Monday and Tuesday February 11th and 12th, Fun Times!

So St. Jude has a magazine called "Promise" that circulates all over in print and online and they spotlight a patient family each month.  Well, you guessed it; they just finished interviewing all of us and putting the story together.  It won't be out until the April, but it's so exciting!  It's also kind of ironic that April 12th will be our 1 year anniversary with SJ and it will be out that same week.  Elisabeth Walker (Print Production Manager/Editor)interviewed Ingram and myself while we were at SJ one day and then she interviewed Craig on the phone.  I believe she even talked with Dr. Gajjar, Dr. Merchant, and some of our nurses and specialists about Ingram's treatment at St. Jude. 

Elizabeth and Ann-Margaret (one of our favorite photography gals at SJ) came out to the house to take some pictures to go with the article once the girls were home from school.  I was a little nervous about how the girls would act since they're normally so hungry and possibly even grouchy right when they get home from school, but they were great.  After all, a few marshmallows and a little smoothie go a long way when trying to get a little boost; the mini-marshmallows are a favorite for Lindsey!!  They took some great pictures on the swing out front and at one point the kids were hanging on trying not to fall in the mud pit below.  Have I mentioned how crazy my kids are lately??

Ingram had so much fun at school on Tuesday and came home talking about what pajamas he was going to wear Thursday to school.  It's a "PJ Valentine Party Day" for him and his friends were planning their pj's; what 4 year old boys plan what they're going to wear?  Apparently mine does and a few others do too;  Ingram is wearing dinosaurs,  Nolan is wearing dragons, and Cayden is wearing ninja turtles.  I guess Ingram takes after his girls and plans his outfits with his friends.  Speaking of the girls, Tuesday was a low homework day (and I was extra tired for some reason) so once they got home we decided to have a movie afternoon with the curtains closed so I could sneak in a quick nap.  It didn't work for sleeping, but we watched a fun movie until Daddy got home with their awards from St. Jude Heroes Pasta Party; their names were being put on them and we were all so excited when they unwrapped them. 

There are so many people that have donated to St. Jude in honor of Ingram and that have been a part of Team Ingram that the "Hope" Award belongs to them also.  As for the "Hero Among Us" Award, well that should be mass printed and handed out as well.  There is no way our family could have come this far without the prayers, friendships, meals, notes, texts, emails, FB messages, childcare, and etc of thousands of family, friends, and strangers alike.  I have to say, I'm so proud of how all three of my kids have handled Ingram's battle with cancer so far, but even more important than that, I am so thankful for God who gives them love, compassion, strength, wisdom, and character beyond their years to be able to handle this journey. 

Ready Steady...


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