Tuesday to Friday June 25th to 28th, Fun With The Dendy's!

While Ingram and Madison were having fun swimming every day with Mr. Aaron and Mrs. Erin, Lindsey and Daddy were enjoying a special trip in Florida.  Lindsey learned how to surf on the beach, learned to skim board (and wound up in the ER... imagine that, a Dismuke in the ER on vacation!), and made new friends on the beach.  She even had M & M's for breakfast (without Daddy knowing) and left her hotel charge card in the key slot (facing the hallway) when she left to go play with her friends at the pool!  Lucky for us, they got home Tuesday night and we to hear about all of their adventures!  

Mr. Aaron and Mrs. Erin have been in town and we've been having lots and lots of fun with them!  When they weren't swimming, they were playing games like Candyland (and yes Ingram was cheating AGAIN), and then they were talking about what they were going to do next.  They even made a trip to the park by our house with tennis rackets, scooters, roller blades, and lots of balls and played on the tennis courts, on the playground, and even on the skate park.  Ingram was even trying to do stunts at the skate park and hit his head on their watch too; it was minor, but still they got the "evil eye" when I found out...especially since they didn't tell me!  We had lots of "Tickle Monster" time and even more pool time.  We all saw Monsters University, swam a bunch more,  and had way too much ice cream than should be allowed!  We also made it to the Collierville Sprinkler Park and the kids had lots of fun running around throwing buckets of water on each other.  We ran into the Nicell kids (they live in our neighborhood and go to Dogwood with us) and the girls had reinforcements in their water bucket dumpings on each other.

Ingram also had to make a quick trip to St. Jude to get his three medicines refilled and practiced talking with Mrs. Angela.  The SJ "Volunteens" were manning the Solar System and Ingram got to visit each of the planets in less than 15 minutes and earned a special treat from each one.  He thought it was so cool, but kept asking when he was going to blast off in the cardboard rocket to go to space.  He didn't quite understand that it was pretend and was really looking forward to blasting off to the moon too.  We also ran into Josiah and his sister Allison and they all ran races down the hallway in front of the rehab area; they were just getting a little extra physical therapy workout together!

We had another set of special guests during the week that were quite "Hair Raising" for Beau!  Craig's cousin Steve was driving through town on his way to the mountains and stayed over night with us; he also brought his dog Rose who is "Big Dog" in Beau's eyes; their initial meeting didn't go so well, but through perseverance and some sniffing of each other, they became friends.  Thankfully though after a few minutes they Beau calmed down and realized he didn't need to defend his territory so much to which made for a much more fun evening.  We also played "Keep Away" in the pool with kids verses adults, then boys versus girls and it went late into the night; luckily though most of our neighbors were gone so we could get away with the noise!

Lindsey And Daddy At Monsters University On Their Trip!

Lindsey And Her Surfing Instructor
Look At Peanut Ride The Waves!

Watching Monsters University With Mr. Aaron, Mrs. Erin, Madison, And Ingram!

Mr. Steve, Mr. Aaron, Daddy, And Ingram
Madison, Lindsey, Megan, And Mommy
Seems A Little Uneven Don't You Think!!

Even Beau Wants To Get In On The Fun!

Ingram And Daddy Goofing Around With A One Footed Headstand Contest!

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