Thursday and Friday May 2nd and 3rd, Raining, Square Dancing, And Singing!

Wow!  How weird is the weather right now??  Just a few days ago it was sunny and in the 80's and now it's raining and in the 40's.  I also thought since it was May, it was supposed to not rain any more; isn't it April showers bring May flowers?  I guess soon enough, it will be hot and muggy and I'll be wishing for cooler temperatures.  We got to enjoy the remnants of the Thursday's constant rain at Madison's soccer game that night with saturated fields and I'm still trying to get her soccer shoes and goalie gloves dried out!  Ingram danced around in every puddle he could find in his cowboy boots (not waterproof at all) and they're still wet too.  Lindsey wore her rain boots that were too small, and somehow managed to keep her feet somewhat dry; I wish I could say the same about the rest of her body!  Since all of our other sports got cancelled, the kids managed to get in bed early (9:30pm) for a change; school nights used to be much earlier, but hopefully they're still behaving okay at school after several late nights. 

Friday morning was the 5th Grade Square Dance at Dogwood and Ingram was so excited to get to go see all Madison and all her friends all dressed up and doing their dances!  He was going to wear his cowboy boots to school, but they were still too wet.  And of course it was pouring down again (as it was all night long) as we went in and he tried to avoid the puddles real hard, but they were calling his name.  The gym was full of lots colorful dresses and petticoats for the girls and lots of plaid/checkered shirts and cowboy hats for the boys!  Ingram had my phone and was taking pictures of Madison while she was dancing and then he and all the other siblings and parents even got to dance at the end with the kids.  Despite the boys and girls having to hold hands ("Ewwwww...Gross!" says Lindsey), they all had such a fun time and were smiling pretty much the whole time!

After they were done we headed to LeBonheur to visit the Etz family whose 8 week old baby girl Stella was having open heart surgery to repair a VSD.  We hadn't been back to LeBonheur since Ingram's surgery last April even though we talk about going there all the time.  We visited with them on the second floor (same place we waited with family and friends during Ingram's surgery) and then went to the 7th Floor where Ingram stayed for the majority of his time at the hospital.  I showed his his hospital room (709), the playroom where he went crazy while on his steroids, the family room where all the men prayed over Ingram before his surgery, and then we headed to the cafeteria to eat a grilled cheese and tater tots.  It was a little emotional waiting on the second floor with them and then walking around the 7th floor, but then Ingram turned into the entertainer and quickly took any sadness and anxiety away by how far he's come since our journey began.  We ran into our Child Life Specialist Jessica and she actually remembered us; I'm not sure if that's good or bad!!

Our day got even more fun when it was time for Ingram's first preschool program!  He didn't get to be in it last year because we had already pulled him out when they found the tumor and we were all extra excited.  We had heard from his buddy Nolan's mom that he and he buddies were quite entertaining during practice.  These are the same boys that have been together for a couple years now and you could say they're all boy!  The teachers decided to split up the Peanut Gallery for the program and while it would have been funny, it was probably the best idea.  Ingram loved it and had his smile on the whole time, well at least when he wasn't playing with his boots or throwing us a thumbs up whenever he caught a glance of us.  Overall, he sang his little heart out and we of course our hearts got filled up!

After the program, Madison's soccer team was meeting up at TCBY for a little Pep Rally of sorts to get pumped up about their upcoming tournament.  Everyone had fun including Ingram who was running all around a very small and crowded TCBY with Preston who is also 4 year old.  Lindsey was having a blast being the annoying little sister who was taking pictures of Madison and her team while they all sat and talked about who knows what!  At one point, Madison gave her that look that I thought only Mom's knew how to do and it was quite amusing to everyone at the store.  I guess it's good to know that she at least recognizes "the look" and knows its purpose.  None the less, we were of course the last ones to leave and the team even shouted their "LEGENDS" chant for all to hear! 

Lindsey Sporting Her First Place Ribbon For The Third Grade Triathalon!

"Am I Wet And Muddy Yet?  I Can't See It!"

Courtesy Of G-Mommy And Made In Two Day!
The Green Is For Team Ingram, The Blues Are For Madison's Favorite Color,
And The Colorful Flowers And Words For St. Jude!
G-Mommy Had The SJ Ones From More Than 5 Years Ago!

Madison And Her Square Getting Their Dance On!!

Our Favorite Square In The 5th Grade...We're Biased Of Course!
Will, Reagan, Daniel, Grey, Kaitlyn, Emma, Caroline, And Madison!

One Proud Sister!

Ingram And His Buddy Jeb Enjoying The Square Dance! 

Ingram Holding Lilly, Stella's Twin Sister,
While Stella Is Back In Surgery At LeBonheur.

Ingram With Brian And Jackie Etz, Stella, Lilly, And Avery's Parents.
Brian Is One Of The Guys From Vining Who Shaved His Head In August For Ingram!

Ingram With Miss Jessica, Our Child Life Specialist From LeBonheur!

The Playroom On The 7th Floor Where Ingram And His Sisters Reaked Havoc
While Ingram Was On Steroids Before His Surgery Last Year.

The Family Room That Craig And The Guys Converted To Our Personal Prayer Room!

Settling Ingram Down By Putting Him In Between The Girls Only Worked For So Long!

As You Can See, He's Not Shy!
This Is Either "Deep And Wide" Or "Tadaaaaa!"

Oh Yeah, Here Comes "The Look!"

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