Sunday June 23rd, The St. Jude Dreamhome Giveaway!!

We had so much fun at the WMCTV station today with Joe Birch, Ursula Madden, and some of our favorite ALSAC folks and SJ patient families!  We also got to meet Katherine Sparks who was running things at the studio while we were at the news station; her husband Justin works with Craig at Vining and is one the guys who let Ingram shave his head back in the Fall.  It turns out that they like his Ingy cut and have been keeping it that way ever since the original shave 10 months ago!  It was a fun afternoon sitting around in the Green Room (which in fact wasn't green) talking with Roman and Leah's families and then moving into the conference room for unlimited snacks.  While we were in the Green Room, both Ursula and Joe came in to get ready and we all had a fun time cutting up with them before everything got busy with the Giveaway.  When we moved into the Conference Room, Ingram figured out that he really likes turkey (in big diced pieces) and that he doesn't like the "crust" on it; I guess that what we get for always cutting the crust off his grilled cheese sandwiches.   

We were there for a few hours total and both Ingram and Madison did a great job when the cameras were rolling.  As expected, Ingram had everyone cracking up on AND off the camera; he even tried asking Mr. Birch if he could go ride in the helicopter and if he could pick out a ticket all while we were still on the air!  Did I mention today was LIVE??  When Ingram was trying to ask about the helicopter while Joe was talking, the camera zoomed in on my hand trying to cover his mouth!  Our kids may be used to cameras and all, but normally there's time for a little clean-up editing... but not today.  At one point, Ingram had everyone in the room laughing (about 50 people); but, since the microphone was on the other side and the camera was on the four of us, all you could see was Madison and me trying not to laugh and Joe trying to get through his next sentence without laughing.  It was a definitely a fun day.  Even better, over a million dollars was raised for St. Jude with all of the tickets and donations, AND they sold out of tickets with an hour and a half of the show left!!  Guess everyone better buy their tickets early next year in hopes of winning the Dreamhome or one of the fantastic prizes for 2014!

All Dressed And Ready To Go To The News Station
For The SJ Dreamhome Giveaway!!
And Yes, Those Are The Famous Dinosaur Pajama Pants
Laying In The Middle Of The Kitchen Floor!

We Were Surprised When They Aired The Segment That
Previously Aired During The Winter With Joe Birch.

Madison Was Giggling Because Even Though Lindsey And Daddy Weren't At The Studio,
They Both Made a TV Appearance During The 2-Hour Long Show!

Yep, That's Only One Of The Crazy Faces Ingram Made
While We Were Being Interviewed!
I Have A Feeling Madison Was Thinking...
"Is He Seriously Making Funny Faces At The Camera...Again??"

Joe Birch Asked Ingram "Did You Know Your Sisters Are The Best Fundraisers St. Jude Has?"
And Ingram Answered "Yes!"
Short, Sweet, And To The Point!

After At Least 2 Hours Of Asking If He Could Pull A Ticket Out Of The Hopper,
Ingram Finally Got His Turn!

Madison And Ingram With Their Favorite Anchorman, Joe Birch!

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