Tuesday and Wednesday February 5th and 6th, Daily Comfort

We've been struggling since Monday with the news of Ashlynn and Aaron.  Cancer has changed the way we look at everything and it seems it goes the same for the way our kids too.  We try each day to make sure that there's something fun to look back at for that day so here are a few things from Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Ingram and his best bud Nolan wore the same shirts to preschool on Tuesday without planning it, unlike when our girls want to wear the same shirts as their friends!  We went to the park after school since it was such a pretty day and Ingram acted like a ham wanting his picture to be taken over and over again.  After we picked up the girls from school, we had ice cream for a snack, but not before they girls got haircuts.  Our fun news for Wednesday was that Joe Birch let us know that the "Ingram the Conqueror" interview was going to air on Friday evening.  We've been looking forward to hearing from him and we can't wait to see it on the news. 

No matter what happens throughout our days, we still know that God loves us, that He loves Ingram even more than we do, and that we are His children.  That is what gives us true comfort at the end of every day. 

Ingram And Nolan

"Look Mom;  No Hands!!"

"Like My Braid?"

Madison Doing Her Thing...Reading!

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