Saturday February 23rd, Tri Delta Rockstars!

Saturday morning, not bright and early, Ingram called from G-Daddy's phone to say he's awake and ready for breakfast.  Madison was already leaving our room to go downstairs to see if any of the girls were around so Lindsey headed to G-Daddy's room to get Ingram.  I realize I just admitted that my 10 year old daughter was roaming around the hotel and that my 9 year old daughter was going to pick up our 4 year old son and I'm totally okay with that.  For those who haven't met our girls yet, you should realize they're very self sufficient already!  Soon everyone was downstairs talking to the Tri Deltas for about an hour before we headed to the restaurant for a fun breakfast with G-Daddy!

The funny thing about this trip is that even though we had known about it for a few months, we still hadn't figured out who was going to do the talking during the lunch.  Normally this is an easy decision, but with a group of 700 college girls, we wanted it to be extra special for our own two girls!  Once we got downstairs to the meeting room, we decided to let Madison tell Ingram's story and boy did she deliver it!  You could barely see her 10 year old head over the podium and she brought the entire room to their feet by the time she was finished. 

We were so proud of her and even managed to make it through without tears; however, Madison was so excited that she couldn't keep back her tears and it was just precious.  Lindsey, who had been adimant about not talking at all, went up to Craig and asked if she could say something then climbed up the podium as she told all the girls how thankful she was for all the money they had raised.  She too got a round of applause by all the Tri Deltas and it made her heart so happy.  I could not have been more proud of my girls in that moment; they're rockstars in my eyes just like Ingram!   

After the luncheon was over, we got up from our table and quickly were surrounded by tons of girls who wanted to get pictures with the kids and to talk to them.  Our three got up on the stage and the girls that were with us hopped up too, got their pictures, and talked for a few minutes.  We turned around noticed that half of the room was in a line to take pictures with our kids and were blown away.  Our Tri Delta and ALSAC geniuses sprung into action and quickly took charge of the line so that everyone there could have their picture taken with the kids in probably less than an hour.  It was funny because every now and then, they would pause the line so that our kids could get a drink of water then smile some more;  I'm not kidding... these kids are Rockstars!! 

Our kids had so much fun that there was no way we could drag them away from any of the action either.  They stayed with us and helped take down the room by sorting the centerpieces which included throwing miniature footballs, baseballs, and basketballs into boxes to be packed away...Seriously what could have been more perfect for our kids to do??  When that was done, we thought we'd head up for quick naps, but our kids had other plans; they were out mingling around the girls again and getting more attention than they could handle and even more pictures too!  Finally after coming downstairs around 11:30 that morning, we dragged our kids upstairs 3:30 in the afternoon for a break only to have Madison and Lindsey head back down at 5:30 to have an ice cream date with their Miss Brittany, Molly, and Luci, also know as the Virginia twins (they're not really twins; that's just what everyone said since they look so alike and had on the same outfits). 

Craig and Ingram snuck down to "spy" on them around 6pm and quickly got caught by the girls.  Then I came down and got totally shut down by Madison and Lindsey and told to leave because they were with "the girls" and didn't need me to take care of them.  I had to laugh though because I assumed I had a few more years before this happened, but I guess my girls are feeling a little more grown up now that they've been hanging with their Delta girls all weekend.  Once they were finished with their ice cream, they came over to the lobby where we were hanging out with Sarah (ALSAC host and college friend) and ended up playing tag in the hotel lobbby with the Delta girls and the rest of our ALSAC crew before dinner.  After we ate dinner, I can truly say that our kids were wiped out and ready for were the two of us!

This is the link for the video of Madison and Lindsey speaking to the Tri Deltas at their Collegiate Leadership Conference; It's about 5 minutes long!

Breakfast With G-Daddy In All Their Tri Delta Gear Thanks To Stacy Gillard!

Madison And Lindsey With Miss Brittany!

The Kids With Miss Brittany, Luci, and Molly From University Of Virginia!
Our ALSAC Team, Sarah Williams, Shelby Anderson, And Brett Collins, And Tri Delta CLC Director, Stacy Gillard.
Over 700 Girls On Their Feet For Madison After She Told Ingram's Story!

Here comes a bunch of the Tri Delta chapter pictures that we have...


This Is The LSU Chapter Picture...
They Were The Number One Fundraising Chapter
For All Of Tri Delta!!

Ice Cream With The Girls...No Parents Allowed!!

Playing Tag In The Hotel Lobby With Luci And Molly!
The Security Guards/Conceirge Were Deciding
Whether To Join In The Game Or Kick Us Out!
"No...You're It Madison!  I'm On Base!"

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