show, and played Bingo for cool prizes. They also took lots and lots of pictures, watched The Hospital Wing helicopter drop tons of golf balls from the sky, and had lunch with all their favorite foods and cookies for dessert.  Ingram and Josiah had so much fun entertaining our table and cutting up together, but the Magic Show by Mr. Nick was over the top!  They "caught" Mr. Nick exposing one of his tricks and were trying hard to tell him that his trick was showing.  Ingram also volunteered for to be one of Mr. Nick's helper and found himself being turned into a bunny rabbit.  After Ingram had been turned into a bunny rabbit, Mr. Nick asked Ingram if he wanted to see what he looked like as a bunny rabbit and of course Ingram said yes.  Mr. Nick came over to me and turned me into the bunny rabbit as well and I was cracking up laughing the whole time as was everyone else! 

After all the fun, it was finally time to leave and Ingram talked them into letting him bring home a handful of balloons.  As we were leaving, we stumbled upon an empty golf cart and he just had to hop in the driver seat and take some funny pictures.  Little did we know that the driver of it came out as soon as we got finished and asked if Ingram wanted to ride to the parking lot in it.  He hopped in and then crawled up onto his lap and drove to our car himself.  When we got home Ingram was so exhausted from all the fun he had that he didn't argue about taking an afternoon nap.  Once again, Make-A-Wish, along with Serivcemaster, made Ingram feel special and made this Mommy thankful for another day of happiness!

Oops!  They Just Realized That Shaun Micheel Wasn't In The Picture!!
Professional Golfer Shaun Micheel With Some Of The Make-A-Wish Kids!

Our Servicemaster Party Table Hosts!!
Eric, Bethany, And Anna With Josiah And Ingram!

Ingram And Josiah Making Their Mean Faces!
They Can't Hold Them For Long Because It Interferes With Their Laughing!!
From The Breaking News Center:
There Have Been Reports Of A Smiling Blue Bunny And A Blue Dragon On The Loose!
Please Use Extreme Caution If Sighted!

Ingram's First Team Raising Money For Make-A-Wish!

Ingram's Second Team Raising Money For Make-A-Wish!

They Dropped All Those Yellow Balls From The Hospital Wing!!
Luckily No Wind Damage Happened, But It Sure Was Funny
Watching Everything Get Blown Down Out On The Greens!

Magician Mr. Nick Was Very Serious About Making Sure We 
Had A Cage Big Enough For Ingram Since He Turned
Him Into A Bunny Rabbit During The Show!!

Blue Dragon And The Incredible Hulk Showing Off Their Shaun Micheel Bingo Prizes!

Thank You Make-A-Wish From Ingram The Blue Dragon Conqueror!

Does Mr. Blue Dragon Have A License To Drive??

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  1. Ingram is looking great... such a precious little boy and I know he is such a blessing to you...