Friday to Monday December 27th and 30th, The Dismuke Family Vacation...Part 3!

A new day started with sunshine, snow, and more cold temperatures, but yesterday's problems were still there... a very swollen nose and a very swollen wrist.  After talking to our insurance people and the folks at the hotel desk, we decided to take Ingram to the nearest clinic to have his wrist x-rayed.  Madison got the shaft because her nose was evenly swollen but perfectly straight leading us to believe at least it was a clean break.  Ingram was already dressed and ready to ski and was not happy when we told him he got to go with Daddy to the doctor.  Obviously from his picture below, he could make a loose fist with his hand, but couldn't put any pressure whatsoever on his hand trying to get himself up off the floor.

You Could Say Ingram Was A Little Mad When We Told Him He Was
Going To The Doctor Instead Of Going Skiing!

While they were at the Clinic getting things taken care of, we decided to take care of the mountain and skied fast and furious (at least for us) while we had the chance.  Since we couldn't use our phones, we had to wait several hours before we heard anything, and trust me, the girls kept asking if Daddy had emailed yet.  Once we were at lunch, we finally got the news around 1pm what we were dreading.  After a couple X-Ray's, the Orthopedic Doctor confirmed that Ingram indeed broke his wrist: the good news is that his bones were lines up perfectly so all he would need is a cast and some downtime.  While we were at lunch, the girls went out to watch a deer that had come up to our restaurant.  You've got to watch the 10 second video to see what all they did while they were outside WITHOUT ME!

Why Does He Look So Small And Pitiful?

Yep, Broken For Sure!

At Least He's Still Smiling?

You Could Say This Clip Is Another Reason They're Smiling Soooo Big In The Picture Below!

They're Trying To Agree On What Color Cast Ingram's Going To Get.
Madison Doesn't Know That Ingram And Lindsey Made A Deal Before He Left
To Get A Lobos Blue Cast In Exchange For Her M & M's.
{Disclaimer on the food you see...The girls had already eaten their lunch and wanted a few more fries to warm up before we went out in the cold again.  They brought a whole new basket FULL of fresh fries!}

What the doctor didn't know is that Dismukes DO NOT do downtime.  As soon as they were back, we met up with them and headed straight to the top of the mountain because Ingram has been asking ever since we got there if he could go to the top.  The girls were beyond excited to ski with Ingram and couldn't wait to help him go down.  They would ski beside him to make sure he didn't go into the trees or off the side of the mountain and they would ski behind him to make sure no one came down too fast on him. 

The View From The Top!
Ready Or Not, Here We Go!!!

Starting Out, His "Pizza" Needed A Little Work, But He Was A Pro By The End Of The Trip!

Madison The Compassionate Came Out In Full Force!!!
She Watched Ingram's Every Move And Came Quick To His Rescue Many Times!

The Troublesome Trio!
We Lost These Three For About An Hour...So We Just Went Skiing On Our Own Till We Found Them.

After skiing for a few hours, we decided that since they sun was going down and the lifts were closing that it was time for dinner at the same restaurant for the third time in a row!  Seriously, we loved this restaurant and they knew us as "the ketchup family" for how much ketchup Daddy and the girls consumed in one meal.  Our waiters were great and even helped Craig brush up on his French and they also tried to help Daddy teach the rest of us a few French words too. 

Another Proud "First" For The Family...Signing Ingram's First Cast!

Madison Just Realized Her "Big Nose" Would Be In The Picture!

Pretty Sure Lindsey Is Enjoying Madison's Displeasure!
Ahhh...Sisterly Love!

After dinner and a quick change for dry gloves, we headed out to go tubing and sledding again.  This had become our nightly thing and the kids absolutely love it; I take that back, we all loved it!  While we were waiting for it to open, the kids made perfect use of their surroundings and made snow angels, had snow ball fights, and slid down the entire huge hill where we were in their boots.  The fact that is was even colder at night had no bearing on them, so we all just bundled up and took extra gloves to trade out when the others got wet.

At Least It Wasn't His Snowball Throwing Arm!

A Rare Moment...
They're Laying In The Snow...And Not Trying To Pelt Each Other With Snowballs!

Ingram And Daddy Going Tubing...100 Fast!

Our last day to ski, Daddy and Lindsey decided to got early and hit the slopes before the rest of us lazy people got out of the bed.  We kept trying to tell him it was vacation and we could sleep in, but he wasn't buying it!  A couple hours later, they came back for us and we hit the slopes hard and fast...even Ingram.  He was going faster than the day before, but our visibility was less because it was snowing and foggy.  We kept track of everyone and no one got hurt today!

The Early Risers On The Last Ski Day!

"No!  I Didn't Run Into The Building!" Lindsey Insists After Daddy Tells Us About Their Morning
And Then Shows Us The Picture That He Took...You Be The Judge!

Lindsey, Our Daredevil!
Nothing Can Keep Her From Going All Out And Super Fast!

Watch Out Below!!
Ingram The Mountain Conqueror Is On The Way!!

Sweet Sisters...They're Still Flanking Each Side To Make Sure Ingram Stays Safe!
We tried a new restaurant for lunch and it was great!  We sat on the porch (yes, in freezing weather) and devoured tons of pizza before we went out for the rest of the day.  The kids decided that they wanted to go back to the lake and ice skate then walk back up the mountain to go sledding;  Ingram actually was the one leading the charge because he wanted to go back to the snow fort and make it even bigger.  Secretly, I think they knew that after ice skating and sledding, we would just have to warm up with our nightly trip to the cookie store!  I mean, is it possible to walk right by a cookie store and NOT go inside to get fresh cookies??

Can We Say They're Goofy??  They Were Being So Silly And Giggling But
When I Go To Take The Picture, THIS Is What They Do.
Maybe It's Because They Were Wanting To Get A Second Pizza Because They're "Still Starving"?

The Boys!!

Booo....Last Night In The Snow!
And Yes, They're Still Wearing Their Cowgirl Boots So They Can Slide Faster
Down The Hills...Not The Playground!!

Broken Arms Don't Stop Pillow Fights!
Seriously, He Never Stops!!

Sunday morning came very early as we sadly left our little snow paradise.  On the bright side, the kids were wide awake and really looking forward to the long drive back to the airport in NYC.  We drove in snow for a few hours with the kids being all wild and crazy as usual and then finally got back to the United States.  I should probably mention that when waiting in line to go through the U.S. Border Patrol/Customs Checkpoint is not an ideal to figure out that someone needs to go to the restroom RIGHT THEN!!!  That's about all we'll say about that other than we got some serious looks from our Border Patrol Agent because we were trying to hold in the laughter and get through the gate quickly.  The perks of road trips never seem to end...

Oh Yeah, This Is Going To Be A Fun 8 to 10 Hour Drive Back To New York City!

Once we got to the airport, it got even more comical as we checked in to our separate flights just as before; Craig had the girls on one airline and I had Ingram on another.  We found out after being dropped off first at our counter three terminals away from Daddy and the girls, that our second flight had been cancelled and that we would be spending the night in Chicago and fly out first thing in the morning.  Not good!!  I happened to mention that the rest of our family was on another airline and on a direct flight and she worked hard to get us on that flight too.  For as many people bash airline employees, this sweet lady at the American Airline counter at LaGuardia worker her tail off to make sure we got on that flight home with them. 

On The Bright Side...We Found Out Why Ingram's Pants Are Tights Again!!

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