Sunday and Monday February 17th and 18th, Special Times!

After a great brunch at the Peabody with friends, we headed home Sunday to get Madison and have some special "alone" time with her. She helped me get a few errands done before we made it back to the house.  We took her out to dinner and enjoyed plotting what all we were going to do without Ingram and Lindsey. We decided to paint Lindsey's room since Madison's room was painted as part of her Christmas present.  Lindsey had been patiently waiting for her room to be painted purple and turquoise so that's just what we did.  I fell asleep while Craig and Madison watched Killing Lincoln on TV and ended up staying up until almost midnight!  The next thing I know is Madison is asleep right between us since no one else was upstairs; apparently she asked Daddy if she could sleep with us and of course he said yes! She ended up sleeping till almost 10am and then ran upstairs to help us paint. She did a great job helping and was actually excited to do something special for Lindsey.

Back in Jackson, Ingram and Lindsey got to go to church with my parents and my sister and brother in law; they were able to meet tons of people that had been praying for our family.  I know my family was very excited to be able to "show off" Ingram and Lindsey to all of their friends that had been praying for Ingram and also donating to St. Jude.  Then they went to Mimi and Pop's house for a fun lunch and played all afternoon; then the big kids went to the movies while Ingram took a nap.  After more playing with all the kids together, Lindsey and Carley had a girls night at Aunt Amye and Uncle Len's house and Brett and Ingram had a boys night at Mimi and Pops' house.  Sometimes it's easier to divide and conquer if you know what I mean!!

Another fun thing for today Monday was that our Valentine's present was delivered to the house and we were so excited. Madison decided we (me and her) needed to take a break from painting and make a smoothie in our new Vitamix!! It was so fun and we added all sorts of crazy fruits to it...seeds and all! It came out as pure liquid happiness as we put in apples, grapes, kiwi, strawberries, plums, spinach, and ice to make our first of three concoctions for the day. Craig even drank it and he's never had that much fruit or vegetables at once; we were sooo very excited about it that we made Chocolate Ice Cream in it when Lindsey and Ingram got home and then another round of smoothies again before bed that night; not too bad for only having it for about 10 hours so far!

Monday night, two of Lindsey's friends, Ella and Sara, came over to drop something off.  Well, what they dropped off was a whole bag of board games and about $200 that people had donated to St. Jude!  Instead of getting birthday presents, Ella and Sara asked people to bring donations for St. Jude.  We were so excited and can't wait to take these to SJ for them to use in the different areas of the hospital with the Child Life Specialist!  I love that their compassion for St. Jude didn't end just because the official fundraising for the Marathon Weekend is over; both of these girls and their families were a part of Team Ingram and we couldn't be more excited to call them friends! 

Max (Aunt Amye and Uncle Len's Dog) Thought Ingram Was
His Best Bet For Stealing Breakfast!

Lindsey's Creativity In The Form Of An Oreo Stick Person!

Crazy Boys!

Lindsey With Ella And Sara!
Ingram Couldn't Resist Jumping Into The Picture!

Lindsey's New Purple and Turquoise Room!

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