Friday Febraury 8th, Memphis News Debut!

It's finally here!  We've been waiting a few weeks and getting excited and now it's here!  Once we found out it was going to be tonight, the girls wanted to have a party just like when we debuted their video that Dean video did.  Actually it may have been Craig's idea, but we started making plans since we all love having our house filled with friends and family. 

We had 50 people over for a party starting at 9pm; I know... who (once you're out of college) starts a party at 9pm at night??  Our girls thought we were crazy, but it worked out perfect especially since we didn't even eat dinner tonight till 8pm.  One of our good friends, the Wingfields, came over early with a red carpet, billboards, debut passes, and photographs for Ingram to sign.  Once everyone got here, it was chaos - as usual.  All the kids were running in and out of the house in the 30 degree temperature just like it was summertime without coats and everything! 

But once it was time for the news, we all piled into the den and held our breathes as the news began.  Once Joe Birch came on the screen with "Ingram the Conqueror" behind him on the screen, the room errupted with cheers then got so quiet you could hear a pin drop.  While it was playing, Ingram was narrating who was on the screen pretty much like sportscasters talk about who's on the field.  We laughed, we cried, and when it was over, the room errupted once again.  Ingram gave out a few "High 5's" and then it was off to play again for all the kids! 

Tonight was perfect timing for the video.  As Craig said yesterday, this has been a hard week.  We've thought about the McClure family all week and it was nice to have a light-hearted distraction from the pain caused by cancer.  We love our friends.  We love being surrounded by them during the fun times, even when the timing isn't perfect for kids' sleep schedules.  And we value, even more, being surrounded by them in the bad times.  God has given us a whole lot of people to laugh and cry our way through life, and we are so grateful for that.


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