Saturday and Sunday August 17th and 18th, Tournament Time!!

My alarm went off at 6:30am for the second Saturday in a row and I headed out the door for another "long" run.  I say "long" loosely because it was only 7 miles and I'm training for the St. Jude Marathon in December and I know I'll be running for much longer distances in the very near future.  The road that we ran on Wednesday still wasn't open yet and there were a ton of runners and bikers testing it out.  The only bad thing about that is that the construction workers were also working on the road and really didn't like all the pedestrian traffic because it wasn't exactly safe for them.  I was already halfway down the road when I got pulled over by Officer Anderson; yes, I got pulled over while running and had to turn around (at the end of the road).  While Officer Anderson and I were talking, I found out that he is also a runner AND that he is running as a Hero for St. Jude in December!! How amazing is that??  I told him about Ingram and thanked him for raising money for St. Jude for Ingram and all his buddies.  I just love meeting people that are already doing great things for St. Jude in my community and everywhere else!!!

After I got home, we were off to Jackson for Lindsey's first soccer tournament with her new team, Lobos!  Since we were in Jackson, Mimi and Pops, Aunt Amye and Uncle Len, Brett, Carley and her friend Chloe all came out to cheer on Peanut and have a little fun on the sidelines too.  Lindsey and her team played two games on Saturday and all the siblings played on the sides and had so much fun together; it was just like our Legends games when the Hueslkotters were still in town since our kids were the same ages and always at each others' games.  In between their games, we headed to eat with the family at Chic Fil A for the fastest lunch ever!    After her games, all three of the kids stayed at Mimi and Pops' house in Jackson and hung out with their cousins too. 

Their last game was on Sunday and we were so excited that the fam came back out to support Lindsey and her team as they finished out the tournament!  Ingram and Brett caused some mischief on the sidelines by turning chair bags into jumping bags; they even got Madison, Carley, and Chloe into the bags to try it out.  The best thing of the whole tournament was how much fun Lindsey was having on the field; she never lost her smile one bit despite being hot and exhausted for playing the entire three games!  After lunch and some more time with the family, we headed back to the house but made a stop at Dick's on the way.  Can you believe we're thinking about adding another sport to our collection??  We may be a little nutty, but Madison is thinking about playing Lacrosse in addition to soccer ; all our peeps had a fun time playing in the store with all the equipment, but don't worry...we did not buy Ingram a stick!! 

Life is definitely getting more interesting and more back to normal at the Dismuke house!  It's crazy and amazing to think of all the things that were happening this time last year.  Ingram had finished one round of chemo and we were starting the second one, the girls were adjusting back to school, and we couldn't have made it without all the help of our friends and family during that time.  I've said it a thousand times before, but really, what a difference a year makes!  We have a fun week coming up for all the kids, but especially Ingram; here's a hint...Preschool and St. Jude!!  Hopefully, some sleep and downtime will be in there too, but with our three kids, I'm not sure that's going to happen!

One Of Germantown's Fineset And My Hero, Officer Anderson!
And No, I'm Not Glistening...I'm Sweating!

Lindsey's Pal CC Wearing Lindsey's Old Number At Her First Tournament In Chicago!

Lindsey's New Number...Do You Have Any Questions About Her Confidence Level?

Lindsey Taking The First Of Many Kicks For Her Team During The Tournament!

Lady Lobos 04 White!
It's Going To Be A Fun Year Especially
Since They're Still Smiling After Two Tough Games!

An Old Fashioned Sack Race With A Twist!

Brett And His "Sack!"

Call Us Crazy, But It Sure Is Fun!

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