Sunday and Monday January 20th and 21st, Road Trip!!

After church on Sunday, we headed up the road to Nashville for a super fun overnight trip.  We were meeting the Vanderbilt University Tri Delta Chapter and speaking to them about St. Jude.  Even though the kids were super excited about getting to do arts and crafts with a house full of girls, they were more excited to get to see our favorite SJ sweetie Mae and her family!!

We met the whole McNally crew at their favorite pizza restaurant and the kids went nuts when they saw each other.  I guess I should admit that I went just as crazy seeing Mae, Lucy, Winn, Tricia, and Michael as the kids did, but it had been a really long time since we'd seen them in person.  We had all the kids piled (really trapped) into a massive booth with the adults on the end; the noise level at the restaurant went up 100 times once we got there!!

After a very long meal filled with lots and lots of pizza, we headed to an amazing ice cream shop and I think sampled at least half of their selections!  Let me add that both the pizza shop and the ice cream shop were in a "new, hip area" and it was very amusing watching our 6 kids be themselves both in the restaurant AND in the ice cream shop.  So to make this even better, imagine a pizza shop packed with people and a very long wait; also imagine a very small ice cream shop packed with young people without walks our families!!

With more energy to burn and super cold temperatures outside, we went to the McNally's house after we realized we were freezing from standing around talking and chasing the kids in the parking lot.  The kids played hide and seek, painted, and basically just ran around their house like wild hyenas laughing and giggling the whole time.  Needless to say, we all had a blast!!

Both of our families went to the Tri Delta House at Vanderbilt Monday and were able to tell the Chapter our SJ stories. Afterwards, the kids got to do all sorts if projects with the girls while we talked to different girls for the next little while.  We ended up leaving with bead bracelets, picture frames, and left a really huge SJ/Tri Delta banner that each if the kids helped make. With all the action in the past 24 hours, we were not shocked at all three of our kids fell asleep on the 3 hour drive home.

Winn And Lindsey...Pure Crazy Energy!

Looks Like Lucy Is Getting In On The Crazy Too!

The Whole Kid Crew!
Mae, Ingram, Lindsey, Lucy, Winn, And Madison
They Were Trapped In The Booth And Still Causing Trouble!

Lindsey And Lucy...The Dynamic Duo!

Don't Most People Feel Like The Youngest Siblings Get Away With Everything??
Perfect Example Here With Winn And Ingram!

I Have No Words For This One!!

Anyone Have Any Ear Plugs???

The Crazy Moved To The Warmth Of The McNally's House!

Everyone Getting In On The Wrestling Match!


The Boys Trying On Necklaces While The Girls Did Some Shopping!
Hmmmm...Florida Colors?

Those Delta's Love St. Jude!

Getting Started On The Sign

I Wonder Who Did This Section??

We Finally Talked Ingram And Mae Into Doing A Messy Hand Print...
And They Loved Their Squishy Paint Fingers!

Making Bead Bracelets!

And Picture Frames!

And Of Course Making Deltas!

Madison Definitely Seems To Blend In With The Girls!
Kinda Makes Me Sad...About 6 More Years And She Could Be There :(

More Crafts With The Girls

These Two Could Definitely Cause Lots Of Trouble!!

See...Another One Of Madison Blending In With The Girls!

Mae And Winn In The Middle Of The Girls!

Throwing Deltas With The Deltas!

Ingram Has No Idea How Lucky He Is Right Now Surrounded With All These Girls!

The Crew Right Before We Headed Back Home

Ingram And Mae!!
Both Finished With Treatment And Praying Constantly Their Cancer NEVER Returns!

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