Saturday, Sunday, and Monday May 25th, 26th, and 27th, Memorial Day Weekend!

We headed to the Memphis Zoo along with everyone else in the world on Saturday!!  It was so crowded, but also such a beautiful day that it was totally okay.  Since last time they got to feed the elephants, they were dying to see them again; I think they were secretly hoping to get to go "backstage" again!  We didn't go behind the scenes, but an even more exciting thing happened according to the of the elephants pooped right in front of everyone!!!  Everyone in the crowd, including the adults, started laughing but then it quickly turned to "ewwwwww" as one of the other elephants started playing with it.  After you get over the gross factor, it was funny watching these huge elephants play like toddlers!   We also went to Stingray Bay and got to touch the stingrays as they swam by us; well, at least Lindsey and Ingram did.

We taught Lindsey's Sunday School class at church and Ingram decided he wanted to go to the third grade class instead of going to his three year old class.  He definitely made it more interesting for the kids and surprisingly wasn't a distraction.  Once we were home, the girls roller bladed, swam, biked, ran, and played soccer the rest of the day and night.  Daddy took off Ingram's training wheels and we all attempted to teach him to ride his bike.  It didn't go too well, but it was pretty sweet watching Madison, Lindsey, and Megan try to teach him to balance without his little wheels. 

Monday was another day full of running, roller blading, swimming, and playing.  We headed to the park around lunchtime and played in the tennis courts with the West crew even though not much tennis was happening.  Ingram has decided that his new favorite sport is tennis and always asks to play it; the only bad part is that he has no idea how to play yet.  The comical part is that I'm the one attempting to teach him how to play and I'll just admit that I'm a terrible tennis player!  We took over a tennis court and all 6 kids raced around on roller blades, rip sticks, bikes, and plain old feet the whole time we were there.  We also did have 2 tennis rackets and one ball and took turns playing tennis since we were on the tennis courts.  Ingram got it over the net a couple times and was very proud of himself!  If that wasn't enough physical activity, we headed to the Wilkins house for a Memorial Party that involved a zip line, a pool, a basketball court, and the biggest kickball game known to man!  With the adults outnumbered by the kids 25-17, there was a lot of food and fun had by everyone there...and miraculously no one got hurt!!

What Are Those Elephants Going To Think Of Next?

Since We Haven't Been Able To Go See Bob The Boat Yet,
Ingram Took A Turn Driving This One Instead!
For Some Reason, He Never Could Pass The Boat In Front Of Him!

Madison Tried And Tried, But She Just Couldn't Keep Her Hand Down
To Touch The Stingrays...She Must Have Her Daddy's "Scared To Death Of Stingrays" Gene!

Madison And Megan Trying To Teach Ingram How To Balance!

You Want This Football? 
Come And Get It!

The All-Sport Tennis Court With Isabelle, Gabby, Daniel,
Ingram, Lindsey, And Madison!

Ingram And Tommy...Partners In Crime!

The Above Is A Clip Of Ingram Going Down The Zip Line. 
Play Close Attention To The End When Daddy Nails Him With The Football! 
He Loved It And Went Over And Over Again!!

This is Only Part Of The Kick Ball Game...25 Kids And 17 Adults!

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