Monday to Saturday June 17th to 22nd, A Fish In The Making!

Ingram had another fun week and had his first full week of swimming lessons without Mommy around!  He went from barely being able to swim to swimming across the pool.  We also practice swimming every night with Daddy and the girls and he loves showing them what he's learning.  Before long, he's going to become a fish and grow gills because he won't come up for a breathe of air. 

Ingram has been riding his scooter around the neighborhood a lot and he likes to go fast!   He has also been playing more tennis in the driveway and talking smack about how he knows how to play basketball.  He seems to get his competitive side from Daddy and the girls because they're always talking about how they're doing this and that and can beat each other in a race of some sort.  I've given up on trying to curb their competitive nature and just try to be the referee of it all.  We've been so busy being "normal" that we haven't been back down to St. Jude for our Wednesday Speech appointments with Mrs. Angela.   She probably misses Ingram's funny talks so I imagine we'll head back down and visit her for a lesson and see who all we can play with while we're there!

We also had some friends over Friday night and all the kids has tons of fun swimming and playing together.  The bad thing was that Craig's flight from New York had some unexpected issues and he didn't make it home for the party.  The funny thing was that he cut it close in New York to be on a certain flight so he could be back in time for the party.  Turns out, he would have been here earlier if he had waited to fly out later!  The kids were pretty excited though when they woke up Saturday morning and he was home from his business trip.  We played for a couple hours before he and Lindsey took off on their own business trip to Florida; this was Lindsey's first business trip and they were both very excited about it!  Mr. Aaron and Mrs. Erin also came in town and made Daddy which Lindsey being gone a little less boring.  We swam during the afternoon and then headed to Gracie Bleu for after-dinner goodies before bedtime.

"Madison Don't Kiss Me!" Were Ingram's Last Words Before Heading In To Swim Lessons! 
Ingram's Last Swimming Lesson Video Clip

Yes He Is Riding Down The Sidewalk In His Dinosaur Pajama Pants.
Don't You?

Part Of The Pool Party That Happened While Craig Was Stuck In The Airport!
Harrison, Mr. Clay, Dayton, Brokke, Mr. Pete, Ingram, Kati, And Madison
Oddly Enough All Three Families Were Also Missing A Kid!

Madison And Ingram Ready To Race Daddy And Lindsey To The Corner
As They Leave For The Airport!

Mr. Aaron Throwing Ingram The Rocket With Madison The Catcher!

Ice Cream With The Kids!
Mr. Aaron, Mrs. Erin, Madison, And Ingram

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