Saturday February 16th, The Company Party!

While Madison headed off to soccer practice Saturday morning, Lindsey and Ingram left for Jackson to spend the weekend with their cousins Carley and Brett.  Madison stayed in town because she also had an indoor game this afternoon or she too would have gone to Jackson for some fun cousin time.  After her afternoon game, Madison went to Emily's house and stayed overnight and had all sorts of fun including putting on a show that she's been telling me bits and pieces about since she came back home.  Ingram and Lindsey played outside at Davis park (also known as Aunt Amye and Uncle Len's cove), jumped on the trampoline only bumping heads two or three times, built forts, and made strawberry cupcakes all in a matter of hours Saturday.  My sister Amye made sure they sent pictures to me all day long showing how much fun they were having so I wouldn't worry about my little man.  This was the first time that Ingram has been away overnight in a different city since this crazy train ride started April 3rd and I was really trying hard to not think about how much I'd miss him since we had such a fun weekend planned. 

Craig's company, Vining Sparks, has its annual dinner this time every year at the Peabody and everyone comes in town for the weekend from all the branches around the states, plus abroad.  It has become affectionately nicknamed as the Vining Sparks "Prom" because we get so excited about getting dressed up and having a night out without the kids.  I guess I should clarify who the "we" is now before I get into trouble; "we" is of course me (Ashley) and just about all the other wives that I know in the company.  It really is like Prom for grown ups because from all the wives I've talked to, we all search for a new dress, figure out what shoes and jewelry we're going to wear, talk about how we're going to do our hair, and most importantly, see if our guys need a cute tie or shirt.  We even take pictures of the girls, then the guys, then couples, then everyone together.  I is so totally Prom and we all love it! 

This year was extra special to us because of how much Craig's company has supported us in Ingram's battle against cancer.  Other than the Marathon weekend, it was the first time that so many people had been gathered in one place (other than church) that knew just about everything that had been going on for these 10 months.  It was pretty overwhelming to be face to face with so many people that had been praying so earnestly, following the blog on a daily basis, and writing cards, emails, texts on a regular basis, and calling to see what they could do to help.  We talked to and hugged so many people that had been walking with us that said they were encouraged by us, but the truth is that we are the ones that have been encouraged by them.  That's the crazy part about how this "blob" (what we call the blog at our house) actually works; we started it to keep up with things for Ingram so that he'd be able to read about how he conquered cancer and it's ended up being a source of encouragement for us with so many people fighting along side of us. 

A bonus for this year was getting to see my husband 100% shocked when he was voted on by the whole company for the "Above and Beyond" Award.  This award is given to the non-sales person in the company who has done the most to benefit the sales side of the firm all year.  I've always been proud of my husband and he always puts 500% into what he's doing with work, play, home, you name it; but this year has been his hardest year yet.  I can't imagine how hard it has been for him to focus on work all day (and some nights) while Ingram has been at SJ getting treatments or at home throwing up and Craig still having to give his "A" game at work.  He amazes me all the time and so do the folks at Vining Sparks for helping him (and the rest of us) get through each day.

Playing Ball At Davis Park!

Say "Head Injury!"

Where They Thought They Would Be Sleeping In That Night...WRONG!

Best Idea Ever...Cupcakes!

The Love Of My Life!

I Agree With Vining Sparks;
He's Pretty Amazing!

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