Saturday June 8th, Bob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ingram has been asking to the lake since last year and we were finally able to go Saturday!  If you don't know by now, other than going to St. Jude, Ingram's favorite place to go is to see Bob (the boat) and his favorite thing to do is to drive Bob 100 fast!  We hadn't been since last year because of Ingram's treatment and we kept telling him we would go when it gets hot.  Well it's finally hot and we had a free day to take a road trip to Pickwick for the day. 

The first thing Ingram said as we were leaving town was "Thanks Daddy for taking me to see Bob" and we were still in Collierville at this point!  He continued all day long telling us thank you over and over again and with each time, my eyes filled with tears.  Once we finally got loaded and ready to launch into the water, we realized the battery was completely dead and had to head into the shop to get a replacement; the best thing is that our kids didn't complain at all and the guys at Sportsman's had us ready to go within 30 minutes which was totally amazing!

Once we hit the water, I felt Peace fill my heart and once again tears fill my eyes as the five of us were doing one of Ingram's absolute favorite things!  He's gone through so much that he deserves a lake day everyday but he never complained about not being able to go to the lake and then when we could go, he didn't complain about not being able to get in the water.  He just deserves the best and he truly had a great day!  Instead of his seat next to me in the shade, he took over the front of the boat and just sat there facing out with his eyes shut.  He told me he was "sitting like this so I could feel the wind when Daddy drove fast" and that it was his "favorite spot ever!"  I mean, seriously, he was so happy and our hearts were so full to be able to let him experience the water again. 

All three of the kids love to go to the cliffs and this time Ingram decided he was going to jump!  I didn't think he would do it, but he did and he loved it.  He didn't jump from the highest one (15 feet), but jumped from the middle one (5 feet) and the smallest one (2 feet) and then he wanted to go back to the boat to drive with Daddy.  We drove around and visited the Bosworth's house but they weren't there; that didn't stop our kids from hopping off the boat and playing around on their dock while we waited for them to get home.  After we left their house, we ran into the Rowlands and spent the rest of the day on the lake with them!  Our kids were so happy to see them and it was the first time they'd seen any of the kids (other than Phebe) in almost a year.  We knee boarded, wake boarded, and tubed the rest of the day until we were the last ones dragged out of the water.  We made it back from the lake around midnight after a fun dinner at Pickwick Pizza where the kids played on the sand volleyball courts for what seemed like hours while we caught up at the tables over a late night dinner. 

Well Apparently It's Snack Time With Pringles And Cheetoh Puffs
While Bob Gets A New Battery!

"Hang On Girls!! I'll Save You!!"

Full Speed Ahead!

Trying Out A Fishing Pole For The First Time At The Bosworth's Place!

Look Who We Came Across At The Lake!
The Rowlands!!

Ride Em Cowgirl!
Lindsey's Favorite Spot...The Knee Board!

My Happy Guys!
Ingram's Favorite Spot!

Lindsey And Sarah Elizabeth Trying To Body Surf...
It Didn't Quite Work, But It Was Funny To Watch!

Madison Knee Boarding Backwards!
That Girl's Got Skills!

Apparently She Got Daddy's Skills Cause Mommy Can't Do That!!

The Girl Boat...With The Exception Of Harley, The Token Male!
Mrs. Stephan, Phebe, Harley The Dog, Meriel, And Madison

Mr. Chris And Council Hooked Together Wake Boarding From
Two Separate Lines On Two Separate Boats!

Madison And Phebe Surfing The Tube!
Madison's Favorite Spot...Right Next To Phebe Again!

Until Next Time.....

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