Saturday and Sunday May 4th and 5th, More Soccer, More Swimming, And More Running!

Saturday morning started out wet and cold for Daddy and Madison at the soccer fields, but Ingram and Lindsey opted to stay home where it was nice and warm and dry!  We even had some Cars pancakes for breakfast since we didn't have to go anywhere until later in the day.  The skies cleared up and it got pretty long enough for Daddy to work in the yard and the run in and out of the house all day playing.  However, they soon got locked out because they kept forgetting to shut the doors!  I guess you could say they're pretty creative though because they just ended up going swimming while they were locked out of the house; I don't think they quite got the point of being locked out of the house since they were having so much fun swimming. 

Madison had another game later that afternoon and it was definitely cooling off again.  By the end of the game it was raining, but at least we were finished playing the night.  Since it was pouring down, most of the team headed to Russo's for dinner together and it was so much fun!  I seriously think we were there for a couple hours and everyone behaved; we had a toddler, two 4 year olds, and then a whole slew of other kids all the way to 12 years old.  Since the pool water was warm, the Whelan's came over after dinner and the kids swam for a bit while the adults stayed warm by the fire.  Crazy huh?  Two soccer games and two swimming times and they couldn't have been happier!

Sunday was just as busy as Saturday!  Craig took Madison and Lindsey to Madison's last tournament game at the soccer fields while Ingram stayed at home with me.  To celebrate a non-stop "Rough and Tough" game that Madison played, we headed to McAlister's for lunch.  She didn't get a red or yellow card during the game, but from all accounts, she was very close and she hustled the whole game in a new position in the field instead of the goalie box.  After lunch and changing clothes and drying tennis shoes, we headed to the Oak Hall Run For St. Jude!  It as a little chilly but it didn't rain at all which great.  The clouds moved a little and let the sunshine in during the race, but afterwards they rolled back in and it stayed cool and windy.  Madison spoke to all the racers at the Start Line for a few minutes and thanked them for raising money for St. Jude and Ingram told them to "Get Your Move On!" 

All four of us ran in the race and Ingram even woke up at the end (yes, he fell asleep in his jogger) and ran across the whole parking lot and crossed the finish line himself with Daddy!  Lindsey got second in her age group and Madison for 6th in her age group and they were so excited about how much fun they had too.  There were several friends that ran the race too and lots of fun activities for the kids to do as well put on by the "Y".  We even ran into Mrs. Penn (Lindsey's Second Grade Teacher at Dogwood) and Mr. Boone (another Dogwood connection) and also Miss Amy from St. Jude; Miss Amy is one of the Child Life Specialists at St. Jude and figured out a way for Ingram (and our whole family) to get through daily sleepy medicine, weekly port access, and 6 and a half weeks of Radiation without falling apart.  Have I said before how important Child Life Specialists people are?  I put them up there with the Doctors and Nurses!!  After the race and all the festivities, we headed home to jump in the pool again; I'm not sure why we waited so long to put in a pool, but am so thankful that we splurged for the heater too...especially when it's in the 50's outside!!!

Beau And Ingram Swinging While Daddy's Mowing The Yard!

Creative Parenting Calls For Creative Swimming...In Their Clothes!

The Under 12 Portion Of Our Russo's Dinner!

Running The Oak Hall 3 Mile For St. Jude With The MaKinster's And Friends!

The Y Staff Had The Kids Exercising Without Even Knowing It!
Love These Guys!!

Ingram Flying Through The Obstacle Course!

Lindsey And Mrs. Penn!

Ingram, Shorty The Dinosaur (on his cheek), And Miss Amy!

A Freezing Cold Lindsey Ready For Some Long Sleeves!
2nd Place In Ages 1-9 With A Time Of 25:38!

"Like This Daddy?"
Can We Say Noooooo Fear??

Notice The Resemblance With Ingram??
Like Father Like Son!

And To Think Summer Vacation Hasn't Officially Started Yet!!!

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