Sunday February 24th, A History Lesson

We had a few hours to spare before our flight home and decided to make the most of our time in Dallas.  We had a fun brunch with the Smith's at The Dream Cafe in Dallas and even managed to talk while all five of the kids were playing on an electronic device of some sort together at one time.  It was a chilly start to the day but once we were in the sunshine on the playground it felt great.  There's something about the sun after so many days of clouds that just feels great!  Ingram and Jude are both 4 years old and only a day apart in their birthdays, while the girls were stair steps with Dylan being 8, Lindsey being 9, and Madison being 10.  The girls were all so cute talking about school, soccer, and everything else under the sun! 

Next we decided to go to the 6th Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza to show the kids part of United States history.  The Museum tells the chronological events of JFK's life including his early career, his run for Presidency, and his assassination.  The Sixth Floor has just about every piece of evidence that was collected during the investigation and testimonies from people that were at the parade during the assassination.  They even have two corners of the floor encased in glass to preserve how the police found where the shots were fired and then where the gun was found.  We all had an audio tour that took us through the whole story of JFK in succession of events;  Ingram was even listening to his for a while right alongside us but only lasted about 30 minutes. Lindsey managed to listen for about 45 minutes but Madison surpassed us all listening to every stop PLUS all of the "to learn more about..." sections that were available; she probably even remembers more of the details than we do too. We watched actual video footage from that day and following during the investigation and we ended up talking about his assassination with the kids for quite a while.   

After all of our craziness over the weekend and walking around Dallas during the morning and afternoon, Ingram was quite the sleepy little guy.  We kept him awake in the car back to the airport but once we got through security he was toast!  We ran into the Florida State Tri Deltas and talked to them for a bit about fundraising and of course about football.  They started laughing when Craig mentioned Tebow and were pretty adamant that their football guys were good guys too!  While we were talking to them, Ingram asked for me to hold him so I held him for a bit until we were at our gate; once we were there, we sat down and I covered him up and he was out!  While he was sleeping, the Ole Miss Tri Deltas came over and talked about the kids coming down to visit them.  Craig took the girls to grab either a late lunch or an early dinner when they ran into the Rhodes Tri Deltas.  Our girls were so excited that the Rhodes girls and the Ole Miss girls were on our flight home and so was our sweet ALSAC gal Shelby!  Memphis, here we come!

Five Minutes After Breakfast, These Crazy Kids Were Trying To Work It Off Already!

Monkeying Around At The Dream Cafe!
Dylan And Jude With Madison, Lindsey, And Ingram
Family Field Trip To The Sixth Floor Museum To Learn
About The Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy.

Soaking Up The Super Bright Sun Along With Our History Lesson.
*To Our Left In The Street Are Two "X" Spots Where
They Believe The Bullets Hit President Kennedy.
*The Orange Brick Building Behind Us (And The Trees) Is The Texas School Book Depository Building Where They Believe The Shots Were Fired.

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