Saturday and Sunday February 9th and 10th, Family!

Saturday was a much needed slow day for us!  After staying up till after midnight with the party (yes, the kids were up wayyyy late too), we all slept in since there was no early morning soccer practice.  Instead, we watched movies on TV while we had popcorn with M&M's for breakfast; I know horrible right?  We also had a surprise visit by the Moore family (Johnny, Debbie, and Connors drove the Team Ingram mobile during the marathon weekend and they're also family) who brought a bunch of middle school boys over to buy CONQUER shirts.  I even heard them saying they were going to wear them Monday to school!!  Madison, Lindsey, and Emily Whelan decided to attack them with tennis balls and soccer balls from the balcony while they were playing soccer in the yard with Ingram and Beau.  It was great...except two of the balcony banister spindles were so rotted that when the balls hit, they broke off.  I guess that means more work for Craig to fix it, but then again, he was out there throwing the balls too!

After the girls headed to Noah's "Amazing Race" birthday party, we took Ingram to the store to get all suited up for T-ball.  Because of his head being so big AND his brain tumor of course, we were searching for a helmet that fit because you know this mommy is going to make sure that noggin is protected at all times on the field with her personal helmet.  And who can't practice t-ball without a bucket full of balls, a new glove, and a new t-ball stand?  Let's just say that Ingram is ready!  We even spent over an hour in the yard letting him and the girls hit balls before we came inside to warm up; it gets cold once the sun goes down!!

Sunday morning we woke up late but still made it to church.  It was great seeing everyone coming up to Ingram and the girls talking about the News segment and watching their reactions.  Our church has helped us through these last 9-10 months and I don't know what we'd do without them.  After church, we took lunch over to Britton and Teresa Wilkins house and spent the majority of the afternoon with them.  All the kids were great playing together and Emily, their youngest, even took her afternoon nap with lots of noise around! 

Sunday night once we were back at our house, we had our first ever official "Dismuke Sunday Night Family Night" and it was so much fun!  We stole this idea from our friends, the Mrok Family, and hopefully can be as good at it as they are.  It's been neat to watch over the years that we've lived on the same street that no matter what's going on, their kids are back at their house at 5pm on Sunday or our kids return home from their house at 5pm because that is their special family night.  We've talked to their kids about the things they do during their family nights and our girls have always gotten excited about it.  Craig announced to us Sunday on our way to church that we'd be doing it and I've got to say I was screaming on the inside I was so excited!  We ended up making a huge pot of spaghetti and watching a movie together in the den and yes, Beau was there too.  We even paused the movie for the kids to help make smoothies for dessert and they even put the spinach in it...and ate it too!!  It was a great first official family night and we're all looking forward to many more ahead.

Watch Out Below!!
Anyone Notice A Huge Gap In The Railing??


Ingram Was So Excited About His Helmet,
He Wore It The Whole Way Home From The Store!

This New T-Ball Stand Is Indestructible...So Far!

"Doggy Panting Face" Picture In Honor Of Beau!

Dismuke Sunday Night Family Night!!
Loved It!!

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