Monday to Friday August 12th to 16th, Week 2...Check!

To say we're excited about the second week of school is probably not that accurate!  The girls love the part where they are with their friends all day, but they don't exactly like the part where they have to get up early and go to bed early...especially Madison with her alarm going off at 5:30am!  Ingram, on the other hand, really loves his special time during the day and loves picking the girls up from school.  He also loves making random trips around town and just happening to be around Daddy's office at lunchtime; we're I guess what you call Meals On Wheels just for Daddy!

Another thing Ingram likes to do is to go swimming, but he's not always dressed and ready for the pool.  We were picking up stuff out back and Ingram was walking backwards for some reason; yep, you know what's coming, he fell into the pool with his clothes and his shoes on!  As soon as he came up, his eyes were huge and he wasn't quite sure what to do until I told him to swim to the side.  Since he was completely dressed, I kept throwing him in the middle of the pool and he had to swim to the sides and climb out each time.  I guess he got a little "pool emergency" practice done for the next time he falls in the pool and forgets what he's supposed to do...swim!  After he dried off and changed, we made it to Costco for some groceries, and they had out their Halloween costumes already.  Ingram was pretty excited because he got his Red Power Ranger costume last year and has been wearing it all year long, including at SJ last year when he had his first post treatment MRI on Halloween.  This year, it's Captain America!

Wednesday morning we walked Lindsey down to her new bus stop and of course, everyone, including Beau, had to make the trip.  We were there early and stayed late, but no bus came our way so we headed back home and drove to school.  Ingram loved it because he hadn't been inside the school since the first day and was dying to go back.  I'm starting to think he could have handled Kindergarten this year, but it's a good thing for me that he's too young because I'm definitely not ready for that!

Wednesday night was the first time we didn't have soccer and decided to go on a family fun run!  The temperature was cooler and the new road was almost finished so we decided to test it out.  We started out running with Ingram in the jogger with his scooter and Lindsey's Ripstick in the basket.  Madison was on her Rollerblades and Lindsey was on her bike, but once we got to the new smoothest ever road, Lindsey got on her Ripstick and Ingram rode his scooter.  We stayed out later than we had planned, but it was well worth it to have so much fun on the new road before it's opened to the public.

Thursday we had a special day planned and Ingram was soooo excited! Nolan came over to play for the day and they had tons of fun. They played on the swing out front, on the playground in the back, and in every room.  They played on the Wii, with Lego's, with the "tool bench" and with the train tracks and cars. We also rode big wheels to pick up Madison from school and they were so excited to see her and her friends walking home from school. 

Friday was pretty much a fun day at home for Ingram!  Neither of us remember what all we did, but we know that we had lots of stuff out playing.  We also had to run a couple errands, but they never got done because it was too much fun just playing.  I guess we will just have to run the errands on another day, because it wasn't getting done today and we are totally okay with that.  We do know that we organized the CONQUER Shop and made sure that our inventory was up-to-date online; we took silly pictures while Ingram was climbing all over the racks and that's why we remember it!  Feel free to check out the shop if you've been meaning to get a CONQUER shirt and help the kids at St. Jude all at the same time. 

"It Was An Accident...I Promise!"

It's Captain Ammmmerica!

Waiting On The Bus That Never Came.
But With These Three, They Had Too Much Fun To Care!

These Two Roller Bladed, Ripsticked, And Biked For 5 Miles!

Love My View On Our Family Run Night!
Daddy Running (His Longest Run In A Long Time), Peanut Blading, Ingy Riding His Scooter FOR TWO MILES, And Madison Running With Her Ripstick!

My Two Favorite Guys!

Ingram And Nolan Playing Super Mario Brothers On The Wii!
And Yes, Ingram Is Jumping When His Mario Guy Jumps.

Ingram And Nolan Heading To Pick Up Madison After School!

Ingram Thought The CONQUER Shop Need A Model!

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