August 5th to 9th, The First Week Of School

The girls have been soooo excited about starting back to school; I hear it's unusual to be that excited, but it's basically like a really long play date for them with all their least it used to be!  Our first day of school wasn't exactly normal, but we were at least able to be with our family in Jackson to celebrate Granny's life.  Despite being "angry as a hornet" (that was Granny and Grandfather's favorite sayings about the grouchies) about missing out on half of her first day of school, Lindsey perked up once she was around her cousins, Aunt Amye and Uncle Len, and Mimi and Pops.  Madison wasn't as upset because she only missed the last hour and a half of school.  Ingram was just as happy as could be because he got to go to both of their schools and got to be with the family too.

The service itself was extra sweet as Dad (aka Pops), Granny's own Son-in-Law officiated the service just as he did with Grandfather's service a few years ago.  During the service, all five of the grandkids got up and sang "Jesus Loves Granny" again just as they did at her bedside a few weeks ago.  After the service, we all drove to Selmer so that Grannny could be buried next to Grandfather and the kids sang again...actually they sang 3 times but that's a story for another time!  You would think that a burial service at a cemetery would be all sad and gloomy, but when you have our kids, things just don't  happen like that; I think Granny would have loved it.  It started out quiet (when we weren't there), but once we unloaded the kids ran as fast as they could to look all around the cemetery at everything.  I know, we need to teach them respect for others in that regard, but today wasn't that day.  All five of them were trying to look in "the hole" and were also attempting to jump from the highest headstone.  Once again, I know respect will come later; but today it was important for them to run around and play just like they did when they were younger with Granny. 

Tuesday was their official "first day of school" and we made a big deal of it, especially for Peanut since she was only 2 and a half hours into school before we had to leave.  Ingram had an extra fun morning and got to go to Jake's house for a few hours!  These two boys have been at preschool for three years together and love playing anytime they get a chance.  Madison was of course all smiles when she came home and Lindsey was actually excited to see her when we picked her up from Dogwood.  Ingram was also running around like crazy at the school and Aunt Leigh had made it in from Texas just before we pulled out of the driveway so Lindsey was even more excited!  Tuesday was also Aunt Leigh's birthday so once everyone was home from soccer, we had a special homemade Chocolate Lava Cake to celebrate her 30 years!! 

Wednesday morning Aunt Leigh woke up at the crack of dawn to see Madison before she left for school. After they ate breakfast together, Madison headed to school, Aunt Leigh headed to Starbucks, and I headed back to bed for another hour before it was time to wake up Lindsey for school.  Aunt Leigh had "hair duty" and made a couple of cute hairdos for Lindsey and Ingram before school.  After Aunt Leigh to visit Grandmother in Jackson, we attempted to go running (technically running and pushing the jogger with Ingram in it), but it was so hot that we didn't make it that far.  Ingram loved them being at school and loved even better that we didn't have to go anywhere or do anything!  We snuggled in the chair and watched a movie together before I finally got up to do laundry.  Lindsey and Ingram had extra energy and loved playing at the playground behind school while Madison slept her afternoon away!

Thursday was pretty uneventful, but Friday was super fun!!!  We went out to lunch with Nolan at Chick Fil A and then got ready for a 6th grade invasion after school.  A ton of 6th grade girls filled our backyard for a farewell swimming party for Rebecca Teutsch and her mom Tara.  It was a lot of fun and we even had our first pool injury; thankfully Malena's injury was a lot better than it looked, but it sure scared us.  Ingram was out and about during the party, but didn't get to swim because there were to many girls in the pool.  He didn't seem to mind so much and went swimming with Lindsey and Aunt Leigh once all the girls left.  The kids had been patiently waiting for Planes and the new Percy Jackson movie to come out and today was the day!!  I took Lindsey and Ingram to see Planes while Aunt Leigh and Madison saw Percy Jackson's Sea of Monsters.  Daddy was stuck at work and missed out on the movies, but got the low down on both of them from the kids.  I have a feeling, he's going to be talked into taking then to see Turbo quite soon!

Madison And Megan Meeting At The Corner To Walk To School!

Beau Tried To Sneak In The Car To Go To School On Lindsey's First Day!

Jesus Loves Granny

Ingram And Jake Loving The Lego's!

Aunt Leigh's Birthday Celebration Complete With The Dismuke Birthday Hat!

Nothing Like Braids And Ponytails!
Madison Taking A Two Hour Plus Power Nap!


Ingram And Nolan Taking A Break From The Playground!

We'll Miss You Rebecca!!

Aunt Leigh And Madison At Opening Day For Percy Jackson!

Ingram And Lindsey With Eyes Glued Watching Planes!

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