Friday June 14th, Honoring Helen

Losing a child to cancer is something that no one should ever have to experience, but it does happen.  Nora Helen Tully, known to all of us as Helen, lost her battle this week and today was her service.  Our girls were very upset when we told them about Helen, but Ingram doesn't quite understand it fully yet.  With each friend that we've lost starting with Jayden, then Landan, then Cole, then Ashlynn, then Aaron; we have to keep telling Madison and Lindsey that it's not Ingram's cancer to reassure them that every cancer is different.  We live in a different paradigm now and have since the phone call on April 3rd 2012, and it's a hard notion to understand.  But, with each friend that loses a battle, it's harder for them to get a handle on it.  We, as part of the cancer family, know that this is a possibility for all of our children; but when it happens, it is still a gut-wrenching position to be in...sitting in the pews with a child size casket in front of you. 

Ingram played with Helen all the time when he was at St. Jude.  Most times Helen was with Mae, and Bailey while they were going to school and having their appointments.  Helen, Mae, and Bailey did just about everything together because they were around the same age and Ingram jumped right alongside them anytime he saw any or all of them.  They caused great mischief when they were together or all by themselves, and the halls of St. Jude were never quiet when they were around!  We really got to know the Tully's while we were in New York for the "Thanks and Giving" campaign and our families had so much fun together.  The girls and Helen were running down Times Square one night with Martin and Ingram chasing them; you'd think after a 2-hour-long dinner at an Italian restaurant, they'd be tired but they were more energized than ever!

I also remember a day when Ingram had gotten a poke and picked out an airplane from the treasure box.  This was no ordinary airplane either; it "squealed" as it flew and was so much fun to play with.  Helen and her mother Andra were sitting outside the Kay Cafe talking with some folks when we came around the corner and Ingram ran as fast as he could to show Helen his newest treasure box find!!  Those two flew that airplane all around outside of the cafeteria.  Everyone that was walking by would stop for them to fly it, watch to see how far it went, then keep on walking after they made a comment like "Did you see that?" or "That sure was fast!" or "Did that plane make that noise?"  This lasted at least a good half hour and for a 4 and 5 year old, that's a really long time. 

Helen had been fighting Rhabdomysarcoma since she was two years old and was "almost 6" when her battle was over.  It's hard for us, but we cannot imagine how hard it is for Andra, John, and Martin.  The only relief that we can try to have is knowing that she is forever cancer-free and is now in Heaven with her Creator.  We pray that no more children will ever lose their battles with cancer and that the doors of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital will close forever because cancer has been cured.  But until that day, we live each day knowing that our Heavenly Father loves Ingram more than we do and that when Ingram hurts, it hurts Him more than it hurts us. 

This Was Definitely A Happy Day!
Reuniting In A New York Hotel Lobby With This Crazy Crew Of Girls And Ingram. 
Helen Is Beautiful Baldie In The Pink Coat Right Below Ingram
And Mae And Bailey Are The Two Bald Beauties On The End!
I Told You They Did Every Thing Together.

 Dinner Out With The Tully's In New York City!
Martin, Lindsey, And Madison With Ingram, Helen, And Helen's Baby Doll!

Lindsey And Helen Snuggled Up Talking At Dinner!
It Was The Perfect Opportunity For Martin To Photobomb Them. 

The Little Prankster Came Out Of Helen And
She Pushed All The Buttons On The Elevator!
Yes, 20+ floors!

Hanging With Helen And Ingram In The Green Room
At The Today Show Back During Thanks And Giving.

Sweet Helen And Her Smile

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    My daughter was inspired by Helen and started raising money for St. Jude - she donated her recent 5th birthday to St. Jude instead of getting gifts. She has raised over $1800.00. My daughter is unaware that Helen passed away.