Tuesday and Wednesday May 28th and 29th, St. Jude Friends and Moving Friends :(

Tuesday was a super fun day for the kids!  The girls got to go to St. Jude with Ingram to have his sinus x-rays taken and to meet with the ENT to discuss the results.  He's been battling a pretty major sinus infection for the last few months; we thought it was just allergies since everyone in Memphis seems to have allergies, but when he had his MRI on April 29th, they saw some pretty full sinuses and the poor guy had never complained!  His x-ray showed great improvement, but they felt the need to start him on 3 different medicines to really get him all the way better.  We're hoping that these next few months of medicine will have him all clear and dry so that he might get his port out at the end of the summer after his next MRI in July.  Speaking of 3 new medicines, Ingram is definitely great at medicines and we all know that, but he used a nose spray, chewed a chewable pill, and swallowed a pill all for the first time the very same day!  He was so excited about it that he has been telling everyone he's seen about it.  We also got to see Bailey and play with her while we were at SJ for his appointments.  Bailey and our three monkeys took over the Toddler playground in between D and E Clinics and had a ball playing with all the balls and blocks with each other. 

Wednesday was a fun and sad day all at the same time.  We got to have the Huelskoetter kids over for the day while the moving truck loaded up their house for their move to Chicago.  Madison and Anna are the same age, Lindsey and CC are the same age, and Luke and Ingram are pretty close as well.  The girls have played on the same soccer team with Germantown Legends for two years and you could say they're all a little attached to each other.  The first year, all four of the girls played on the same U10 team even though Lindsey and CC were to young, but the next year, they played older and younger on separate teams.  Luke and Ingram have spent a lot of time together with practices and games at least 4 times a week and then on the weekends too.  They all go to each others games and the younger girls can create mischief every where they go.  We started out at the Dogwood Playground and then headed to Moe's for lunch; we also had to test out a new ice cream shop next to Moe's and of course had a little too much fun there!  Afterwards, we swam at the house until it was time to take them back to their empty house.  We're going to miss them, but I feel certain a trip to Chicago may be in our future...but not during the Winter!!

Ingram Lining Up For The First Of Four X-Rays!

He Needed Just A Little Bit Of Help For This Tricky Pose!

"I Want To Sit In The Chair."
"No I Want To Sit In The Chair."
"Girls, Y'all Can Both Sit In The Chair With Me!"

Breaking All The Rules At SJ Once Again!

The Dodge ball Champs...Ingram And Bailey!
Madison And Lindsey Are Requesting A Rematch!

Breaking News:  Monkeys Have Escaped From The Zoo!
They've Been Spotted At The Dogwood Elementary School Park!

Lindsey And CC With Some Pretty Awesome Faces!

Ingram And Luke With Bad Guy/Good Guy Faces!

Madison And Anna With Some Pure Awesomeness!
At Least That's What Madison Said.

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