Saturday and Sunday June 15th and 16th, Father's Day Weekend!!

What a fun weekend!! First, we got to see a beautiful bride walk down the aisle and all the girls were mesmerized by her gorgeous wedding gown!  They kept asking if it was time yet and then when they shut the doors of the church, they all turned around and grinned with the biggest smiles.  It was so cute watching them and then when we were leaving, they were all talking about what their gowns would look like and their weddings.  I'm not sure if we're ready for that...they're all only 9-12 years old!!!

Ingram wasn't with us because he rode downtown with Mr. and Mrs. Wade to meet Daddy's self-admitted man crush, Tim Tebow!!  He was speaking at the "Agape Shares Love" program at the Fed-Ex Forum and the Wade family had "Meet and Greet" tickets and asked if they could take Ingram with them.  We caught up with them after the wedding and Ingram ran down with a football signed by Tim Tebow!!  While he was back talking with Tebow, Ingram gave him one of his "Ingy Bands" and Tebow put it on right away.  When he got on stage, Tebow was still sporting our bright green band and it was sooooo cool!!  The girls all loved their front row seats and had so much fun listening to the guys sing and also listening to Tebow. 

What outing wouldn't be complete without a stop by TCBY for a late night treat!  The other customers started laughing when we walked in with 6 girls (all around the same age) and Ingram at close to 10 o'clock at night.  They really started laughing when they saw all the kids running around on the sidewalk and parking lot playing 10 o'clock at night!!!

Father's Day started out with a breakfast picnic on the kitchen floor courtesy of the kids and then it ended with dinner at Steak and Shake after a long, fun day on the lake!  The kids had a blast playing King of the Tube, but Beau didn't quite want to jump in the water.  All three of the kids tubed together for the first time and the girls were doing stunts in the middle of their ride which turned into the end of their ride since they fell off.  It didn't phase Ingram that he was by himself... until the tube started sinking when we slowed down; apparently the driver (Craig) didn't remember that from last year's tubing incident with all the cousins!  Peanut kneeboarded and Monkey wakeboarded while Beau and Ingram watched from the safety of the boat.  Daddy and Madison decided to try a new trick and both wakeboarded from the boat at the same time while I drove!  Ingram was cheering, Lindsey was taking pictures, and Beau was resting on the floor.  Oh what a weekend!!  

They're So Excited To See Haley Walk Through The Doors!
She Was Gorgeous!!!

Lindsey, Kylie, Megan, Emily, Madison, Rebecca
Sitting Front And Center To Hear Tim Tebow Talk!
From The Screen, We Got The Super Close-Up View Of Ingram's Bracelet On Tebow!

The Autographed Football (Thanks To The Wade Family) And Happy Kids!

These Girls Could Talk For Hours...All At Once!!

 How Lucky Is Ingram??
Always Surrounded By Girls!!

Party On The Floor!!

Ready To Hit The Water!

Even Ingram Gets Thrown Off By The Girls!!
The Three Stooges!!

Uh...Where Did The Girls Go??

Daddy And His Girls!!

One Boat + 2 Ropes + 2 Wakeboards = FUNNNNNN!!!
This Doesn't Happen Often!
Daddy Sitting In The Back While I Drive Super Fast!!

Ingram And Beau Already Passed Out 30 Minutes Into The Drive Home!


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