Monday to Friday June 10th to 14th, First Ever Vacation Bible School!

The beginning of summer has been so much fun!!  Ingram and his girls have been having a blast being out of school and they're doing all sorts of fun stuff.  They've been swimming, had the golf tournament, gone to the zoo, gone to SJ, and played lots of soccer with Daddy, but this week starts their "camps" for the summer.  Ingram is now old enough to go to Vacation Bible School and he was so excited about going with his buddies from his Preschool class.  Lindsey also got to go to VBS, but Madison had Goal Keeper camp at the University of Memphis all week.  Since there were no nighttime obligations, Daddy and Madison snuck off for a few hours and managed to finally get Madison's new pair of glasses which she's been needing.  Of course the most fun part was getting chocolate covered strawberries and a new pair of running shoes!

Ingram had such a fun time at VBS the first day and even had his first real Play Date with his buddy Nolan!  They rode home together from VBS and played for hours at Nolan's house.  They had McDonald's for lunch, became Superheroes, and play outside before they had to go separate ways.  I guess he was so exhausted from all that playing that when we dropped him off Tuesday, he melted down and it took forever to get him into his room.  Oddly enough, Nolan had the same experience at the same time; these boys were out of their routine and already exhausted from a super fun full day together!  We also had Nolan and his family over to our house to swim after VBS one day and Aunt Amye came down with Carley and Brett to spend the night too!  It was super fun and we did lots of swimming with the whole crew and of course had a lot of ice cream to go with the fun!

Nolan's Mom Got Outvoted 2-1 On McDonald's For Lunch!

Spiderman And Batman Playing Air Hockey!

Spiderman And Dragon Bouncing Till They Can't Bounce Anymore!

"I'll Push You Ingram!"

Tugboat Nolan Pulling Barge Ingram!
Brett Trying To Figure Out How To Get In The Mix!

Having Fun With Aunt Amye...And Her Wet Hair (That Reportedly Never Happens!)

To Infinity And Beyond...Or At Least Over Beau!

"I'm Beating You!"

"Are You Sure You Know How To Drive This Thing?"

Finally A Little Down Time To Get This Girl Her Glasses
And A New Pair Of Kicks!

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