Tuesday December 31st, The Autozone Liberty Bowl!

Whew...so glad we're home, but it's still wayyyyy cold down here in Memphis!  We were not very prepared for our adventure at the Liberty Bowl; we did manage to have a ton of fun and warmed up afterwards with some good hot food.  I'm pretty sure everyone knew we were rooting for Rice since we were all decked out in blue and everyone else was in maroon for Mississippi State.  Ingram even wore a Rice shirt on top of his clothes that he will be able to wear for years courtesy of the Gramm family who are huge Rice fans!

During the half time show, Miss Autozone Liberty Bowl and seven cuties sporting red and blue St. Jude jackets were on stage dancing to music being played by Diamond Rio.  I do say "dancing" loosely because the kids didn't quite get their move on for the camera and the audience.  I know they were cold, but Miss Autozone Liberty Bowl tried really hard to get them to dance along with her; eventually, some of them moved a little.  Normally when we play music, our three start moving and make up all sorts of dance moves;  Ingram did showcase his famous chicken dance on stage and it was quite interesting!  There were also dance and cheer squads lining the field that were doing routines to the Diamond Rio songs as well and were really cute.  There were also about 50 Autozone Liberty Bowl Princesses and they had to be freezing too in their formal dresses!  Afterwards, they couldn't get to their coats fast enough and snuggled up with the kids for pictures in an attempt to get a little warm. 

Brrr... It's Cold Out Here!!
Go Owls!!

Apparently Cold Weather Turned Ingram And Lindsey Goofy!

Chatting Up Mr. Shadyac Before The Halftime Show!

Ingram Telling Mr. Shadyac About His How He Broke His Arm!

They Made The Scoreboard!

Diamond Rio, Miss Autozone Liberty Bowl, And Part Of The Dancers!

Trying To Warm Up Miss Autozone Liberty Bowl!
Mr. Shadyac, Miss Autozone Liberty Bowl, And Half The SJ Kids!

Snuggling With Some Princesses!

With 2013 ending, we are very thankful that we have had another year filled with good news for Ingram.  He has continued to recover from his treatment and develop into a feisty 5 year old little brother that pesters his big sisters all the time!  We truly believe that we wouldn't be here as a family of five if it weren't for our Heavenly Father and the knowledge He has given the doctors, nurses, and specialists that have treated Ingram over the past 20 months.  We are so very thankful for our family and friends that have helped carry us during this time in every aspect of life and can't imagine how we would have done it without them. 

With that being said, we would like for you all to continue to pray that cancer would never enter Ingram's body again and that he could live life fully being a testament to what great things God has done!  We would also beg you to pray for all the children and their families that are battling cancer now and that will battle cancer in the future.  We will begin the New Year with updating on special events related to St. Jude that Ingram will be a part of and with medical updates, including Ingram's quarterly MRI's.  His next scan will be Tuesday February 11th and it will be a very long day for him that begins with an IV since he no longer has a port to access.  He is already talking about not wanting to get a needle stuck in his arm so pray that it goes smoothly for him (and us) so that our day starts out on the right foot.  And of course pray for clear scans too!Again, thank you all for carrying us through the darkest days and rejoicing with us on our best days!

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