Monday to Friday, May 20th to 24th, School's Out!

To say that this week was busy was an understatement!  After a crazy Monday of running errands all day with Ingram, he stayed home with Miss Rebecca and swam while we had soccer for the night.  Madison's team had their party at the soccer field and it turned into a parent/kid soccer game.  The girls were definitely in better shape than the parents, but I think we hung with them running up and down the field and worked up a sweat on both sides!

Tuesday was Ingram's last day of school and he was sooo excited!  When I picked him up, he stretched out his arms as wide as he could and said his teacher loved him this much and couldn't wait until they saw him again next year.  He's already talking about being in the 4 year old class next year!  As for Madison, she had her 5th Grade Picnic today and also practiced for Graduation.  She was very concerned about remembering which had to shake with and which had to get her Certificate.  The Picnic itself was a lot of fun because of all the pictures being taken of the kids.  At this age, boys and girls like to do things separately (Thankfully!!) and so there were groups of girls getting pictures with the boys jumping up in the back and vice versa.  These are a great group of 5th graders and they've all been so encouraging to Madison these past 13 months and they all mean so much to us.

5th Grade Graduation was Wednesday and Carley and Mimi came down Tuesday night to help celebrate!  We had dinner out during a couple sets of thunderstorms at Perkins and it was even Kid's Night; they had a balloon artist there and all the crew loved picking out their own balloon creations.  Wednesday morning we all packed the gym and the Ingram was so excited to watch his Madison and all her friends get their awards and become Middle Schoolers!  We checked Lindsey out of class so she could watch too and I'm pretty sure she had a lot of fun too.  During the reception, there were donuts, lots of noise, and even more pictures!!  A fun lunch with a bunch of loud girls and even more fun in the pool finished out our Graduation Celebration...and now we're already talking about next year.

Lindsey had her last day of school Thursday and is now officially a 4th Grader; unfortunately she's currently refusing to get older because she want to keep Mrs. Berry and stay in 3rd Grade forever!!  We spent the rest of our afternoon at home watching movies until it was time for soccer.  Thankfully it wasn't too hot since we were there for a few hours. Ingram always seems to find something to occupy himself with like jumping over the ditch, throwing rocks in the ditch, or running through the water in the ditch. Oh well, like I've said before, its nothing a shower can't help!

Friday we finally celebrated getting out of school with ice cream!  It was my turn to pick the ice cream shop so we headed to our neighborhood Baskin Robbins.  The kids all picked their favorites and of course we all ordered too much, but it was ohhh so good.  The best part had to be sitting outside in the cool air eating ice cream and watching the kids race up and down the sidewalk.  We finished off our night with Movie Night and watched Legends of the Guardians: The Owl of Ga'Hoole and of course took pictures of the kids as they piled on together when the movie ended.  It's never a dull moment around here, but the girls are extra excited about being out of school and getting to go to St. Jude on our appointments next week.  They love going to SJ as much as Ingram and I think the SJ ice cream bar is calling their names too!!

And This Is Why Madison Loves Going To Soccer All The Time!
These Girls And Their Coaches Are Too Much Fun!!
In Case You Can't Tell, Madison Is Upside Down Holding The Ball!

5th Grade Picnic
Girls Being Photo Bombed By The Boys!

Touring Collierville For Restaurants With Electricity Tuesday Night!

It's Official...We Have A Middle Schooler!

Make That A Ton Of Middle Schoolers!

Daddy's Baby Girl Growing Up!

Look At Her Smile!

Apparently Mimi And Carley Also Know How To Photo Bomb!

Sitting Peacefully At The Table (Even With Ingram) Until
They Realized The Boys Were Just A Few Doors Down!
No Boys Allowed...Well Except For Ingram!

Look Who's A Fourth Grader Now :(

But Still Pulling Stunts On Her Sister!

They've Got Me Surrounded!

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