Monday To Friday May 6th-10th, Whew, What A Week!!

Where in the world did our week go??  After a crazy busy weekend, we were hoping for a calm week, but it didn't quite end up that way!  Monday I think was our only slow day, but then it got crazy at night.  During the day Ingram and I ran errands and then we all had fun on the soccer field with Madison's game.  Of course it was wet and nasty, but the kids were all playing around and having a good time; plus the shower wasn't far away for them! 

Tuesday Ingram headed to school and I honestly don't know what all I did during the day.  With school coming to a close, there are so many little things to be done before they get out that I spend my day running around in circles...before we head off to our nightly sporting events!  Tuesday evening was a little tricky because we had three things going back to back, but we managed to stay ahead of the game a little.  Madison had a party right after school and then was going straight to her soccer game.  Ingram had a baseball game in the middle of Madison's stuff and Lindsey just tagged along happy she had free time! 

Then we get to Wednesday and Madison has her last Field Day at Dogwood Elementary because next year she's going to Houston Middle School.  Ingram got to go to Field Day too and of course was his normal Rock Star self...sleeping in late, showing up late, and of course getting all the High 5's and Dukes from everyone there.  Madison was very happy we were there this year because last year we didn't get to go to her field day because Ingram was asleep getting his Radiation treatment for that day.  Madison was also happy, and would want me to mention, that her class Bozeman's Barracuda's won First Place out of all 4 of their classes.  Our sweet friends remembered too and reminded us of the girls wearing "I" stickers and drawing "I's" all over their arms and legs for Ingram and the girls.  Ingram loved Madison's field day and cheered for her as she ran in her races and ended up staying there for half the day; we also had a picnic lunch with the 5th graders and parents afterwards at the park behind the school and Ingram played and ran the whole time.  Needless to say, he had a great nap that afternoon and even went to bed early that night!

Thursday was a doozie of a day with having Lindsey's 3rd Grade Field Day and Ingram's Preschool Field Day!  Last year, Lindsey didn't get to do much at her Field Day since she was wearing a boot on her foot (and yes, her class was mad at her about it since she's quite the athlete!), but this year she was a Speed Machine.  She flew down the field in her races and her class won First Place also out of all 5 classes.  After Lindsey's first few events, I headed to GBC to watch Ingram and he was so excited to see me!  I guess he's picked up on the fact that we're supposed to be at his school just like we're at the girls' school and it was just really sweet that he kept hugging and kissing me over and over.  While I was there, we were also interviewed by the Germantown News and got to tell about LeBonheur and St. Jude and Team Ingram.  Who knows, there may be a little article coming soon to a neighborhood near you!  Lindsey also had a soccer game that night and Ingram and Madison played in the mud at the field;  really, the mud is a lot of fun and I wasn't even telling them to get out of it because I was secretly wanting to run and jump in it just like they were!  Once again, the shower was not to far off in their future...and a good night's sleep!

We had been looking forward to Friday all week long...nothing to do except spend it at home with the family!  Ingram and I headed to SJ for a quick Speech appointment and lunch before picking up a couple Redbox movies for the night.  While we were at St. Jude, we ran into a group of Tri Deltas from James Madison University; they had come down to Memphis just to tour St. Jude!!  We just love them!  Once we got home, we both took naps and woke up just minutes before the girls got off the bus.  We decided to start our weekend early and Lindsey fixed us all a sweet treat...Turkey Hill All-Natural Chocolate Ice Cream with M & M's!!  The rest of the afternoon the kids spent lots of time making a secret project and I got dinner ready for our Pizza Movie Night!  I think this is our first free night in a long time and there's no telling what all we may do, even Beau may get in on some of the action!

Ingram Playing Catcher At His Game!
He Loved It, Especially Sitting In The Dirt Behind Home Plate!

Football And Field Day!

Posing Before Tug-O-War!
Ingram With Caroline, Megan, Allie, And Madison

First Place Fifth Grade Barracuda Girls!

Gabby, Ella, Sara, And Lindsey Getting Ready To Run!

First Place Berry Bullfrogs!!
Ribbit Ribbit!!

The Redbirds In Full Force At Their Own Field Day!

Can We Say Sweaty Hair??
No Hair Product Needed For This Hairdo!

His Favorite...The Double Obstacle Course!

Throwing Deltas With Our Girls From James Madison University!

Ingram Trying To Pet Daddy On The Head Like A Puppy Dog!

Oh My Goodness...
It's After 11pm And These People Are Crazy!!!

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