Monday to Wednesday December 23rd to 25th, Surprise...Merry Christmas from New York City!

So when I mentioned last time that we were going to try and slow down over the Christmas holidays, I should have known it wouldn't happen.  We normally go non-stop during the holidays but this year we changed the location of our crazy Christmas to...New York City!!  Craig had the opportunity to be on TV with not one, but two networks for work on Christmas Eve and we decided it was too good of an opportunity for him to turn down.  Plus, one of them wanted Ingram to be on with him!  But then we started thinking that it would be crazy for them to be stranded in NYC by himself for Christmas so we decided to tag along for the ride!  And what a fun ride it was!!

Of course getting all five of us to NYC was quite an adventure in its own regard!  We split up the crew on two different airlines to use vouchers and miles to have everyone's flights covered; Daddy had the girls and I had Ingram.  After two cancelled flights and a new booking for a midnight arrival with Ingram, I rearranged our flights and off to the airport we went.  We finally made it to NYC after Daddy and the girls even though we left 2 hours before them, but the good news is Ingram slept half the time in the air which is always a bonus!  We, along with our luggage and the boxes we shipped ahead of time, made it to our hotel super late at night and we let Ingram open a Christmas present early...a new pair of shoes since he outgrew his shoes somewhere between Memphis, Miami, and New York.  The girls thankfully did not outgrow anything, but enjoyed alone time with Daddy on their flights taking turns sitting with him and of course eating M & M's!  

Love A SJ Reminder (Even Though We Don't Need One) All Over The Country!
This Is Reagan, One Of The Thanks And Giving Poster Kids.
Last Year, Ingram Was One Of The Poster Kids And He Looked Beautiful Bald Just Like Reagan Does This Year!

All Packed Up And Ready To Hit The Skies!

Four Hours Into Traveling, Ingram Finally Gave Up And Fell Asleep
For A Two Hour Nap From Miami To New York City!
He Woke Up Just In Time To See The Lights Of The City As We Landed!

Before ANY Bags Were Unpacked, Our Gifts And Christmas Lights Went Up!

Who Needs A Bedroom When There's A Couple Twin Mattresses And An Enormous Closet?
Despite staying up wayyyy late listening to the honking horns of the taxis and buses in the streets, we made it out of the hotel on time for our 20 minute walk to the Fox Headquarters.  We were so excited about getting to watch Daddy on TV and meeting some of the people he works with when he's in New York.   As if that wasn't exciting enough, when they found out that all five of us were in town, and not just Craig and Ingram, Fox Business Channel wanted to include Anna Kooiman's segment from when she was at SJ in November.  We knew they were going to let Ingram sit at the desk with Craig before we left town, but after they saw the girls fundraising video, they wanted the girls on the set too.  Even bigger of a surprise was when they called me to the back for "Hair and Make-Up" because they had decided to put all five of us on the Desk for a follow up to Anna's segment!!  Call me crazy, but I was nervous especially with all three of the kids (notably Ingram) being LIVE on national TV with no idea what Connell McShane, the host of Markets Now, would ask AND that this was Craig's work stuff!!  The kids all went through hair and make-up too and then we all got "mic'ed up" while Daddy was doing his Economic segment with Connell.  

Ingram Got His Nose Powdered And Loved That He Got "Prettied Up!"

Little Miss Smiles Was Extra Excited Getting Her Hair And Make-Up Done!

Just When Did She Grow Up So Much?
Madison Really Likes The Green Room Too!
I Wonder If It's A Hint Of Her Future Career With ALSAC?

They Have No Idea What They've Done!!
Putting A LIVE Microphone On All Three Dismuke Kids??

Watching Daddy Live During His Segment!

"Home Sweet Home" Sorta Made Me Miss Our Home
The kids were really excited watching Daddy then the Producer called for us during the break and it was time to get our move on!  After Anna's segment aired, all the cameras and lights were on us and it was on...all five of us on LIVE TV!!   Have I mentioned how nervous I was yet?  It was a short, fast paced segment and a whole lot of fun.  The link is below and as Craig said on Ingram's Facebook page "After all the boring business stuff, here is the video from Ingram's appearance on Fox Business this morning, along with his sisters and Mommy!  Of course, being a business channel 

This is the link for the whole Fox `Business segment including Craig's Economic segment, Anna's SJ segment, and the new Dismuke 5 segment!

Woohoo!  We Did It!
Once we were finished at Fox Business, we hightailed it across town to Wall Street for Craig's second show of the day...CNBC's Closing Bell.  I should have said this earlier, but with each of these buildings we had to go through a security check and be escorted up to each office.  The interesting part at each of these checkpoints was listening to the security dudes ask the kids questions as to why they're there.  At one point Ingram said "because I'm Ingram the Conqueror!" and I just laughed as the guard sorta stared at him not knowing quite what to think!  I had seen the New York Stock Exchange on TV before, but seeing it in person was really cool!!  Even though it was Christmas Eve, there were a ton of folks around hooping and hollering and carrying on just like they do on any other day when we've seen them on TV.  While Craig was getting ready, the kids took over the CNBC area upstairs and behaved pretty well as we waited.  Once Craig left to go into the Floor for his segment, the kids stayed upstairs and I was able to go on the stairs and watch his interview on Closing Bell.  After he finished, we were allowed to walk around the Floor of the NYSE and were right in front when it was time to ring the bell and close the trading day.  Also since it was Christmas Eve, singer Darlene Love rang the bell and then sang a Christmas song for the whole NYSE; we were right in the front watching it all happen thanks to the Governor of the NYSE for showing us where to go to be able to see!  New York at Christmas time was awesome and it was only about 2pm on Christmas Eve so far!!

Doing What We Do Best!
A Little Working, A Little Playing, And A Little Reading!

Another Amazing Interview By Daddy On CNBC's Closing Bell!
Watching The Actual Closing Bell!

And Now It's Playtime For The Crew!
Merry Christmas Eve!
Everyone knows we love chocolate, especially M & M's, and what trip would be complete without a trip to M & M World?  We've made mistakes before at this giant store of chocolaty bliss, but this time WE actually turned the handles on the dispensers for Ingram and Lindsey.  Madison somehow snuck away to get her own M & M's, but she did pretty good on her own and didn't even fill her bag up halfway.  We ended up spending less than half of what we did on a previous visit and even bough a couple chocolaty gifts!  After taste testing a few different kinds of M & M's, Bill's Bar and Burgers was calling our name.  It's probably our favorite restaurant in NYC and we've eaten there several times over the years when we've been in town.  I know it's crazy, but being out of town for Christmas and with the girls talking about our burger shop, made it seem a little more normal.  After all, we go out to eat every Christmas Eve in Memphis, so why not in NYC too!  We didn't get out early enough from dinner to make the Christmas Eve service we were planning on attending, but instead headed back to the hotel and watched a Christmas movie with the kids before sending them off to dream about Santa and his Reindeer!  We packed a strand of Christmas lights in one of our boxes that we put up right after we got in late Monday night, but I totally forgot to pack the stockings for the fireplace and we didn't realize it until we got back after dinner.  Luckily, the kids were pretty creative and decorated four boots and a shoe for Jolly Ole St. Nick to leave goodies or coal!

The Boys At Bill's Bar And Burgers!!
All Ready For Santa Even With Make Shift Stockings!

Twas The Night Before Christmas And All Through The Hotel,
Not A Dismuke Was Stirring...
Madison tried to trick Daddy into getting up at 2:30am by telling him it was 6:30am so she could start opening presents.  That little stinker even covered the clock up with Ingram's hat and moved his phone so he couldn't check the time.  Needless to say, he fell back asleep as did she and we all woke up at 7am with Ingram running in to tell us that Santa found us in New York City!!  He was sooo excited and was bringing us our stockings in bed before we could even get up.  Even though it wasn't the same as being at home, we loved having a little Christmas tree and our lights to decorate our room while we opened our Christmas presents.  The most dangerous gifts opened were a suction cup Bow and Arrow and a BB Gun...both for Ingram...both bought by Daddy.  I have a feeling these two boys of mine are going to be spending a lot of time outside.  Hopefully no one will "poke their eye out" as the movie A Christmas Story warns!

This Is Trouble!
We finished with our stockings and presents with 30 minutes to spare so we headed back over to the Fox building to watch Anna Kooiman and Rick Reichmuth finish their Fox and Friends show.  They even had Santa on the set and the kids got to talk to him as well as goof off on the Curvy Couch with Anna and Rick.  One thing led to another and Ingram was upside down with Rick holding him up by his feet!  Anna gave us a your of their studio and even took us into the other parts of the building.  We got to see their News Room, Editing Rooms, and the girls sat in the "Breaking News" chair and read from the teleprompter before they made up their own news.  Other than being on the Fox and Friends set, the highlight for Craig and I was getting to go in The O'Reilly Factor studio and see where Bill O'Reilly does his show every night.  Ingram, Madison, and Anna were goofing off for pictures from The Spin Zone, but Lindsey was all business in Bill's Chair and the spin was definitely going to stop with her!!

Best Way To Fight Brain Cancer...Shake It Out!

Christmas Morning On The Curvy Couch With Fox And Friends!

This Just Into The Fox Breaking News Center...
5-Year Old Hiding From His Sisters!

Caution...You Are Now Entering The Spin Zone...Dismuke Style!
After a few fun days doing both work stuff and family stuff in NYC, it was time for it all to end.  We loved being in NYC, but missed being with our families on Christmas morning.  We also saw a few SJ Thanks and Giving signs around the city that reminded us of last year when we saw Ingram's face was all over Times Square.  I think that might have made us miss being with family a little more, but it made us sooo thankful for where we are today with him.  I feel certain that we will stay at our house in our pajamas as long as we can next Christmas, but for now Part One of The Dismuke Family Christmas Vacation is over...stay tuned for Part Two!!

Round And Round We Go...Where We Stop, Nobody Knows!

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